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[Hanebado!] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"You're Not Alone"

Forget Happy Sugar Life, this anime’s got the crazy eyes down to a science.

Legit creeped me out like there’s “evil”, there’s “possessed”, there’s “yandere” but that’s just batshit insane

Connie's such a bitch. I hope she tears an ACL. And fuck Ayano's mom, too.

Also, what's the point in humanizing her with that bath scene if they were just going to make her shitty again at the end of the episode?

Super duper fuck Ayano’s mom. Worst mom of the decade

I hope they don't try to redeem her with some bs reason later...

I hope Ayano gets a “fuck you Mom” moment later instead.

And I was told there would be no lewdness or fan service

It seems that the bath scenes are so strong that even a serious show can not resist them, lol.

Thought that Connie was talking about Ayano, but she was talking about her teammate. Should have known. I hope this mindset lasts. Ayano's mom is the worst.

Same. I was thinking, woah, does she actually have a conscience?


This show really wants us to hate Ayano’s Mom, and you know what ? I hate her, she is a bitch.

She is definitely there to be despised, but it's strange because they really took a different turn in characterising her in the anime. Curious to see if they make some redeeming points or if she's just hot garbage.

What redeeming qualities does she have in the manga? Even if she's genuinely a nice person in terms of personality, the fact she abandoned her child (and husband?) shows that she isn't an adult and isn't fit to be a caretaker. Ayano should just reject her.

You know what...I'm with crazy Ayano at the ending, her mom just up and left her, screw her!

I wonder if she actually meant what she said, or if she was just trying to convince herself that she doesn't care about her mother anymore.

The form of the show seems to be taking shape for me. This is not a story about reconciliation with a parent, or some type of “Gon’s Dad” situation where weak parent pitches a shutout game of bad philosophy to somehow make their kid a superhero.

This is about a child freeing themselves from the psychological prison of an incredibly manipulative, sick parent, and how talent gets warped.

Connie laid it out in the open. She’s the thematic foil showing exactly what buying into Mama’s philosophy looks like, where only her approval matters - where only the win matters. The love of the game, the love of its context and enjoying it with others is gone. The game is now just ego imposition, and self-definition. To win is to continue to exist, and to fail is to be erased.

Hanesaki freaked when she lost because that philosophy still has its grips on her, though her friends are trying to rescue her. She’s avoided the game out of the pure emotional terror of losing, of experiencing Mom’s disappointment again, and again, and again on her internal record player.

That’s Mom’s greatest sin, and the one I hope to see Hanesaki overcome - recapturing the innocent passion of the game, and disarming it from the emotional weapon her mother made it. We saw flashes of it as a child, just loving her time playing with her mother, and she reveled in her talent as any kid would, oblivious to it being self definition. But Mom to shackles her warmth, time and approval, to Hanesaki’s success at the game - “Get gud, and I’ll play with you anytime.”

Here’s to a healthy, happy Hanesaki, freed from old chains by series end.

The fact that no one is reprimanding the mom really fucks me up. The show will live or die depending on how they handle how everyone reacts to the mom.

Hanezaki is coming close. At the end of the match, seeing her say she has to win this game to make new friends, I was like, "No! You make friends because they will be there for you no matter whether you win or lose!" This show has given us three people so far who try to depend on badminton as a mean to accomplish their twisted goals. I think it's about separating those personal feelings from the game that they're passionate about.

I will do anything to protect Ayano’s smile, it’s too precious.

But I mean how much Badminton related trauma could she have gone through?? Her mum really did a job on her

A smile to die for


she basically poured 1 year of her life (that’s what they say in the manga) into badminton just because she wanted her mom to come back. She’s probably suffering even more because her mom left her to train Connie (and now she knows Connie has the same objective as Ayano).

Riko and Elena continue to hold their spots as best supports. Two great characters who can avoid most of the drama themselves and do their best to alleviate it for the main girls.

And I can't be the only one who thought Connie was referencing Hanesaki at first. I figured the death stare at the end of the match might have turned over a new leaf in their dynamic, but guess we'll have to wait for their next encounter for that.

I really thought she was talking about Hanesaki and then just didn’t want to admit it. Connie is literally doing to Hanesaki what she herself looks like she went through, so she knows exactly what she’s doing

The tone difference and event difference in the manga and the anime is really weird too. At first it maybe seemed like an order difference, but the anime is a 100 times more dramatic than the manga tone.

It feels kind of weird

It's hard to say because the first 16 chapters or so are very comedic and almost shojo like, but after chapter 16 the series takes a dramatic turn in tone and art style. Everything gets turned up to 11 in both intensity and drama, so it seems that the anime is just starting the way the manga is currently. It seems that this tone is the way the mangaka probably wanted it from the beginning so we're seeing it play out that way.

It feel strange in anime when you watch ultra dramatic scene and then from nowhere there is cute slice of life moment. It almost feel like two different shows.

The anime version matches the tone shift that happened in the manga early into volume 4 near around chapter 16 and continues to the current chapter. So it is right in line with what the manga's tone has been for several years.

Riko without glasses is a beaut

How I wish that were me

But as an anime only watcher, this is progressing well, but it seems like there are major differences when compared to the manga which is diminishing some user's enjoyment.

≫Riko without glasses is a beaut

That is precious.

Loved the episode, however I really think the bath scene could’ve been removed. Not only is it just a typical “sports fan service scene” but it doesn’t match the serious tone we had throughout the episode.

Oh, and fuck you Ayano’s mom.

Yeah, it definitely felt out of place in this particular episode.

However, based on some comments I've read, it seems that the anime adaptation is more dramatic compared to the source material, so maybe fitting in some of the comedic scenes into the anime may feel odd at times.

You know what? Fuck Connie.

She’s a terrible person and she doesn’t deserve the kindness and love her teammates are showing her.

Sora is now forgiven though. She told Ayano what she thought about her, moved on, and now has accepted her as a part of the group. One less person that hates Ayano is good for everyone.

As for Ayano’s Mom I was really hoping she was just misunderstood but seeing that flashback now it seems like she really only cared about Ayano’s skill and nothing else. Fuck her.

And that fucking ending. I don’t know if Connie knows about Ayano’s relationship with her mom but it really looked like she was taunting her. Now I’m scared of what will happen to Ayano next.

I’m so upset at Connie that I couldn’t even enjoy that bath scene. Gaaaah!

≫She’s a terrible person and she doesn’t deserve the kindness and love her teammates are showing her.

Yeah, I was surprised when her teammates still tried to be nice to her even after that shameful display. Sure, she might have a traumatic upbringing or whatever but that doesn't excuse being a complete jerk.

≫I don’t know if Connie knows about Ayano’s relationship with her mom

she knows she hasn't seen her mom since her mom abandoned her to live with connie lol...

Even if they were only facing Connie, Ayanon and Izumi made a great team, and Ayanon was having fun during the match. Although she started making excuses after losing, she's slowly finding the fun in playing badminton. Also, Izumi is an all-round great person.

That bath scene probably wasn't needed, but it was pleasant to watch.

Looking forward to see if or when Connie realises the importance of a team, after she sustained some kind of injury.

The series is still taking the dramatic root, but it has eight episodes left, so it could lower the amount of drama. If it doesn't, it should still be fun to watch.

Fantastic direction and animation during the match, keep it up!

Make me really happy when Ayanon smiles while she's playing.

I absolutely loved that one shot where Connie looks at Ayano after hitting the smash and they show Ayano's eyes which are then in super badass focused mode. I got chills! xD

I felt so sad when Ayano was trying to make excuses for why she wasn't able to return, she just wants to be a part of the team. :(

Connie is really cute too, she's just super serious when it comes to badminton. Those bath scenes were so good for so many reasons. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Initially I thought Ayano's Mom might have had some sort of genuine reason as to why she left her but after this episode I'm beginning to doubt that.

Holy shit! That Ayano face at the end had me terrified.

I don't know how to put a link to pictures, but that final shot with Ayano gave me shivers, those dead eyes. That feeling of despair. I hope she comes to terms with her life with her new family and team. I can't wait to see her overcome her past and learn to live for herself.

Like Overlord, this has become one of the best parts of my week, Sunday is Hanebado day. I hope the quality keeps up.


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