Thursday, July 12, 2018

[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 15 everyone's impressions

Episode 15
"Lotus Challenge"

The Build Divers take a challenge that not even the best forces in GBN suceeded in completing. In the occasion, Riku displays the true power of his new Gunpla, the Gundam 00 Diver Sky.

All that soccer practice must have paid off. The madman kicked the beam right back at them.
uwu Zeromaru looks amazing still
I wonder where the story would go now.
The Gunpla design is great.
The sound effects are awesome.

I just can't seem to get into the story as much as I did GBF and GBFT.
I liked the previous episode where they showed proper Gunpla battle again, but I doubt it'd come up again.

Everything being digital kind of makes things very... risk-free.
I think that's kind of the downside; the sense of real urgency of any kind is gone.

Yeah the show looks and sounds good like the previous ones but just don't see how the story will ever be able to interest me when everything is digital.
It also makes me wonder if the other players have no lives.

They're always in the game.
Do they not have work or something?

It's really weird. The champion guy just sits/stands there in his mansion observing all day. And why do they never question Sarah just being there. We know she shows herself even when the others aren't there.
It's almost like this series wants to be an isekai, but can't commit to it.
I liked it a lot two episodes ago with the old gunpla machine battle.
I really liked that part.
The Astray looked badass too.

The stupid particle wings before was so... stupid.
Just had to say that.

Okay Sunrise, you finally made an episode worth watching, I know it's asking a lot but can we avoid the rest of the second half diving into bullshit melodrama and uncanny valley plot logic like we had in the first?
Seeing as Sarah is still around, the answer to that is a solid nope.
1st Cour: "I won't use trans-am..."

2nd Cour: "I'll combine trans-am and the wings of light!"

This episode tells me that the writers don't have a very clear understanding of how video games work. The idea that a mission would exist that nobody in the entire world is capable of beating is completely ridiculous. In these kinds of games, even the hardest of raids are beaten within hours because people are just that good. Also, a mission with a 15 minute time limit, but takes 11 minutes to get to the actual battle itself? That's shitty design.
≫The idea that a mission would exist that nobody in the entire world is capable of beating is completely ridiculous.

No one in the show said it was impossible. It's just extremely hard. And it was a force that created the challenge, not GBN's devs themselves. And like Kyoya said, the devs wouldn't approve of it if it was impossible. Probably means someone in the dev team must have cleared it himself/herself, or at least has some solid theories on paper on how to clear it. Probably...

What's ridiculous is a younger Force clearing it before the top Forces can. Probably would've been less ridiculous if Ayame or Koichi did the finishing blow since they're actually veterans in Gundam battle. But you're not allowed to outperform the main protagonist's plot armor. Unless you're Bahamut (SnB).
I wonder why they decided to never animated any background characters for the shop scenes. It's always completely empty.
I'm glad Ayame changed the Real-Type appearance of RX-Zeromaru. I really didn't like that gold-faced Gundam that symbolized Ayame's walk on the dark path. It looks better now in my opinion.

I'm sure everyone here now thinks Sarah is a digital entity living inside the game (I think she's the Main Program). So at this point the real surprise would be if she's actually a regular human (as in regular, not a life-support dependent on a game engine. Nor a 24/7 gamer like Konno Yuuki, also in life-support). I think it would be fun, despite being ridiculous(?), if Sarah was actually Aila and Reiji's daughter (or some other Arian resident) using an Arista to play GBN straight from their world. Hopefully not another one of Mashita's family members.

Maybe the plot would've done better if it used online bullying and use of rude/underhanded tactic that are still within the rules of the game instead of an untouchable hacker. Btw, at this point, I doubt Tsukasa's getting arrested for his attempt to destroy company property.
"actually Sarah, you'll be flying with Riku"

because how else would Riku circumvent the restrictions of the game without the power of love and a game breaking GBN a.i. on his side?


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