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[Happy Sugar Life] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"A Long Monochromatic Night"

After barely managing to resist the urge to kill Asahi and letting him go, Satou is shocked to find Shio has ventured outside the apartment in search for her. Following the figment of a figure she can't remember, Shio is found by Taiyou, who feels her innocence can purify his tainted body. Taiyou attempts to bring Shio home with him but is attacked out by the thugs he saved Asahi from. 


You have got to be kidding me! Don't end there! AHHHH!

This show does good suspense. I can't even remember the last time I've felt actual dread from a show within the same genre. The moment Shio went outside the apartment I was feeling so stressed the entire time!

Like there's a ton of stuff that could go wrong that I'd much rather have her stay with Satou than have her do what she did. And of course the worst happens and she comes across Mitsuboshi who's now getting beat up by a couple of thugs. Who knows what will happen to her once those guys are done with him.

Satou is pretty fucking strong. Considering how heavy a crowbar is, she was able to stop its downward momentum when she tried to strike Shio's brother. Also the way she justified her feelings was definitely creepy. But I do like that she understands that if she loses control, everything is over for her and Shio.

As for Shio's past it looks like Shio and her mom managed to escape their abusive dad/husband but where's the mom now? My guess is that she was probably caught and killed by the dad or she commited suicide and Shio witnessed it which would explain why she's repressing all of her family related memories.

Satou probably killed her mom... we see in the first/second episode that Satou killed someone who was female.

I thought that was her Aunt who owned the apartment. Huh...

It's probably a random apartment that she took over after she murdered the owners.

I don't think so, Satou may be a psycho, but she's knows how strategize, every single threat she gave was premeditated; (you can skip to the last paragraph if you want, i just wrote all this cause it makes me feel like a detective)

she blackmailed the manager of the other cafe by secretly recording her bragging and confessing that she "taught her love" to Mitsuboshi,

she blackmailed that perverted teacher by showing up in front of, not just his house, but also his wife and child, and then proceeded to unbutton her shirt in full few of her teacher, but she made sure she stood in precise spot that made her virtually invisible to his wife, after that she lured him to a secluded spot and started to harassed him which, somehow, she knew he enjoyed, and all this was so she could use him to get rid off what's left of the body

she couldn't possibly have killed a random person, because then she would run into the risk of someone looking for whoever that person was and end up going to the apartment or causing some sort of investigation that would eventually lead to the apartment, therefore she must've killed someone she knew was isolating him/herself and didn't have anyone who would notice his/her disappearance

Some people like to headpat lolis... but this guy takes things to a whole another level.

Itai no itai no tondeke....

I just love how Satou is all over the place with her feelings.

Really liked the voice acting of everyone. Shio really sounds like a little helpless child, KanaHana does awesome with Satou's psycho scenes, Taiyou is yuck and Asahi is voiced by one of my favorite voice actresses.

Of course Satou has a few screws loose, but she's still somehow relatable.

I can not wait for Satou-chan to kill those two dudes.

From one sick pedophile to the next. Shio got the worst luck. Taiyou's behaviour was a bit much, but well, the voice actors made it fun. I certainly would not like to clean the recording room afterwards.

I like that the events are interlocking and are not just a bunch of shit that happens. The scene at the bench had both development for Taiyou and Shio in different ways.

I've never been so stressed before. It's a race to see who will take back Shio-chan!

This show is insane

It's so disturbing to see how Satou in her sick mind justifies her attempted murder by relating her reasoning to Shio which according to her turns it into something sweet & positive. It's a good emotion because it stems from her love for Shio. Just wow.

At the same time it's so unsettling to see how Satou's happy and warped demeanor immediately crumbles by the slightest hint that Shio is out of her grasp.

Really the same with Taiyou. He justifies the messed up things he's doing by god acknowledging his work and gifting him this purification.

It all boils down to messed up people developing an extremely messed up definition of love & affection and then defending said love through messed up means but in the end justifying it through their perceived beauty of said love. I'm fine with not having a single redeemable character in this, heck I think looking for one is just a game you're bound to lose. Instead the thrill in this seems to lie with watching psychopaths clash with their crazy habits and how they're going on about on how okay it is what they're doing because this and that.

Awww our little murderer is jealous. That's adorable.

Those are some unlikely good guys. Also aww, Satou was so happy, for a moment.

They’re good for now until they touch Shio. They did beat up Shio’s brother, and then beaten up by Blondie and then they beat up Blondie. They seem like assholes regardless but i really hope they don’t touch Shio.

Everyone is so broken.
I love it.

Okay calm down everyone, Shio-chan is now with blondie, all good, crisis averted ... or not xD. I wonder what happened to her mother (i mean yeah, she's probably suicide, but why ? She escaped from that "man", and that boy (if it is a boy lol)is probably homeless (wouldn't be surprised if he killed that "man"). Satou-chan in full murder mode (she even have her murder bag, Jesus Christ woman xD), thats good, very good. I want to watch next episode ... NOW!

Sometimes I watch an episode of something and I find myself wondering about the voice actor's experience. Sometimes it's because of something really impressive, like Hayami's rant in InouBattle, and sometimes it's because of shit like this. Like, I'd love to see how the conversation between the actor and the director went here.

"Okay, so for this scene, you've encountered the loli of your dreams. You're going to fawn over her body and ask her to kiss you and make your booboo go away. Give me some real nice heavy breathing here."

"Maybe I should have been a doctor like mom wanted..."

I can't get over how good the backgrounds and colors are, they pop right out of the screen.

All these characters are so wound up. I wonder if Satou will find Shio with Taiyou and if Shio will eventually remember her repressed memories fully. Shit's gonna go down.

Yeah, as a manga reader, that adaptation has been amazing. So much colorful, which in fact, is really similar to the colored pages of the manga.

This show just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for next week. Not to mention this sick ass OP, I especially love its visuals.

Fuck, this show is so fun to watch. I love how creative they get with the colors and backgrounds. Shame that some people aren't watching this because "ughhhh edgeeee"

I'm really hoping things turn out good for poor Shio. I don't think my heart could handle her having having a bad end out of all this.

Mitsuboshi continues to stray further from god's light. At least Satou has it framed as just a romantic love but Mitsuboshi is full pedo. Feels bad man.

I physically cringed so hard when he said he wanted her to touch him more and then when he looked at her crotch area....BLECH.

Yep dude's real fucked up. Wondering how far this is gonna go. I can enjoy dark shit but I think this is the first series I've seen with a real pedophile that does more than be a dumb joke.

I am speechless after this episode. If this going to same direction as it is now I can call it one of the best anime this summer. Really after this episode I am in some kind emotional shock that means this anime is going to right direction.

Even Shio's life was broken long before Satou kidnapped her. The further it goes, the more Satou looks like a completely sane and logical person, reasonably reacting to her enviroment, it's just the enviroment is completely fucked.
It's like this is an Isekai set in a world where main game mechanic is degeneracy, and Satou is your typical MC who's good at this game.

I swear everyone in this show is crazy except for 2 people (Shio and her brother).

So Shio's mom probably died to some accident and the trauma she and her brother experienced earlier in their lives were done by their abusive father. It's not wonder why she was experiencing these visions in her mind in this episode.

I bet my money that Satou is going to find the thugs beating Mitsuboshi and she'll kill beat their asses up. And damn, Mitsuboshi. You stray further from God's light.

The ED is so nice when will we get full ver i wonder

I find it hilarious that I'll happily turn on 'Angels of Death', but each week incredibly hesitant to watch 'Happy Sugar Life'. I have to mentally prepare for this level of crazy.

I just gotta say that they are nailing the sound design and visual stuff really really well! I especially love how they have gone and made the sweet/bitter stuff look much better than in the manga. The voice actors they have chosen fit pretty dang well to the characters too which is a big plus.

They are also following the manga really accurately which is great. Definitely excited for the next EP.


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