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[Hanebado!] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"Incredible Talent!"

So I guess Nozomi decided to try Badminton after Keijo didn't work out?

Keijo Nozomi for Reference

Jokes aside, as great as the animation was during the scenes with Badminton, I was equally impressed with little bits here and there. Characters fully moving and interacting in the background, and just a lot of good instances of animated character acting. It hardly felt like anyone was just stuck in a pose for an unnaturally long time. Really hope that aspect keeps up as the series continues.

One scene made me "Holy fucking shiiit!" is in badminton match leg muscles changed according to their movement and i was like "Whaaaaaaat!"

Shit, i am excited for future episodes.

The sakuga is real with this one!

One more thing that that jumped at me was how good the sound design was during the stray tennis ball scene. You could really feel the force of the ball.

I like Elena already

Seems interesting. Those badminton matches were hype! Hope we get some more matches because they're so good to look at, gives off a Haikyuu feel even. I suppose Ayano and Nagisa will be the central characters so it would be interesting to see their dynamic of talent vs effort, especially if handled well. I'm excited for this show

I think the feel stems from the fact that Haikyuu and this show share the same man on the series composition and I doubt the influence will stop there.

We need more Elena, by far the best character <3

Yep, easily. Her banter with the coach and her scenes with Ayano are very nice

Coming from a badminton-mad country, I really was hoping for a great 1st episode and this didn't disappoint at all. Holy shit, the visuals and animation were so good and I'll be crossing my fingers to see if it holds up throughout the show.

Jesus, 21-0 is maddening. I would be heart-broken if I lost by that much. I'm liking the drama being set up by our two protagonists and the two same lines of 'Why do I play badminton' spoken by them but for two different reasons.

It's easy to see why Nagisa is so distraught and angry. No one really likes to lose (21-0 damn) especially when you put as much effort as she does into badminton. I'm trying to guess why Ayano quit badminton. Maybe she hates how she goes into some killer mode when she plays badminton (those eyes). Or maybe she fell out of love with the sport without a competitive drive for her to go on playing the sport. We'll see soon.

My guess is that it's people like Nagisa. Like she sees how destroyed they are when they lose to her when she barely has to try and she just feels terrible.

≫I'm trying to guess why Ayano quit badminton.

She was crying over that magazine article, maybe the person she did her best in the field for ignored her dedication and prefered someone else.

Former badminton player here. Like you, I can't even explain how humiliating 21-0 would be if I was on the wrong end.

Elena is saying Ayano is not interested in boys. We can easily guess she was in love with that badminton girl champion who found a crush (magazine story). Badminton being the link to this girl, she doesn’t want to play it anymore.

The OP has some really nice visuals and a great song.

Cool keychain.

I really liked what Nagisa said, "We're not natural talents. We have to put the effort in." This can be applied to anything and everything.

Riko, so far, is my favourite character. She's been standing up to Nagisa and her far too intensive training. It's going to kill the club, instead of doing anything good. Seeing Riko's passion for the club is great to see.

This episode exceeded my expectations, and I'm looking forward to it every week. It did a good job showing off the characters, while also setting up the foundations of the story.

≫I really liked what Nagisa said, "We're not natural talents. We have to put the effort in." This can be applied to anything and everything.

This is a myth though.

Even the most talented person needs to dedicate countless hours and effort to achieve greatness. Talent is a layman's term for neural plasticity that just shows how fast someone can learn something.


≫Even the most talented person needs to dedicate countless hours and effort to achieve greatness.

That's what I was trying to imply with "anything and everything", but failed to make it clear. Even if they're naturally talented, no one can remain better than other people without regular practice.

Sweatiest anime 2018?

It's the second coming of Ping Pong Girls.

Scorching Ping Pong Girls, thank you.



The badminton moves, I can see all of em, the matches are hype and character drama, it was great first episode.

This might be a sleeper hit if the production values stay

First one was so good they used it twice ;P

If you look close enough, the two sequences is a bit different,, the second sequence have more to it (kinda a follow-up) than the first one.. i think its really cool..

I immediately rewatch the episode because it was so good, and it was how i noticed that haha...

It certainly looks great and there was fantastic use of those quiet moments to really bring up the atmosphere. I just hope it maintains this quality through the season. Seems like this dysfunctional badminton club is going to have quite a bit of drama to go with the hopefully intense matches, it'll be interesting to see where this goes.

I'm a little tired of the 'accidentally' perverted coach trope, but hopefully, it won't be too much of recurring gag.

So uh why is it she suddenly has play badminton when they just saw her return the best shot from the best male player on the tennis team like it was nothing? Why not have her I dunno play tennis?

Because she used to play badminton, as the coach quickly determined, and Elena wants her to do something more "like herself". She wants to join the tennis club herself and she doesn't want Ayano to just do what she's doing, she tries to push her to be more independent.

Then Elena should force her to make her own choice of something else. It's obvious she doesn't enjoy badminton, so she's not being a good friend by forcing that specific thing on her.

Which is fine narratively, because Elena can be flawed like that, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

Fuck, it's high school sports. If she'd rather play tennis, let her play tennis. She's obviously still got talent for it. And if she doesn't want to play competitively, then don't force her to join a hyper-competitive team.

I mean, she kinda implies that Ayano is stuck on a mental thing which she has to overcome. So I see it more as Elena caring about Ayano's wellbeing than them being in the same club

This first episode was absolutely gorgeous. Frankly, some of the best use of C.G. I've seen in a while, and blended in really well with the hand-drawn animation.

I hate that the trainer from Horse Girls Pretty Derby also seems to have made it into this show in the form of their coach, but hopefully it's not a regular bit like it was there, or it's going to leave a consistent sour taste in my mouth.

Luckily, every other part of the cast was pretty well-developed in this first episode. It's a bit intense and dramatic, but I really like intense drama in sports anime, so I guess this is for me. I just like how all of the characters were confident in their own personalities and seemed like real people. Even the ones with smaller parts.
In a lot of ways I got Haikyuu!! feels from this premiere. The intense parts of Haikyuu, not the goofy comedic parts. I hope they keep up this same quality of writing and animation throughout the show.

≫It's a bit intense and dramatic, but I really like intense drama in sports anime, so I guess this is for me.

I'm kind of on the other end of this. I loved the animation and the badminton was incredibly fun to watch, but the show felt too over-dramatized for me to really enjoy it when they weren't playing. Hopefully it grows on me!

The animation looks very smooth and clean and the line work is really well done. However, I am personally more interested in the story.

I am assuming Hanesaki played badminton solely for the purpose of the girl with the white ribbon, presumably her previous coach or at least someone Hanesaki looks up to/ made Hanesaki play the sport. In a way out there speculation the girl with the white ribbon is her mom to boot since they kinda look similar in terms of appearance in when they have the same hair style (or it just might be the similar hair style in general), although they have different colored eyes.

I assume that is why she was so shocked and quit badminton when the person she plays the sport for got a new foreign protege that seems to be around the same age as her.

I assume the that blonde girl is the same one in the promotional art so I can't wait to see how things play out.

The animation is great and all, but it felt a bit overdramatic. Maybe not the right show for me.

Apparently the drama is all anime original. The manga started off being a lot more light hearted.

Interesting. I personally love the drama. I already feel attached to these characters because they're so human and flawed, like Nagisa's inability to let go of her utter defeat six months ago. To lose that badly after training so hard must be soul crushing, yet she persists and still plays badminton. I think anyone would be abrasive after something like that.

The animation in this show is amazing.

...are anime completely unable to write coaches of female sports teams without making them damn perverts?

Aside from that though, a pretty great episode and it looked phenomenal. Reminded me a lot of Hibike! Eupho in that the club's drama is thick and musky.

Quite a few central threads were opened up this episode, such as effort versus talent, why to play sports in the first place... potential family drama from Ayano?

I really like the Hibike Eupho comparison. I don't know why I didn't think about it but now the similarities look so obvious!

Animation was stellar this episode. I hope they keep up the animation quality.

I know that I and other women anime fans were looking forward to this as a more serious, non-fanservicey women's sports anime. And I'm glad to say this first episode didn't disappoint at all!

The animation is impressive throughout. I love the sheer physicality of the animations during the matches, you can almost feel their movement across the screen, but the art during the quieter scenes was also attractive. 3D use was also appropriate and well integrated. The girls are cute while still being realistically proportioned and non-moefied, which is just the right mix for this sort of story. Shot composition and background art were also on point!

The story is also off to a compelling start. I do like drama in my sports anime, and this show is laying it on suitable thick. The happier tone of the final scene does suggest better days are coming for our protags. My favourite of the cast so far is Nagisa. She's suffering from mental issues and lack of self confidence after her devastating loss in the match at the start, but still believes in self-improvement. I look forward to where the story takes her character from this point.

Honestly my only criticism is the pervert former Olympian guy, I hope that doesn't become a recurring joke as it was unfunny the first time.

Other than that I'm very much looking forward to the next episode!

It's about damn time we had a badminton anime, and damn, that was an impressive first episode. The animation was so good, and I really hope they can keep up with the quality for the inevitable hype moments synonymous with sports anime like in haikyuu and kuroko. The characters look great, and I already like their dynamic, with the super talented prodigy vs the hard worker. And it really manages to drive that drama when you see such a hard worker get thrashed 21-0 by pure talent. The plot development is gonna be interesting to watch. Big hopes for this one.

Awesome first episode. Really loved it. Great animation, and I'm really liking the characters so far.

This is the only sports anime I can personally relate to, and like many of you, I'm also impressed with the animation.

I really like Elena so far. Anyone who's in the know mind spoiling if she's a "haifu?" I ask because her name is most likely not of Japanese origin.

I kinda like Ayano but I kinda dislike how clingly she is to Elena. Clearly they are childdhood friends, but even I like to give my peeps some space as much as I loved being with them in HS. My theory: ( and the official website kinda spoils one of the main characters so don't read on if you don't want to be spoiled! ) I think Ayano no longer wants to play because she's not a "prodigy" in her mother's eyes. She's clearly devastated by the pic of her mother being kissed by her student. And I noticed that she was looking at her score matches when she left during the middle of the game near the opening...

Anyoo. Looking forward toward every episode. haven't check but I'm hoping for 24 episodes!

oh my god this is great!

also what does being a lefty have to do with badminton? I played casually during P.E. in high school but I never felt like it was advantageous or anything because I'm a lefty.

If a majority of your opponents play with a right hand, then you are used to the way right handed players play. If you then go up against someone with a left hand, they will have different trajectories from right handed opponents. Hope that made sense :)

Fantastic, I had me eye out for this and I'm so glad it turned out to be this good.
The opening sequence was incredible, if the actual matches have that level of fidelity I'm super excited for what's to come. Possible AoTS right here.


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