Thursday, July 19, 2018

[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 16 everyone's impressions

Episode 16
"Friends Reunited"

That tsubasa reference lol

No one never expected that

why ayame didn't use nt-d when nu and sazabi deploy their funnel?

Either she used it off-screen, or the NT-D should only be used on loveless ones.

One word for this episode: The hell, Momo. Being the player with most death plus the one that won the match is quite funny.
Also, Miyu is too cute.
After watching Zoids WILD and then returning to this, I'm deeptly thankful at least Gundam Build series, despite having same age-range target, is actually better with conversation between characters and transition between scenes.
But yeah, incorporating 3D animation model into this series, like Unicorn would definitely improve the overall quality.

Not that I hated Build Divers before, but after watching Zoids Wild I can definitely appreciate it much more.

Lol, Riku, Koichi, and Ayame getting trashed by kids in the same episode. Kids...? Hmm... During episode 1 Riku told Nanami that "now that he's in 2nd year middle school he can finally play GBN" so I guess there's an age requirement to register? So that probably means those five kids are only as young as Riku. (unless you can lie about your age in this VR game.)

Next episode looks like it's 00 Sky-free. Looking forward to that. Goddess Sarah is still with Yukki so there's still a slight chance of miracles sprouting out from the back of a Gunpla.

Slightly off-topic: I just realized. That messenger guy Tsukasa sent to invite Riku into a battle in the abandoned warehouse is a character from Build Diver's side story.

Sad they missed the chance of adding sfx into the opening song. This was that episode.

That Miyu kid can't be older than 4 and she and her team nearly handed Build Divers their ass. Lolwut. Where are these kids logged in from?


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