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[Hanebado!] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"She Was Perfect"


Wow Ayano mom is a piece of human garbage. Leaves your kid because she loses a badminton match. Probably will be explained further on but she seems like a real piece of shit.

After seeing that shit, I am so glad Ayano had a friend like Elena. Like Elena's role might be a little cliche but her actions are entirely relatable. I'd hate to see a friend destroy themselves if I knew I could push them in a different direction.

I love how elena did not blurt out anything why ayano quit a badminton to aragaki and choose to remain silent.

She is like a friend that, love seeing her friend playing games on console and refuse to play because seeing seeing her friend happy make her happy

Those lines from the movie she watched were super ham-fisted though lol She wants to support her friend through it all.. but I can't tell if this goes beyond awesome friendship to "SUBTEXT"

That one transition from current Ayano running towards the shot to little Ayano hitting it with a smile on her face as Elena watches over her was absolutely beautiful . <3

Great episode again, I'm glad Ayano is starting to find her love for badminton again. Animation quality is top notch, keep it up!

I know what you mean. It made me want to hug a bunny!

No emojis? That's practically a proposal.

Ayano's reactions are good emoji material tbh

Elena is a good friend. The small flashback sequence about her and Ayano was rather touching. It was great that the episode focused on her and their friendship. The mother is garbage. I suppose it will be something sympathetic revealed, like the mother realizing that she may put her daughter under too much stress to push her to go to court with a cold, but even if, it's still garbage to just leave ones child. And if there isn't any further reason all the worse.

Kaoroku was hillarious. The way she gave a Ayano a cold was garbage, but hilarious (if it weren't for the mother stuff).

Also, good for the Uma Musume trainer to get to be reborn as a girl.

Agreed, I like how Elena was able to act on behalf of what she could remember about Ayano's past experiences with badminton. From the past episodes, I couldn't really tell if she was fully aware of whether Ayano was involved in the sport, so this was nice detail. Also, the mom was mega harsh in up and leaving her kid like that, big Oof.

Kauruko's character is probably the most unique thus far, as she seems to break through the seriousness of the show. She actually feels a bit too much for this show at times.

Lastly, lol at your last point.

The flashback of Ayano's past was quite short, but it focused on a lot of important stuff. First off, she and Elena have been playing badminton since kindergarten, which explains why Ayano is really good. Then there was her mother, Shindo Uchika. Not only did she tell Ayano to quit badminton, she left Ayano, assumingly because Ayano lost to Kaoruko. I'm hoping that's not the case, it can't just be because she lost. If so, I'll be disappointed in Shindo. I know she's one of the best players, but you can't just leave your child over a single loss.

I strongly dislike Kaoruko for doing this. Keep your germs to yourself, damn it.

The animation for the short match between Anayo and Nagisa was consistently good. I'm so pumped for actual matches, they're going to be intense. The animation for the entire episode incredibly good, just like last episode.

Also, Elena is a kind of friend we all need.

Yea, that part when the Mom left after Ayano lost from getting sick made me cringe a bit. Perhaps it could have been because she realized that she didn't want her daughter to cause herself harm based on the insane amount of effort she was putting into Badminton? Idk, but still kind of lame to up and go when you've got a kid like that.

Also, I agree with what you said about Elena. Good friend lol

≫Perhaps it could have been because she realized that she didn't want her daughter to cause herself harm based on the insane amount of effort she was putting into Badminton?

If it is something similar to that, I will be partially fine with it. She did tell Ayano to quit, which could have been a way to stop her from putting too much strain on her body. Although, she should still be there supporting her daughter, instead of leaving without saying anything. I don't know how leaving would do Ayano any good.

Well that was a pretty nice episode even if pink hair twintails may not be as fun as she seemed in the previous one x)

Those are literally cartoon character tactics lol perfect for a pink hair drilltails

Not only that, but she's a full on DESU WA.

We /sylphynford/ again.

I know some people don't like nagisa, but I'm really liking her, man - she's great

Her character is actually really unique. I like the fact that she was able to transition from a really hard-ass character to someone who was a bit more thoughtful towards others in the last episode. Really added a new flavor to the show.

She kinda reminds me of a mix between bakugo from bnha and kageyama from haikyuu, which is great for me because I've always wanted a female character like this, but I completely agree, she brings more to the show because of her personality.

Also like Bakugou, she's a lot more thoughtful than we initially gave her credit for from her introduction. She has a really solid motive for acting like an ass. A shut out at a national level tournament is utterly humiliating and would send a lot of people straight up quitting. She, like the others you've mentioned, is an actual character instead of a collection of tropes (so far, but let's see how far this series can take it)

The attention to detail and animation quality keep up their remarkable consistency! Still not fully sold on the narrative just yet but the show is undeniably well made and just a pleasure to watch. Definitely glad to have picked it up and won’t be dropping this one.

I totally agree, the visuals are fantastic! As for the story, it seems that they are still building the background, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it's headed!

Not gonna lie, Ayano mother is a pos from what we've seen in this episode. We need more information, but as of right now she's what we call a shitty mother.

Leaves her child and never returns, hell not even a letter or phone call to let her know that she's still loved. Not only did she leave, she leaves and picks up another pupil that is apparently a prodigy. That is a total spit in the face to her daughter, but psychologically scarring as well.

My opinion on this episode, good, but Ayano's mother is a pos.

I know this is only three episodes in but this is shaping up to my favorite sports anime, as well as my favorite of this season

Well, I can promise you that it will only get better. Hanabebo is a rare type of sports work with about near all-female cast, which tries to develop a good sports drama without unnecessary fanservice and sexualization of the girls instead of demonstrating the development of their personality and sports skills.

Erena best wingman. Always watching over Ayano and making sure she never loses herself.

God what a bitch that Kaoruko is, making Ayano sick so she could beat Ayano "on equal terms", the fuck is this shit? And then years later she returns just to rub it in on Ayano and nearly forcing her to quit badminton again. Hope Ayano finally gives her her comeuppance in the tournament soon enough.

That said, Ayano probably read too much about her mom leaving to take on a coaching job abroad. It just so happens that Ayano's mom departed right on the day after her only defeat.

After bonding through an outdoor match, Ayano's already calling Nagisa as Nagisa-chan. The birth of a great yuri ship begins here.

≫Erena best wingman. Always watching over Ayano and making sure she never loses herself.

Damn right, I loved the focus on their friendship and the backstory of those two. Ayano is lucky to have such a great friend.

Actually, Ayano calls everyone but Elena with a "chan" at the end. If there's a yuri ship it would be with Elena for being the only one Ayano calls by name alone, without "chan."

Oh god the "cold giving" flashback with Pink. Shouldn't she have been disqualified after that?

The champion mom's a piece of work too, abandoning her daughter after something like that. No amount of "left because didn't want daughter to push herself following in her footsteps" or "left in order to train up a proper opponent for her daughter" type twists will make her less off a sorry excuse for a human being.

Well, drama is over so it's all fun and games from this point on, right? Please no drama arcs for any of the rest of the cast.

Tiny Ayano in the beginning is the most adorable thing ever.

How a mother decides to up and leave that, I don't even want to know.

"tako-tako" was so sweet.

Oh yeah. When your kid's sick in bed and you decide to leave. Right, guys?

There's bound to be some other reason she left and I'm sure we'll get a redemption arc at some point, but that was still some premium horse shit parenting. Gonna take a lot for her to get into my good books.

I like the idea of a rival for Ayano. Let's get some intense matches going!

Good episode.

I guess the reconciliation between Ayano and mom has to come soon. Probably will have a relationship to her mom not wanting to see her all stressed and pressured because of badminton, and will be happy to see Ayano relaxed with her new club.

And I think that the reconciliation should be soon as Ayano appears in all the promos with a pink ribbon in her hair that is similar that her mothers'

This show is one of my favorite shows this summer. It's also my first sports anime which makes it even better!

Never thought I'd feel so strongly about badminton...

Definitely AOTS so far.


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