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[Harukana Receive] Episode 2 eeryone's impressions

Episode 2
"Believe in Me"

With one week until their rematch with Narumi and Ayasa, Kanata trains Haruka so that she move around more easily in the sand before moving onto ball practise, teaching her how to do a cut shot. On the morning of the match, Haruka comes across Ayasa, who reveals that Kanata was Narumi's former volleyball partner who had a habit of running away from the ball. Feeling happy from overhearing Haruka defend her, Kanata wears her old uniform for the match. After Narumi sees through the girls' cut shot tactic, Haruka encourages Kanata to overcome her fear and receive the ball, catching Narumi off guard and allowing Haruka to win a point. Afterwards, Narumi feels remorse for the way she treated Kanata, while Haruka explains how Narumi's behavior towards Kanata helped her come up with the winning tactic. 

No OP or ED yet, huh...

That was a very nice and fun episode, Haruka is hilarious and the whole resolution of this was great.

Also some good... adorable parts.

≫No OP or ED yet, huh...

Yeah.. That's pretty weird. We're already 2 episode in. But, I ain't complaining if we get more butts content ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I think it's weird too but seeing that there was the title card at the end of the episode and the conclusion of the challenge, I expect it to be a prologue and that's why I think next episode we'll have a regular OP/ED song.
If I remember correctly, didn't Re:Zero do that too in the first episodes and inbetween the season?

Yeah. Re:Zero did that too. Re:Zero is the only anime that skips the OP and ED properly and done it on a whole new level. IIRC someone made a post here compiling all the time when an episode either skips the OP/ED and ends up with a total of extra time equivalent to one episode.

Harukana Received is only 12 episode so I doubt they can skip the OP and ED that much to warrant an extra "episode" and you're probably right, next episode will probably have the OP and ED

"What are you doing?"

"The cut shot pose!"

Oh, god. Haruka's such a dork. I love her.

This is indeed adorable.

It's so adorable it makes you want to spank her butt

Me through the entire episode

Checks genre tags

No Yuri

This is not yuri (at least officially), but the Japanese really like to compare sports and other pairs with lovers, even if there are no romantic feelings between the partners. As far as I remember, in English it is called "they act like an old married couple".

Man I love Haruka's character so much. She's the kind of character who's such a goofball and a cinnamon roll while at the same time thicker than a bowl of oatmeal and maybe a bit too ero for her own good. She's the perfect balance of can be lewd but also need to PROTECC like Galko-chan.

Also I know that everyone's darling this season when it comes to animation is Hanebado but I hope Harukana's animation won't be ignored. Sure it doesn't match Hanebado's animation but Harukana is doing a great job of showing us movement and impact in their own way.

I liked how she was super serious when she needed to be towards the end, getting Kanata to act outside of her comfort zone. That type of contrast between her funny and strong nature adds a lot of substance to an anime like this. She also mega Thicc

Honestly, I'm enjoying Harukana far more than Hanebado already. Sure, Hanebado has the animation, but I don't hear anyone gush about anything else. The drama's okay, but a little heavy-handed. Harukana's doing a great job of being a fun, engaging, summer sports comedy, and I can definitely see the tide shift in its favor at some point if Hanebado loses a little momentum.

Honestly, I don't know much about Beach Volleyball... so when Haruka scored the point I was expecting one of them to say that this is against the rules :P

Same, I was like "if you can shoot to the other side with only one pass then what's the point of having the receiver be the shooter too?"

I'm not a volleyball expert but I think it's because you get a much better shot that way. When the opponent spikes, the main focus is just to receive and keep the ball alive because the second person can 'set up' the shot. You don't get this 'set up' shot and have to hit immediately off the initial receive to go for a dump, meaning it's a lot more situational and more of a surprise tactic.

It's now Kanatana receive!

I just realize that the title is Haruka x Kanata = HaruKana Receive. The theme is consistent to what we see so far.

Who would have thought that there would be a season where I would look forward the most for the sports anime currently airing?

Well, this sold it completely for me. I like all the character until now, and of course Haruka is best girl. Animation wise, they step it up from previous episode, and the match was pretty cool to watch, really well animated.

Overall I like everything about the show. There could be things that are better done yes, like the sand for example, but there isn't anything bad, everything is at least good.

Love the atmosphere of the show too. You can truly feel that you are in a tropical island. They sell it really well, from backgrounds and colors to animation.

As a personal opinion, I'm loving the design of the blonde twins :) and I'm really loving the color of their hair. Dunno why, but it is quite distinct from the general blonde color we see in other anime.

Have you ever watched so much JoJo that you feel the urge to add cool poses to everything? I think Haruka watches JoJo... and possibly Gurren Lagann.

Another cheeky and fun episode, with the drama not too overbearing at the moment. The music is really nice, especially the guitar and I can't wait to hear the OP and ED. Also, I love these scenery shots.

There have been some great scenery shots through these two episodes already. Especially during the match in the first ep; I am definitely more than ever excited about this series after this ep. I love Haruko’s vibe as well and her attitude to push her cousin to have confidence in herself during the match was really reassuring. I look forward to next week as we meet the new opponents!

I quite liked that the game clearly showed that after a weak they're still way off from actually matching people with more experience and training. It wasn't super close or something and Haruka was lacking in skill and technique and the match was won with extreme handy cap for the other side.

So that leaves a lot of room to slowly grow, win and lose, which is nice. That bothers me on some sports anime where the main character is too impressive early on and then when the stakes rise, the enemies need to be bullshitty strong to be a threat, leading to exponential power stacking.

The BGM is so good. It's clearly add intensity to the match and the mellow tone is nice too.

I didn't realize before this that Rasmus Faber compose a plenty anime song, including the song that I used to listen like Walküre song.

Two episodes in, and things are still looking really good. Everyone's talking about the animation and culture, and I'm not going to say those aren't amazing, but I think the OST is the thing that's most grabbed my attention. It really sells the beach-y, upbeat tone of the show, and every track so far has been impressive.

If anyone knows who's behind it, I'd love to hear, because MAL and Anilist's staff listings for the show are both super incomplete, and I can't read moonrunes.

Is this show worth watching

Yeah, the animation is good, the characters are fun and likable, and it goes beyond just a fanservice anime, even though it has quite a few butt shots.

All the plot is amazing. So much good plot. Truly a blessing from Nippon.

Good to see Haruka improve but also helping out her teammate. Seeing Kanata not runaway was pretty good and I liked how Narumi had a realization at the end about her behavior towards Kanata.

This show had good music.

That was great yo! I mean, the butts and stuff were ah-mazin', but it was so much more than that. It's got some nice comedy, animation, and I'm really digging the insert songs they used.

I thought Kanata's deal was with her mother's death but it was because she's small, go figure. A funny parallelism with Haru, who inherited the tall awareness from Karen last season.

Anyhow, the show is fun, the characters are pretty likable now that Narumi seems to be warming up, so I wonder where we're heading for the remaining 10 episodes.

Really loved the first episode due to Haruka personality, this one was also fun because of her silly cut shot pose. But of course, that sweet ass of her is a really nice bonus.

Cut shot!

The dump to win the point was great!


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