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[Hanebado!] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2
"Meat's the Best After a Workout!"

jesus christ they didn't lie when they said there was 10 000 frames in this episode... the animation was once again impressive but I seriously hope the production won't crash before the end of the season

Impressive for sure, easily the most animation cells I've seen so far this season. Although the sheer quantity still doesn't come close to the near 40 trillion Cells present in the pilot of Hataraku Saibou(Cells at Work).

For real the animation quality is on point. Every single scene, even the most motionless scenes (which are rare), there's always something moving, an eye twitching, something. If this keeps up it's seriously impressive.

Okay, when i commented on how i got excited about animation last week, i didn't expect it to get even fucking better. This anime god freaking dammit levels of beautiful.

From matches to simple walking animations, camera movement, even fucking talks between girls were beautifully animated. Animationgasm is this mates.

Goosebumps everywhere, even now.

here, have a thigh

I really like how the perspective feels like there's an actual camera filming physically. For example, in the cut where the couch was walking around the net and then kneeling down, the screen wobbles as it follows the couch's steps and lags behind as he squads down.

The direction does have a very cinematic feel to it.

Pink-hair twintails out here reminding us that despite the immense animation, characterization, and storytelling, this is still a cute-girls-playing-sports anime.

All the characters so far have pretty normal hair and facial features then suddenly bam pink twin-tail drills.

Also the blonde player with similar hairstyle and Ayano's mom with that ridiculous hair ribbon. Like, how are they in the same series as the main characters?

The main characters have yet to reach their final form of course

When that music started playing during the practice match with Aragaki and their coach holy FUCK that was hype. It also seems like Aragaki and Hanesaki will maybe play together in the future? I think that would be really cool to see. The coach also reminds me a bit of the trainer from Uma Musume, but mainly because both of them get hands-on often.

The ED for this show is really nice. So many great screenshots of the cast.

I really love these kinds of shots

Izumi has such a 10/10 design

Another school's team I'm guessing? I like the girl in the back.

An infectious smile!

Another school. I really like the character designs for the show.

Smug! And pink twintails!



There's literally no part of this show that doesn't look gorgeous. The OP, the ED, and everything in between is a work of art. What kind of budget did Lidenfilms get for this?!

It's not a matter of just budget (although the high number of key frames in this does have a financial cost), the main strain on the production is actually staff time, as most series simply don't have enough people at hand to handle a lot of motion consistently: even if they had infinite money, they wouldn't have anyone to hire.

・Man, that inner dialogue during the match was so cool. I hope we get more scenes like that.

・Nagisa taking steps to redeem herself and getting back on track mentally, awesome!


・This pink-haired character looks way over the top desu-wa. I'm excited.

After she missed the bin, I thought for sure the next thing they will show is her picking it up again and putting it in. I was surprised they didn't show it but I'm sure she did because she's a good girl. In fact you could argue best girl and it made me really mad when Aragaki barked at her when she didn't immediately change the scoreboard, kawaisou...

Loved the detail that she missed it the first time so the second time she just got up to walk to it lol

As a casual badminton player myself, the level of detail in episode 2 gave me goosebumps. From the animation to soundtrack to effects such as shoes squeaking, racquet hitting the shuttle, to footwork, to the ACTUAL and REALISTIC way the match between Aragaki and the coach went which does in fact happens in real life. I'm totally in awe right now.

≫the match between Aragaki and the coach

I have no idea about badminton (I saw like a handful of matches on TV when I was bored once) but the little explanations in that match were good information. I don't know how much of that is correct but stuff like this helps me understand the sport beyond just the superficial. Even if it's not correct for the actual sport, it works for matches in the series.

It's very correct to the actual sport! The trainer's analysis talked about hitting "cross-court shots" and angled shots, which are very important in badminton because you want to make your opponent run around the court as much as possible. So you often have to think about where you want to return the shot to maximize the distance your opponent has to cover in order to reach the birdie.

Yo, I expected this show to be good, but I didn't expect it to be this good. If they can keep up the animation quality for the rest of the season this'll easily become my AOTS

Ayano is cute af, looking forward to her backstory

i wonder if its gonna be some mental abuse and abandon from her mom, she looked out of her mind on first episode and now we get a PTSD from pink haired girl match

My guess is she's forced to play so much when she was a kid by her parents and so she don't find it fun anymore. I swear I watched a different anime like that before

HaneBADo!? More like HaneGOODo!

This joke was bad but I approve. This show is too good, and we are only at episode 2!

Elena is the manager! So glad we get to see more of her

Aragaki vs Trainer’s battle was very good. I loved how it just showed how much everyone could see that Aragaki just loved the hell out of Badminton

And that ED is gorgeous!

≫Elena is the manager! So glad we get to see more of her

I really wanted her as a member though :(

Me too! But I guess Elena won’t be playing. I’ll still enjoy her banter with the trainer though. Seems like that’ll be a recurring thing

Her relationship with Ayano is also great

Trainer-san from HANEBADO! and Trainer-san from Uma Musume about to duke it out over most inappropriately aggressive trainer of 2018.

I'm very impressed, like everyone, at the quality and also frequency of the animation. Never deciding to just use stills in place of actual action.

One other thing though that I really loved was the brief bit of time when we got to hear the inner monologues during Nagisa and Trainer's match. Typically you think they might slow the action to a crawl as we get introspective to see how the characters are analyzing what to do next. But here there was none of that slowing down and to me it felt much more like I was being put in their shoes. No time to construct a detailed plan, just the best observation you can make in that moment and then you act on it. Hope that kind of thinking and presentation continues.

For godsake liden films, save the damn budget for the future! Lmao

The fluidity in this episode was just too great! Idk how they're doing it, but I sure do hope they keep it up.

I might be in a minority but I absolutely loved Nagisa and the coach so far. Both dedicated hard-workers and love the game in a competitive way, wanting to drive others harder to excellence. Not to mention great art design and seiyuu performances.

Yup, the coach's attitude is pretty realistic. Unlike others above who somehow doesn't like the coach kinda pressuring Ayano to play.

If there's a player that talented around, I'd definitely try to get him/her to play. You don't get that good without liking it at some point. Maybe playing again will reignite that passion.

Thank god for the coach. I couldn't handle another episode of Aragaki grunting and being pissed, although i do get why it happened. Animation is amazing so far. Can't wait to see the matches. I am looking forward to see what kind of opponents lies ahead.


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