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[Harukana Receive] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"I Want to Regain My Former Self"

Upon transferring into Uruma High School, Haruka meets Kanata's volleyball friends, Claire and Emily Thomas, and joins them for volleyball practise. As the Thomas sisters get an overwhelming lead, Emily becomes irritated when Kanata won't use a pokey spike. As Kanata remains hesitant on going against her play style by using pokeys to compensate for her short height, Haruka uses one herself, encouraging Kanata to do the same and overcome her block. Afterwards, the girls decide to enter a volleyball tournament, with Kanata becoming determined to regain her former self. Later, Kanata explains to Haruka about how she became friends with Narumi through beach volleyball.

Damn, the twins had big boobs even in grade school!

I wonder if we'll get to see their mom again. I can see where they got their looks from.

≫Damn, the twins had big boobs even in grade school!

I guess that's what Japanese think of blonde foreigners.

They are american after all.

I hope she'll be there coach!!

The artwork is really beautiful, especially the eyes of all the characters

In addition, this is the first full-length series, which was created by them without the other studio's help. Great debut.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits, and a stars and stripes bikini. Doesn't get more American in anime than that.

There needs to be a counter that shows how many times an ass got slapped

I volunteer as tribute
EDIT: I might have missed one since I went through the last episode fairly quickly

Ep Butt Slaps
1 0
2 1
3 3
Total 4

This is a counter everyone should be keeping a close eye on. Looking forward to seeing the total increase over time.

Practically the same person.

I want to say, "This is getting out of hand." But I really don't believe having two them is a bad thing.

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

I am the beach volleyball!!

This is such a fun show to watch. Everyone is really likable and the art and music are amazing.

Is that a guy in the middle? That would make him the first male to make a "broad daylight" appearance in the series.

C2C: "Sorry, we only know how to draw girls"

It's like Koyume became an anime producer.

I am loving all the butt smacks in this show. Also, Haruka is truly precious.


I'm totally falling in love with this show. It's hilarious and sweet, with a little bit of drama mixed in. A great, feel-good summer sports comedy. No better way to start the morning.

I agree, this is great so far. I like that there's a little bit of drama but it's not too heavy handed and most of the show is just fluffy goodness.

That little humph that Kanata made here was just too fucking adorable.

If you look at pictures of players spiking IRL, the snapshot often looks like they're constipated. It's freaking hilarious.

Liking the art style, especially those funny chibi-ish faces

This episode was full of this O_O kind of face and I liked it.

It felt like the episode dirtector got some decent leeway on this one, reminded me how different Konosuba episodes could be in terms of style.

"pokey" is the cutest name for a move i have ever heard! When you feel like someone is going for an alternate to a spike you usual call "touch" or "tap" but maybe that's just what we locally call it.

Our MC is a Beach Volleyball Genius at the rate she is picking up the game!

The fact that she has the timing to connect properly on the spike every time is amazing. It takes a long time to get that down its not something you can do just because your tall although it does give you a bit more leeway.

Well, we do know that Haruka is a sports girl, and, I think, she knows about volleyball too as we see in ep. 1. I'm sure she has played before and the only thing she has had to do is to get used to the sand.

Honestly, I did not expect this, but the new episode gives a perfect combination of sport and good fanservice. I was afraid that the ecchi element could hinder the plot's development , but fortunately, my fears were in vain. I hope that the show will be able to maintain its level in the future.

P.S I finally saw the first male in this show. But, it was a boy's low polygonal model in one frame, lol.

"Grandpa is night fishing."

Are you sure he didn't go buy cigarettes ? He's been night fishing for three episodes, now !

He was in the episode! They showed him fishing at the end.

All in all a good episode. Though I was a little thrown off that Haruka was just able to set so easily and there was no process of learning how. I mean she literally said in episode 2 that she took the spike instead of setting for Kanata because she didn't know how, but now she can serve perfectly even when falling down. Only thing that really bugged me though. Really like Claire and Emily.

Hooray for consistent quality!! And the girls in this show are just the cutest hhnnngg

Not much to say that hasn't already been said, just a fun as hell show and really good looking too!
And it's packed with best girls.


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