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[Happy Sugar Life] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"The Sugar Girl Eats Love"

Satou Matsuzaka, who previously had a reputation for playing around with men, has started living with the person she loves; a young girl named Shio Kōbe. As Satou takes on a part-time waitressing job to raise money for Shio's sake, she turns down a confession from fellow employee Taiyō Mitsuboshi, who stops coming to work the next day. As Satou is forced to work overtime for less pay, she confronts the manager, exposing that she had kidnapped and performed deeds of sexual misconduct with Mitsuboshi before blackmailing her with recorded evidence. While Satou returns home to Shio, keeping quiet about a room in their apartment containing bloodied trash bags, a boy puts up posters listing Shio as missing. 

I just realized their names mean Sugar (Satou) and Salt (Shio). huh.

Their surnames are also Matsuzaka and Kobe, both slabs of beef.

Sugar and Salt make sense as they fit the theme.

But why beef? Is it because there's gonna be slaughter?

My pink haired yandere can't be this cute.

Kirino in Citrus,and Kuroneko in HSL,now lets hope for Saori in a Yuri(theres Candy Boy,but is a little old)

Love it! Just as good as the manga. Love KanaHana, love the director (who did Akuma no Riddle), love the opening and ending. Though I hope they didn't just spoil the ending in the first 20 seconds.

Actually that first 30 sec made me so angry as a manga reader because they either are going with anime original or spoiling future manga chapters.

I mean, I really trust the director. And I think no one would be stupid enough to show the actual ending in the beginning.

Anime original could be a thing too, don’t know how the pacing will be, but all of the manga probably won’t fit into 13 episodes. And I really hope the don’t cut short on the cute scenes.

Man I loved it. The thing that makes this story so great for me is the exploration of Satou’s utterly insane mind. The way she doesn’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing is just so interesting. She is just a kidnapper and a murderer, but in her mind she and Shion are these pure delicate princesses in their ~castle~ of love. It’s so interesting to me that weird discord between reality and the way she portrays it.

Also poor Mistuboshi, it broke my heart seeing him tied up like that just softly crying. I wanna give him a hug and take him to therapy.

Some random person giving him a hug is probably the last thing that should be done to him considering what he has gone through.

Big warning at the start of the episode.

Hmm, okay, whatever. shrugs

Watches a few minutes. This seems familiar...

Sees the little girl. Oh fu- I remember this series now.

Even more amusing because KanaHana voices the main girl. It's like seeing all her past roles create some dark deformity in the image of a cute girl because of always losing in the romance triangles causing her out to create her own romance.

It's even more disorienting for me since I'm currently going through Princess Jellyfish, another anime that KanaHana voices the lead in, and she's just so adorably precious and innocent there.

Meanwhile, here we have Happy Sugar Life. Yup, the gap is real

Yes, warped sickos going at each other. A protagonist that is truly selfish and doesn't get the benefit of having all her actions justified. Wonderful, I love it.

As a manga reader, i would say i'm really happy about this first episode. Was afraid it was gonna be a cheap adaptation, so far so good.

Hope this show gets popular, this season friday has a lot of potentialy good shows.

Why can't yuri shows be wholesome?

Because that's not a yuri show in first place but a horror one. Even then, the characters don't even have that relationship to call it yuri.

Indeed. At this point it's even doubtful that Satou is homosexual, calling this yuri is only true in the widest of meanings.

I quite liked it. Didn't know whether to expect something very trashy, but it managed to create a legitimately unnerving atmosphere. Satou's VA did a great job too.

Holy shit that was genuinely unnerving! HanaKana killing it (quite literally!) with her performance as Satou! And Shio is absolutely adorable! <3 It sucks that we know that this show does not have a happy ending based on that opening.

Watching her rip apart her manager was so satisfying too! As someone who had to work for people who usually went on power trips, that was pure catharsis man.

This is definitely a follow for me. It just sucks that it has to air the same time as Grand Blue since right now I don't know which show should I prioritize >_<

≫It sucks that we know that this show does not have a happy ending

Kind of hard to make a happy ending, when the best thing that could happen would be the main character turning herself in to the police and getting to see a very good therapist in prison.

The twist at the end with bodies, coupled with the revelation that Shio is reported missing, were both unexpected. I don't super high expectations, but we'll see where we go from here.

Having already read the first chapter of the manga for this to get myself hyped for the show, I liked that this was the footnote of the episode instead of the halfway point. Excited for the next episode!

Of course this airs on a day I'm a work all day.

I'm looking forward to this once I get home. Going into it 90% blind.


Just finished and I'm impressed. I really love the color scheme going on and how a lot of it seems washed out. The sudden changes in atmosphere every time Satou talks to someone is great.

I felt chills while feeling warm. I'm in. This is what I've been waiting for.

If it was male x female the whole reddit would be full of "pedophile" relationship rage, but whathever, this was actually good shit lol, i first thought this would be the case where the MC is good and only everyone around is bad shit crazy, but it seem this is the case where MC and everyone around is bad shit crazy ... i like that. Shit, im actually hyped lol.

This could really go either way over the course of the season but I will say that I was suitably impressed by that first episode, it felt like it established a lot in just the 24 minute run. And hell yeah those reveals at the end were great. I'll be keeping up with Happy Sugar Life for a while yet.

Ah, one of my most anticipated summer anime. I've read some chapters of the manga, but am not caught up, so after a certain point, it'll be all new to me.

Anyway, this is simultaneously really cute, yet very, very disturbing. I love it.

Killer first episode and count me onboard the crazy train. The subject matter is creepy but given the context we see it in I think it has the potential to be a really interesting horror series.

That OP is just fantastic, too.

The OP sounds great and some sequences there threw me off as it portrayed a friendly girl-centric show; but yes, I do know that this show is in a distinct dimension that possesses a combination of weird stuff and lesbian love due to the fact that I saw its trailers beforehand, so it didn't completely surprise me when it then turned into black and scary drawings of the main characters.

So I guess anything is fine with Satou as long as her love with Shio is not interrupted by any person who dares to come between them. If someone pushes her past her breaking point, then it's curtains for them.

Yes, I know everyone feels bad (myself included) with Mitsuboshi and the things he went through with his manager but I have one question for him: how can you like a co-worker who you just met a couple of days ago? He should've at least thought about it for a while before confessing.

Ok I’m probably the only one but this actually looks interesting. I love her eye animation and I’m hoping we get to see her kill soon!!

holy shet, this was a freaking 10/10 episode right away, probably my favorite anime first impression this season.

Such a fresh Yandere take, she is a yandere with a Jocasta complex lol that kidnapped some young girl(I call trap ) marries her and is now a mix of her mother and wife?

She is fighting ANOTHER YANDERE WOMEN? But the old manager is less of a yandere wow, it was pretty obvious she did kidnap the young bishounen guy do...well ok I thought she killed him but yeah it makes sense she kept him as a toy.

And is so good that the main character did not try to save him even if she seemed to know he was there all a long instead she is a true psychopath and just keeps to herself,,so the whole snapping was so perfect. She could work overtime and be bullied etc by them as she do not care about their opinions etc, they are nothing to her. But as soon she was gonna take her objectively factually earned MONEY!!!

Yeah that it was death or redemption.

The general feel of her mix of Yandere with also her massive Jocasta complex that also feels fresh usually the yandere is in love with a classmate etc, now this feels even creepier like she has kidnapped some random kid, killed a family to take their apartment and now she lives with the kid there who is not allowed to ever leave the apartment while she is focusing on trying to earn money to raise this kid / date...

This was really, really good. Like my favorite episode 1 just that it seemed like she actually did not even save him, but just told him to be worried of women

Pretty good first episode, love the OP. Interesting that this is done by a relatively new studio called Ezo'la, in fact if Google isn't wrong this is their first anime.


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