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[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 14 everyone's impressions

Episode 14
"A New Power"

Ayame IRL


That side tail. HNNGH.

I'm ashamed at how hard I smiled when I first saw her.

That new gundam... They kinda mix Destiny design with OO Diver right? That wing of light, Destiny's sword, etc. OP give off to much spoiler.

Destiny powered by twin GN drive... The idea are not bad, but the machine feels kind of lazy design to me, and lacking something to make its impact. Astray no name looks much more bad ass compared to this.

Looks like it has the god slashers minus the claws from god gundam.

One can only hope it is, it'd be a nice throwback

At least it looks more muscular than all previous 00 designs I've seen before. But I really think they need to stay off the blue-chested, white Gundam color scheme more often just like they did with Freedom and Build Burning, but even further from the famous color scheme.

I think the shoulders are from Kyrios.

Look forward to that erupting burning finger

Looks like all theories about Nanase being one of the existing divers are dispelled, 'cause that new diver looks like her.

But why the heck are Magee and Rommel getting into a Gundam Seed style scene in the opening?

So that was basically a glorified recap episode. I guess it's past the halfway point sure, but did we really need it? Build divers is not a complicated show.

Ayame lives in the area. Of course Ayame lives in the area.

The whole thing just felt sappy. Why did they go with this enormous attachment to the gunpla when they know we liked GBF, where everything gets smashed every episode and upgraded? It's just so weak, I can't pretend to care about it at all. Even if you're going all in on fact that they love Gunpla they're still just plastic toys. You can't make the actual plastic matter, it has to be the characters fighting with it.

00 sky just looks really standard. It's not technically bad in any way but it seems quite dull. Also I'm pretty sure GBN will recognize a huge gash in the armour as a structural weakness. Maybe not the best idea.

Didn't spot patrick, again. My Waldo game is weak.

Totally unasked info dump, but I wrote it now so here goes:

Around 11% of Japans population lives in Tokyo, and that 11% skews low in age as the villages are increasingly elderly while young people and young families head to Tokyo (and other major cities). Its a big problem for the Japanese government as there are getting to be almost literal abandoned villages.

They are playing at Gundam Front in Odaiba, which is where the giant Gundam is and is centrally located in the city. You can get to it from anywhere in Tokyo in a manageable time frame.

All that together means Ayame being able to meet them in person is a lot more likely than it would seem, or would be if the series were set in the USA.

Now when everyone else in the series turns out to be local too I'll eat my words, there's a limit to my disbelief. =-p

Totally unasked supporting thoughts...

Ayama did say she can't come all the time. So she may not be so close to them as a foreigner would think. Remember, Japan is full of bullet train lines. Even if she's outside of Tokyo, she can get there in a short enough time.

On top of that, all members of Build Divers are logging in through the same server. So it also supports the idea that Ayame lives nearby. Unless, she travels inside the game from a different server all the time to meet them.

And Ayame is Japanese. And playing VR games in some far away, secluded village isn't as likely as playing it in Tokyo.

Tiger Wolf and Shahryar are in different servers since the Divers had to travel far to get to them, we know Kyoya lives close enough for Riku and Yuuki to see him in a live contest. Avalon's two other members probably lives nearby as well, since they were talking about eating together during episode 0(?) after the battle. I don't know about Magee and Rommel, and their diver names are not even Japanese. Maybe Ogre lives nearby because his little bro's diver name is based on Japan's Shuten Doji.

≫00 sky just looks really standard.

Yeah, it's just kind of default looking. Nothing really stands out, but it's also not like it's stripped down either.

≫Even if you're going all in on fact that they love Gunpla they're still just plastic toys.

You've never assembled one, have you?

I use to build gundams back in the wing age, still just plastic toys. So his point still stands.

Hell I'm sure a few TT Warhammer fans would agree too.

≫recap episode

Nobody needs a recap, but... I heard (read) somewhere that recap episodes are also used to give the artists some time to take some rest and extra time to get the following episodes (and other projects they may be working on) done.

I'm pretty sure I would be upset if my parents, sister, cousins, and friends just treated my custom gunplas the way anyone would treat an out-of-store toy, getting placed anywhere without much thought, getting played with like an action figure. point is I get where they're coming from. So while I do think that they're exaggerating about the love part, I don't think it's weak at all.

I'm starting to think what makes it look so standard is...the VERY standard Gundam colors that every main Gundam is wearing. I mean, even Gundam Exia Amazing looks standard enough, but when you paint it in Dark Matter colors...

Dunno if this is the right place to ask this, but I only just remembered about this show's existence, and does it have anything to do with Build Fighters/Try in terms of world/characters? Or is the only thing relating them just that it's about gunpla?

As far as we can tell from the latest episode, the only thing connecting them are the Gunpla, especially the enormous amount of Beargguy.

no real links yet, other than the old gunpla system(GPD) is sort of like the build fighters system where gunpla is damaged in game use.


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