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[Hanebado!] Episode 4 everyone's impressions

Episode 4
"I'm Lost Right Now, Too"

So basically, Ayano's mom managed to screw up both of them?

On the one hand we have parental abandonment, on the other it kind of sounds like Connie has some "you'll never be as good as my daughter" complex...

The introduction of Connie did nothing but worsened my impression of Ayano's mom.

I actually can't bring myself to hate Connie with that thought just floating in my head.

TBF if Connie is going to go the length of doing her hairstyle exactly like Ayano's mother just to screw with Ayano (who has NO idea what is going on) she probably had a few issues of her own

She might not know her mom completely abandoned her so she has no idea that she has no idea what her mom had been doing let alone who she been involved with.

Yeah, I'm never going to get bored of the OP. The visuals and song do a perfect job at setting the mood, for me.

The picture of the newly formed team was satisfying to see. It's only been three episodes, but a lot has taken place for the members and they're now working together. Ayanon's new hair style was a minor change, but it managed to make her even more cute, and so has Nagisa's hair pin.

They're doing a good job at making Connie very dislikeable. Although she's a talented player, her arrogance is far too high. It seems like she was intentionally trying to provoke Ayanon at the end. I'm hoping Ayanon is able to knock Connie down a peg or two.

This show really has us disliking twin pigtail girls. First the pink spread-flu girl, and now this annoying yellow girl.

Notice how they have the least realistic, most trope-y designs lol like real people don't act like that

Ikr! Kinda takes me out of the immersion. But then the realistic badminton scenes pull me back again. It's a dilemma.

Ayanon and Elena look cute with the different hairstyles!

Connie seems like a handful, both as a threat and a character

≫Ayanon and Elena look cute with the different hairstyles!

I love how Elena is cheerful, while Ayanon is slightly embarrassed.

Just when I thought our short-haired tomboy couldn't be any cuter. A simple hairpin and she's 11/10.
Hairstyles in anime changing usually means the person themselves has changed in some way, Ayanon allowing her hair to be changed is really nice to see she is letting others into her very small circle.
Connie is a beast! We need Ayanon to get serious!

I'm hoping for an intense match between Ayanon and Connie. Connie is provoking Ayanon, so we should get to see a more serious side of Ayanon.

I kinda doubt that, i feel like she's just going to mess up because of it. She also hasn't properly trained in a long time, she'll probably get stomped in this match and have a rematch later.

What is up with this show and bullying Ayano?

While it does feel like everything is going ok within their team it looks like Sora is getting jealous of Ayano suddenly being fawned all over by Yu and now Sora is giving Ayano the cold shoulder because of it. Like what the actual fuck!? She's not doing anything, she's just here to play badminton!

Last week we had that pink haired fuck and now we have this blonde haired fuck. Connie is obviously a student of Ayano's mom and for some reason she wants to beat Ayano so badly. Ayano barely had any idea who she even was before she wore the ribbon so why the fuck did she think that Ayano is playing some sort of mind games with her?

I feel really bad for Ayano. The girl just wants to live in peace and here she is being treated so poorly by these fucks who doesn't know anything about her! She never asked for any of this attention!

Connie was probably told some "You'll never be as good as my daughter" stuff by Ayano's mother and she's kind of fucked up because of it, hates Ayano and seems to think she's scum.

Connie probably blames Ayano for how her mother treated her when she was being coached by her.

Also, Ayano probably would have recognised her if she had this haircut.

Why are all the girls from other schools so mean to Hanesaki? Stop bullying her. She didn't do anything to deserve this.

Hanesaki is so cute with her hair down!

My first thought after seeing Elena with this hairstyle was Akarin!


Oh my goodness Elena with that hairstyle and tracksuit

I've never understood that about a lot of anime with rivalries. Like, they were obviously getting along just fine, but at the mere mention of her name she goes in to full on evil mode, even accusing her of trying to play her. WTF? That's not particularly good writing for an antagonist or rival. I'm sure later on we'll get some explanation on how her mom treated her like shit for not measuring up or some other weak justification, but as it is right now, she just kinda comes off as a cunt.

That's a big problem I have with most sports anime, honestly. Drama has no place in them, but authors still include some to drive the plot forward.

Just... play and have fun ?

I miss you, Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume...

For some reason i legit got angry when Connie's revealed to be the person that Ayano's mom trained (altough i did see it coming). I really hope Ayano gets serious about getting better and destroys her in a future match.

The fact that Connie seems to hold a grudge against Ayano makes me think that Ayano's mom kept comparing Connie to her and perhaps said that she wasn't as good as Ayano (which at this point it time wouldn't be true as Ayano hasn't seriously practised in along time).

Not to mention that if Connie beats Ayano now she's going to think she's actually way better than Ayano when Ayano isn't even remotely close to being in top form. Connie is now saying there's no point if she doesn't beat her alone, but what the hell is the point if Ayano hasn't actively been playing for a long time (even though Connie probably doesn't know that).

We have a new worst mother in anime at least. She can join Ragyo.

Why is every rival a bitch?

probably because Ayano fucking destroyed them like she did Nagisa, but instead of giving up on badminton, they all trained even harder to get their revenge. And now they're playing her when she hasn't played in years

I dont think they know each at all. Connie seem to have a problem with the mother not really Ayano

Story aside, anyone else love the OP/ED and the background music of this anime? Definitely one of the best this season imo.

Yeah especially the OST near the end of the episode was amazing

Ayano's mom is raising this kids in a wrong way...sigh*

When did Nagisa become such a cutie???

And I am really curious where the story will go for the next 9 episodes because we are already facing who i assumed will be the final boss... I guess Ayano won't beat Connie Bitch and the rest of the anime is training to do it?

The tomboy always been a cutie, she just stopped being angsty LOL

Just got done, good episode. We finally meet the protégé of Ayano's mom, who I expected to see a bit later down the series run. She's pretty intense and arrogant. Kind of surprised she's still on a team as all the teams I've known would have never have put up with her bullshit for long. I think she'll serve as a kind of mirror to Ayano, a glimpse of what she may have become under her mother. I predict that Ayano will lose this practice match as 1) Connie is REALLY good and 2) She'll be thrown off by this blatant reminder of her mom. But by the end of the show, I predict she'll beat her with the help of her team.

Those 24 minutes flashed by too fast, I swear it was only 5 minutes long, I need the 2nd half of the match now!

On a side note, damn I really love how Connie's eyes stick out beautifully in the shot. She's also really terrifying with that smile.

Nice picture and that Nagisa blush is too cute!

≫Connie's eyes

We're getting a lot of crazy eyes this season.

There are many things that they changed from the manga. Not I'm complaining though, I'm fine with this story direction but they skipped one scene from the manga where Connie bought flower for Ayano. There is a vital symbolism in that scene in my opinion. If you are curious what it is about, you can read it in the manga chapter 2.

Feel bad for mini nagisa being stuck with Connie as a partner. I've played badminton for years now, and there's nothing worse that playing with a partner who doesn't like to play and co-operate as an actual double - can easily take the fun out of the game.

This is still one of my favourites shows to come out of this season though, lidenfilms have been doing fantastic each week!

It happened me the same with a fellow partner I had several years ago when I used to play paddle very often. He had quite interesting skills but there was no way to convince him to play doubles properly.

Oh man its going to be interesting to see how Ayanon reacts to Connie next episode.

Ayanon is a cute nickname! I liked the focus on hairstyles in this episode, it was an interesting way of showing mood shifts. Connie is intense, that jump move was powerful! I hope the duo manages to overcome her somehow.


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