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[Harukana Receive] Episode 4 everyone's impressions

Episode 4
"Isn't This Perfect For Us?"

As Haruka wishes she could be more informal with Kanata, Claire, who has been teaching her how to block, notices Haruka's swimsuit is loose and suggests everyone goes to buy new swimsuits. While trying to find some matching swimsuits, Haruka and Kanata meet Ai Tanahara and Mai Sunagawa, who are taking part in the upcoming Spring Tournament. Haruka picks out a pair of swimsuits and customises it with a pattern, unaware of the hidden meaning it carries. The next day, Emily tells Kanata about the promise she made with Narumi when she went to Kyoto before bringing her to Haruka's practise, where the two become even closer. 

Let's do some jump training! No ulterior motive here at all! Not that I'm complaining...

What ulterior motive could there possibly be?

well that's just physics. i can't do nothing about it.

"Do I mean that much to you, Emily?"

Emily walks away.

Claire is all of us, confirmed.

You ignored me!

She's certainly hiding the pain. Poor Claire.

Well, since Emily walked away, she gets to see her calming back, so I guess it's all right.

Indeed it's a very calming back

Nice... pattern!

Wait, now that I'm looking at it carefully, how can this pattern flow so well from the left to the right...

Maybe her butt's just drawn on.

When watching Harukana Receive

When watching harukana Receive but the real reason

Those glasses have the power to see different moments in time.
Double the blessing.

Grandma approves of her granddaughter finding her yuri soulmate.

Haruka is also her granddaughter, lol.

Win-win for grandma then.

What first started out as a seemingly fan service anime is quickly turning into a much deeper anime with lots of fan service I love where this show is going already. Can't wait to see what comes next

Same here! I’m really into it even after 4 episodes .

What was the bigger significance (if any) of Haruka bombing so badly in her class intro?

She seemed to do a pretty good job.

Probably just overly cheery and came off as bit of a airhead.

This was hilarious.

A confession and hand holding, that's more progression than most romance animes.

I cannot get over the eyes in this show, they are just so beautiful

I agree. Everyone talks about butts and boobs but the biggest selling point for me are the eyes.

The turtle's reaction to Haruka unintentionally confessing her love to Kanata was good. Just an expressionless face, as expected.

You better take responsiblitity,

I'm not a yuri shipper by any stretch of the imagination, but the bait in this show is strong.NotthatI'mcomplaining.

It's hard not to have a bait when all your anime is essentially an anime adaptation of the beach scene from Top Gun, and your philosophy is comparison the sporting partnership with romantic relationships. And this gay-joke with swimsuit in a new episode... However, even if they are not going to have any real lesbian relationship, it's still hilarious .

Claire is a blessing we don't deserve!

I think I missed a couple of jokes here. What did they go away and do? And what was she going to say about Kanata?

She shaved her pubic hair.
I think she going to say that Kanata has no pubic hair yet.

Kanata Best Girl, she's got some of the cutest reactions ever so far.

When Claire mentions how Haruka giving Kanata those specific patterned swimsuits was an act of love, the camera pans to not only the Eclair sisters, but also to the tortoise and Kanata's grandma for some reason. Looks like everyone approves of this brand new ship. The yuri undertones have seriously smashed the roofs and went straight into the stratosphere. lol

The new girls introduced this episode are Ai and Mai, combine their names together, and we have "Ai-mai" which rhymes with the Japanese word for 曖昧 "ambiguous". So "The Ambiguous Pair"?

OR it could rhyme with 相舞 "dancing together in unison", which seems more likely as they're a team, so they can also be "The Unison Pair". But usually 曖昧 is used more often in conversations in Japanese.

I'm in LOVE with the characters of this show, I've never expected the twins to be this funny and likeable.

Harukana > Hanebado

Harukana's character design and straight forward plot is more entertaining than Hanebado's. I also really like Haruka and Kanata's cuteness and chemistry. The fanservice is also top tier.

Pretty great episode. Surprised Haruka and Kanata dropped the chans already. Many more shows would keep something like that for the last episode.

Here's a few stitches I made. The last two aren't that great because of the lighting and the background.

Nothing to say that hasn't been said right now. It was truly a great episode :P I'm loving Claire more and more haha.

Every character and pairs contrast and complement each other really well :)

Also, no one has said this, but we saw the last girl that appears in the OP for a few moments in the mall, when they went running to buy the swimsuits. While they where getting to the floor where the store was, she was going down.


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