Sunday, July 22, 2018

[Grand Blue] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2

I'm going to watch the ending every single time. It's glorious!

A bit disappointed nobody got drunk during this episode, but I spilled my juice when Nanaka said Iori hadn't been in his room since he moved there. Three goddamn days. Nice.

≫A bit disappointed nobody got drunk during this episode,

Well, if it's any consolation, I got pretty drunk during this episode playing the drinking game! And the friend I watched it with is sleeping under the table right now.

The thing about Grand Blue is, during every episode, at least on one side of the screen someone will get drunk.

Same but with the OP, it may actually be my favorite of the season!

I honestly cannot get enough of the opening. Not sure what it is but there is just something great about it!

It has that summer banger feel to it, you know the song that gets played at all the summer parties and everyone goes nuts on the dance floor. I can't get enough of the OP. Easily one of my favorites this season.

I love that ending sounds like real anime ED.
Because sung by Mizuki Kaya(水樹カヤ),which is probably fictional name made from Mizuki Nana(水樹奈々),and this song is felt like her song.
Mizuki Nana usually sing OP not ED,though.

The true mark of friendship. The title is Revenge Lady. Probably a NTR series....

Rule Nr 1: lock you room when watching porn to not have unpleasant run-ins with family

Rule #0: teach people it's rude to barge into others' private romos

Fish scene manga versión

Fun tidbit: the artist of Grand Blue, Kimitake Yoshioka, also drew the manga adaptation of Amagi Brilliant Park which has some of the best Sento Isuzu art you'll find. You might also notice that she looks a little like Chisa in the said adaptation.

They took out the scene from the manga I was looking forward to. I'll just post it here

titan faces? check

friends betraying each other? check

oh, typical grand blue

lmao sure

What are you trying to imply man? I'm very VERY sure Grand Blue is a diving Anime. So obviously that's a diving club!

Fools, this is an imouto appreciation club!

More specifically a Chisa-chan Appreciation Club.

This episode is way, way better than the first, mostly because it's a lot better at encapsulating why Grand Blue is so good, minus the alcohol. The jokes are much less repetitive (the main point of the room is repetitive, but the execution of it is unique every time), and every now and then it has some real heart to it, that the characters are actually pretty great despite all their antics. I really think that anyone who disliked the first episode should come back and give this another try, because this episode probably has what they were missing.

Yeesssss, totally agree.

Did they change the order of the jokes ? I could've sworn the room was only revealed when Chisa came in that last time.

It ruined the joke, not to mention Iori was way angrier in the Manga every time they arranged his room.

I actually prefered the last episode much more, this one wasn't bad but it wasn't THAT good either IMO.

Only in anime do abs show through an apron

Joke's on you, those are gag aprons with abs printed on them

2 stitches this episode. Whoa Chisa

Feel like the anime is pretty rough around the edges. Still kinda funny and give a good chuckle though.

Nice body chisa!

Chisa's thighs got quite an upgrade from the manga version of that scene.

I like the manga version more tbh, makes her seem cuter which fits her personality better imo.

End of episode preview did not disappoint, best girl to be introduced next episode.

As my name might imply... look for me to post albums the rest of the season. :)

≫As my name might imply... look for me to post albums the rest of the season. :)

So good to see a man of culture in this savage world. I'm expecting great things from this.

Wanna bet on how many Chisa fans are going to change ships?

Those awkward moments then someone open doors and see something they shouldn't. I love them. But what I am taking about all this anime is one big comedy. I love it. And for those who think they better then us.

The cast of this series left me in stitches, after the first half was done I had to pause the episode because I was in pain from laughing so hard. This is without a doubt my favorite show of the summer

Poor Iori, Chisa always walking in at the wrong time lol.

Show just keeps getting funnier, I love it.

The room change was some good shit right there. I didn't expect to laugh so much over that.

I will never go underwater again.

Chisa is a good girl, Iori's going to start getting his sea legs son.

Waiting a week for the next episode is going to remain a challenge.

This episode was WAY better than the first. The humor actually flowed smoothly and was actually entertaining. Also the characters where actually bearable this time. I'm looking forward to the rest of the show if it keeps the quality of this episode.


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