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[Happy Sugar Life] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2
"Shio's Miniature Garden"

Upon getting the feeling that someone is watching her, Satou deduces that her teacher, Daichi Kitaumekawa, is the one stalking her, narrowly managing to avoid being assaulted. The next morning, Satou threatens to expose Kitaumekawa's deeds to his family, coercing him into disposing of some unwanted evidence for her. Later, Mitsuboshi, who has begun harboring an obsession with Shio after seeing her poster, comes across Asahi being beaten up and takes him to Satou's workplace. Hearing Asahi murmur the same "marriage vow" that Shio does with her every night, Satou contemplates killing him. 

Am I crazy or when Taiyou ran to save Asahi from the thugs, did part of a Bleach song play in the background? It sounded just like 'On The Precipice Of Defeat'.

No, I definitely heard it too and it totally threw me off. I thought we were gunna see a Bankai right there.

Now we know, Ichigo is a pedophile.

holy fuck I did not expect shio to be the person that mitsuboshi was "in love" with

I'm surprised they actually went there. Sensei was expected to be a creep but never saw that one with Mitsuboshi.

I'm guessing maybe something in his head snapped after being traumatized by an older woman?

when traumatized by big boobs you convert to flat

≫I'm guessing maybe something in his head snapped after being traumatized by an older woman?

It isn't that creepy considering he now associates older women with rape & torture. What's the opposite of his greatest fear? A small cute girl. It's a coping mechanism. He's not like the teacher who simply has a fetish & is willing to ruin other people's lives, including his family's, in order to satiate his lust.

It's still kinda creepy, just a little more understandable

The lolicon probably in such a shock that he can only like lolis, because they would never do such things to him. Anyways, the OP is so good! I need a gif of the part where hands are using Shio as a doll

I was so happy to learn Nanawo Akari was playing this anime's OP, since she's one of my favorite indie artists. All of her songs have a similar, quite unique style that really fit her voice.

Why the fuck do they keep a loose crowbar in a normal-looking cupboard in a neko-cosplay cafe?

Useful tool for opening shipments to the cafe : )

I like Satou. I like how she acts all sweet and decent around others but then she goes batshit crazy in a matter of seconds. I wouldn't be surprised if she finished off that guy in the next episode. And if she finds out that Mitsuboshi is after Shio as well, she'll bring all hell on him. Showing up in front of her teacher's house was a damn good move as well. I like this series more and more.

I keep thinking if I knew a girl like Satou, "how would I befriend her?" Maybe if I just gave her a job as a personal secretary. She seems useful to have around.

Bit unrelated, but the OP for this show, music and visuals both, is kickass

This show is fucking crazy lmao.

Satou is walking a tightrope almost as thin as that teacher's with the way she's going about hiding her secret. The tension in this show is really fantastic. It feels like if she takes on wrong step Shio is going to remember something bad or one of the people obsessed with Shio is going to find her out. Super excited to see how she'll deal with the hoodie person and Mitsuboshi.

Woohoo, everyone in this show is a psycho shit!

I bet, Shio herself is also secretly one because why the fuck not.

This is my first horror anime, and so far it's got me gripped hard
The first episode was filled with tension, especially the second half, and this episode did just the same, I'm loving every second.

 Throughout the entirety of this episode, I was on edge, whenever I would see those black lines and that static sound I knew something was about to go down.

 Satou is an amazing main character, I love how at what seems to be a flick of a switch she goes from a cute, calm, smart girl, to this girl that will stop at nothing to destroy you. I like how she keeps that calm, resourceful mannerism throughout her psychotic episodes too, it really makes me feel uneasy and tense while watching her utterly tear through those standing in her way.

 I can't wait to see more in shio's perspective, the little snippet that we got was quite eerie and I can't wait to learn more and more about what happens in her mind, not to mention watching her do the chores was so adorable my heart temporarily melted, before freezing up when she tried to open that locked door.

 That cliffhanger at the end of this episode was bonkers when he started saying the vows and Satou started to snap I was on the edge of my seat. And then the episode had the audacity to end on me now I have to wait an entire week to find out what's going to happen, this suspense is going to kill me.

 Anyway, in terms of Mitsuboshi loving Shio, I actually didn't see that coming at all, I honestly thought he was still going to be in love with Satou (for whatever reason, he did witness her tear down the manager to shreds) but this just makes it all the more interesting.

 I really enjoy the voice acting, whoever does the Satou is killing it, the way she keeps this eerie, straight voice while talking down to people in her way really makes me feel uneasy and fearful, but the way she talks all cutesy around normal people makes me feel kind of happy, until I remember what's going on inside her mind.

 I'm loving this anime, it's only been 2 episodes so far but I can't get enough, I've rewatched episode 1 a couple of times, which is something I rarely do, and I plan to do the same for episode 2 as I wait to see how everything plays out.

≫I really enjoy the voice acting, whoever does the Satou is killing it

It's HanaKana. She's also voicing Red Blood Cell in Cells At Work! this season, and was bestest best girl Shirase in Sora Yori at the start of the year.

I don't know if anyone else is seeing the same sub as me but right at the beginning of the episode there's a wall of text basically saying that this is a work of fiction and that the creators of said series do not necessarily agree or condone the content.

It's only subs though and no japanese text accompanies it. Is there a specific reason why this pops up? Is it because our protag is an actual pedo and this is needed in order for this show to stream on sites? There's plenty of other weird anime I've watched where I don't see this.

Omg was it her aunt she killed?! Holy shit.

Oh so the sensei is crazy too. Love how Satou judges him as if she's some angel.

If Satou is still in school that means she's still under age as well. It doesn't make her kidnapping of Shio okay at all but I don't feel quite so bad about it. Satou still needs to go to jail though.

Oh god he sniffed her clothes wtf.

Awww Shio's trying her best to keep the house clean. Too bad she can't understand that she needs to plug the vacuum in.

Shio is voiced by Misaki Kuno. She also voiced Tama in Wixoss. I keep expecting Shio to belt out a "Battoru!'

I can understand Mitsuboshi having trauma after what he went through........I take it back send him to jail too.

I wonder if the hoodie guy is Shio's brother. She's to have similar hair. There's a lot of crazies in this show.

I think it is an Amazon thing for any series that might be controversial(at least based on what's supposed to be official stream sources). Grand Blue also displays a similar warning, except they ensure you all characters are of legal age.

I love this show. Everyone is a piece of shit obsessing over Shio-chan and I love it. Whatever her origin story is I can bet it's going to be a huge mind fuck.

This is looking to be a show where everyone is broken in some way or another, and I love it. I think shows like this are just fascinating because they make us empathise with characters who in so many other shows would just be one-dimensional villains. I appreciate that Happy Sugar Life is depicting these people as human beings with the capacity for good, even if their crimes are inexcusable.

I also like how it goes to some lengths to show us how some of those characters ended up that way, with past trauma and the cycle of abuse looking to be really prominent themes. One of the most interesting shows I've seen in a while, for sure.

This anime is so amazing, for me this is another 10/10 episode in a row. Like its classic yandere girl, but shes not actively going after and killing people but everyone like the sensei now is coming after her, so it feels much more fine when she goes after them with her revenge plan, that is so dam good.

And now it also entwines a lot of characters love for Shio-chan, that is very intriguing as well.

I think I dig the Shio/Satou scenes in the anime even more. It's just super cute how they're complimenting each other all the time! Really makes me wonder if they'll ever have a good ending. Probably a bittersweet one.

This show is getting better, and I thought it was already good on the first episode. Good character reveals too with sensei being a pedo and the blond kid as well. This seems to be a sort of Scum's Wish world that all the characters are fucked in their own way, including Shio who I would guess was abused.

Another interesting point that I considered during the first episode and now I would say it's probably true, is that Satou isn't protecting Shio, but she is protecting the feeling of love that Shio brings. Maybe that important distinction will be important later on.


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