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[Harukana Receive] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"We Don't Need Aces"

Haruka Ōzora travels to Okinawa to live with her cousin, Kanata Higa, and their grandmother. While exploring the beach, Haruka comes across Narumi Tōi and Ayasa Tachibana practising beach volleyball. Taking offense to an offhand comment from Haruka about being a future ace, Narumi, who appears to have a history with Kanata, challenges both of them to a quick match. Although Haruka ends up losing, she learns the meaning behind Narumi's words, as beach volleyball requires full coordination with your partner. As Haruka becomes excited to learn beach volleyball more, she makes plans to have another match with Narumi and Ayasa after some more practise, only learning afterwards that they are both high school champions.

Brings me back to the time I played volleyball in highschool.

Only difference is that I am not a cute anime girl.

A tall girl who has a litany of gold reaction faces!? Am I really going to fall in love again!? yes

That was my exact thought when her height was revealed! One tall girl show ended, a new one begun.

And so the Universe has re-balanced itself, yet again.

I like the colours, should be a good summer anime.

The color palette reminds me of Non Non Biyori for some reason. Maybe because of the whole over-exposed look they're going for.

Also, they're using a subtle static film grain texture that gives a nice, almost nostalgic feeling to the backgrounds.

Nice to see someone else notice the slight grain effect. It's not as good as noise with actual film but it's pretty good and I really like it a lot. I wish more shows used a grain effect. The only problem I have with the grain is that it's static.

Dan that looks like a nice place to live.

Seriously, everytime I see Okinawa in an anime it looks like the Garden of Eden.

I mean, it's pretty much Hawaii just hotter, so this is true to some extent.

Well, if Google images is anything to go by, I must say that it is pretty great :o

Much like how the other user said: Pretty much Hawai, though I don't know if it is hotter.

Good job Haruka!

Haruka and Ayasa seem very fun from the get go

I knew this beforehand, but I really like the Harukana (Haruka + Kanata) bit of combining their names. I hope this show balances the seriousness and lightheartedness that we're seeing so far. Haruka adds a lot of levity so I hope we get more of that too. Off to a promising start!

Ohhhh. so thats why the shows called that. Thanks for clearing that up early. Wont have too many sleepless nights thinking about the title at least.

Kamekichi best character

I actually used to have a pet turtle. They don't let you pet their head at all and they are much faster than you think, when they want to be.

Decent first episode. The anime hasn't put all the cards on the table yet. But I enjoyed some of the directing and screen composition and the simple fact that the protagonist hasn't shown any "special" or "genius" trait in the first episode (thought that might change later on, I just feel refreshed by the enemy ace not being in awe of x-trait).

By now, it seems that Haruka's "super ability" is that she is pretty athletic, and well, I don't think we are going to see anything else in terms of super abilities that MC in sports anime/manga could have.

Volleyball Apocalypse Confirmed . I suddenly have this urge to play volleyball haha. The OST playing at the very beginning was actually very nice, and I found the visuals to be awesome too! Also, Narumi best girl!

Really looking forward to the next episode!

Just think of all the burnt and injured otaku there are going to be because this series.

Fortunately we can't lit the beach ablaze Yuru Camp never forget.

Pretty good 1st episode, and it totally delivered what they promised in the PVs.

Not gonna lie, I'm here for the PLOT. But I'm also expecting in a minor percent some fierce volleyball battle and a bit of drama. It's going to be kinda the antipode as to why I watch Hannebado!

The setting reminds me in a minor way of the setting of Koufuku Graffiti. Two cousins spending the summer together, finding something they get passionatte about. Obviously Haruka & Kana's personalities would be the reverse of Ryou & Kirin.

I like Haruka a lot, starting with her design. A tall curvy girl that would be the typical background character in a CGDCT, but now she's playing as the MC. But I also dig her bubbly personality, without going to extremes in the dojiko department. Also like a lot that she's not the common newbie that has never played the sport or main activity of the series. I expected Haruka to be hit by the ball in the face when she met Ayasa, and it was a nice twist to see her being capable from day one.

I'm really looking forward to this one in the summer season.

Hey, they even got their own Ton-chan

Haruka is too adorable. I want to protect her smile on the beach.

So as someone who is heavily involved with beach volleyball (playing and refing) I was praying that this would be a good representation of the sport and my thoughts so far are ... so so.

The good: straight of the bat they mentioned how hand setting(setting above the head) is easy to fault which is a trap beginner players fall in to and its really noticeable when moving from a more social form of the game to competitive, the amount hand sets goes down because it hard to do clean and pretty impossible straight off the serve(which is why in most codes its straight up illegal off the serve)

The average: showing what happens if you dig straight back you get spiked in the face

The Bad: I hope it was just the first episode, but the speed was super slow and because of how zoomed in some of the shots of them running to spike where you would think they would never have enough time to make the ball to spike it. A high set has a couple seconds air time max!!!

hopefully they show different techs including shots designed for shorter players (I want to see some great rolls!!!)

IF they can speed up the games and show good variety this could be a good show but as much as it pains me so far this pales in comparison to the badminton anime (Hanebado!)

It's a sports anime, so don't get your hopes up about speed. If Ping Pong Girls has taught me anything, they will probably have entire conversations between the serve and the receive.

I really enjoyed Ping Pong Girls and its not the inner monologues that irritated me in the first episode.

It was the lack of context to running and their running speed didn't look slowed down to show that it was in fact happening at a slower timescale. The most notable for this for was when our MC when to do her first spike and stumbled but ended up making the spike.

"Let's have a revenge match!" oh come on, nobody says "revenge match" in English. "Rematch", is that so hard?

The old MC not letting others get a word in edgewise when they make a deal/promise/whatever is an annoying cliche. I hope they don't repeat it in a case where it's actually important.

Other than that, so far so good. I like how they don't need any extraneous fan service, just showing the girls behaving normally in a beach situation is enough, without any slow motion pans / Baywatch bounce runs.

The OST suits well and really brings tropical vibes. I love it so far.

Decent first episode! I am interested in more.

Not a complaint or anything but their faces look a bit too moe considering that they go for more realistic body proportions

Oh boy this is gonna be fun. Sports anime, cute girls, beach volleyball. I've been wanting something like this for years.

Good opening episode, even if the novice/newcomer challenging the champion at the start is a setup which I've seen before in other sports anime. I was impressed with the art and animation which is nice and clean, and the music was pretty good as well. I also really appreciated how they didn't actively flaunt the fanservice and mostly kept the focus on the story and the volleyball. Yes, the fanservice is there, but the show doesn't try to push it in your face every few seconds and that's something I liked.

≫Yes, the fanservice is there, but the show doesn't try to push it in your face every few seconds and that's something I liked.

That's mainly because it's like that IRL i think. Watch some beach volley vids, the "fanservice" appears on it's own.

I really liked the battle music that played during their match, and the CG slow-mo jump off was pretty hype.

Pretty good first episode. Seemed a little slow but other than that it seems like this’ll be a fun show. I’m looking forward to seeing how the plot develops

This is actually the perfect show for Summer! While the start was more calm than Hanebado's I'd guess the maches will be getting quite intense later on.

Hmm so far the characters seem a bit "tropey," not an inherently bad thing but, just like in Hanebado I am not really a fan of adding tension in the first episode where we barely know any of the characters, I liked the MC's attitude towards the game, after all it's just to have fun! It looks beautiful though and the music is good too, will keep on watching for a while.

Pretty good first episode. The main character seems fun and the visual are really good.

Cute Girl Sports Anime is the best Sports Anime

Kanata already best girl 😍


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