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[Grand Blue] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"A New World"

Shinji and Ryujiro inform Iori and Kohei that they are being entered into the Male Pageant at the Izu Spring Festival to raise money for the club, despite their objections at their respective costumes. Afterwards, Iori finally tries out deep sea diving for the first time in a wetsuit under Ryujiro's supervision. He returns to Grand Blue, excitedly telling Chisa his experience underwater. The next morning, Iori wakes up next to a half-naked woman. Shinji and Ryujiro tell Iori that woman is Azusa, and they don't consider her a traditional woman at all. Later, Iori and Kohei are training to make Okonomiyaki for the festival, while secretly trying to get Chisa drunk and convince her to enter the Women's Pageant so that they won't need to enter the Male Pageant if she wins. However, all their attempts backfire. Azusa finally gets the boys to admit their true motives. Later that night, Azusa beats the young men in strip rock-paper-scissors, then convinces Chisa to give the beauty pageant a shot. The morning after, Shinji and Ryujiro announce that Chisa has decided to enter the Women's Pageant, under the condition that Iori and Kohei enter the Men's Pageant as well.

Stitch of sleeping Azusa and of Chisa.

Noice, the beauty pageant will have the bikini segment. Looking forward to the performance of all 3.

Grand Blue is a diving an- Oh, they're actually kind of diving in this one.

Grand Blue is actually a nudist anime

Yep they are, so time to drink the whole bottle.

Am I the only one who's really digging Chisa's VA? I feel like her voice really fits her personality perfectly from the manga. It sounds kinda cute too

Nice VA, Chisa!

Man, I cannot wait for the anime to adapt this gag as well as the Screwdriver one!

The VA’s are all pretty spot on even though they’re all different from what fans had in mind.

Really? I had no idea. Personally, Chisa's VA is exactly what I envisioned but to me, Azusa's is different, yet still good regardless

Yeah like, people really wanted Hiroshi Kamiya for Iori and Miyuki Sawashiro for Azusa, among others. I’m actually glad they’re not as A-list as that. I don’t immediately recognize any of them and they fit their characters so well.

Iori's VA was quite shaky in his tsukomi (Straight-man) role in the jokes in episode 1, but since then, I can definitely say he has found his footing, and it has gotten way better now, when he plays the straight man in the jokes, in the past 2 episodes.

BRING ON THE NAKED MEN AND FAKE WATER! oh wait there's actually diving rn.


The salt is getting spread next week



What is this, Banana Fish?

I actually found it hilarious that I was weird out for a moment when they start talking about diving.

That was actually one of the joke in the manga 😅

Best girl is coming next episode!

Unrelated post, but the way Kohei said "A ghost!" in the preview killed me. It was strangely funny.

This anime will need to replace stomach. My sides hurt from laughing too hard. I think I broke something....

If you playing the drinking game, you might need a new liver as well

Two bottle penalti!

Kouhei lacking those all-important self-examination skills.

... but at least he knows how to party.

≫Kouhei is an alcoholic otaku who fits in with Friends

Is it possible to learn this power?

I've found the secret is having friends that are also degenerates

Clearly best girl material

Azusa chara design look so of from the manga, especially her hair, i'm kinda dinsapointed.

Azusa got that cat face still though

They gave her a haircut, though I can't wait to see the reaction when Azusa asks Iori about "that"

The design change is pretty weird, they made her look like a more mature mother figure which doesn't really fit her personality.

Y, that's the totally opposite and she look way better in the manga

At least in some scenes where they drew her closer to the manga design she looks really good.

I'm with Azusa. Chisa is the cutest.

I can't wait to see what they do with Azusa's character. You can see the endless amounts of potential.

Okay, Iori and Chisa are so fucking adorable. Him being so happy about discovering the world of diving and her blushing when he told her about it.

Azusa tho 😳

Chisa is still best girl Chisa is still best girl Chisa is still best girl ...

Oh nice we're at the boy con already

So Iori was best girl all along!?

What? We're actually going diving? YES. Good on Iori to get over his fears slowly.

We're getting a male pageant then? Hell yeah, can't wait to see our boys compete.

Ok I'm liking Azusa already, she's totally carefree and free spirited.

I'll take some extra Oolong tea.

Chisa is still tsun about competing in the women's pageant, but I'm glad that she forced Iori and Kohei to still compete.

Another great episode! I'm an anime-only watcher (for now), and I love all of the characters and their dynamics together. I know this is a diving manga, but damn do I wish for even a little bit of romance solely because I love Chisa so much. She's hitting every tsundere check mark on the list for me and I'm super weak. Cya guys next week!

I laughed like I never have with an anime before! The characters and situations are pretty relatable, being new in an university far away from home and living insanities like passing out drinking and having fun, discovering new things you like and sharing this new life with other people like you!

Best girl Azuza and the best episode so far in, I am satisfied

I love Asuza so far but Chisa is still Best girl . Matter of fact , both of them are best girl . Chisa is super adorable tho .

This anime is actually really entertaining to watch and the characters are great so far.

I actually love the opening so much. Always gets me really hyped for the episode.


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