Saturday, July 14, 2018

[Grand Blue] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"Deep Blue"

These cultists are freaking everywhere

a grand blue and konosuba crossover would be an alcoholic dream. Both loves to be shitfaced everyday tbh

"People keep telling me there isn't a club filled with high-school girls who worship me at university!"

Poor Kohei, dreams crushed on day one. F.

I died at “they keep telling me there aren’t any high school girls in college”

damn those were some big ass warnings lmao

I am glad something finally told me its not ok to get shitfaced and run around town naked
Really need to take notes for when collage starts

Fun fact: in France, it’s a tradition in many universities for freshmen to celebrate the first day by drinking tons of beer with their fellow classmates. This is especially common for medical students (carabins).

Fun fact: In the American South, some frats require their pledges to get drunk and climb a pine tree while naked.

LOL Iori's genius attempt to throw off an otaku by referencing Slam Dunk

oh shit lol, I didn't catch that.

Had no complain at all, was still funny as hell even knowing the jokes. And to see the uchidas in one anime is really cool.

Not sure why they switched Nanaka and Chisa in the opening scenes.

Yeah, me either. Only thing I can think is because Chisa is the female lead?

Yeah I think so. Probably following the first girl love interest rule. It sucks because that killed the Nanaka is Iori's cousin gag.

Girls in swimsuits, buff naked men, yuri incest, otaku, ridiculous amounts of alcohol, karaoke...

I love this show already.

Welcome aboard, have some tea!

That's weird, why wouldn't there be any high school girls in college?

The lighter joke was great every single time!

This show is gonna be a lot of fun!

What the fuck did I just watch... And why do I wanna call it AOTY already.

100% worth going anime-blind after all, fridays are gonna be good this season lmfao

When Japan need this much disclaimer you know it's going to be REALLY good

And people where thinking that Free! was gonna have the most male fanservice in this season

This show caters to all genders and preferences!

OP = 10/10 ED = Spirytus/10

I don’t know what I was expecting; I’m going in blind. But I wasn’t expecting this. This is fucking hilarious.

I don’t know why but the disclaimers made stuff even funnier. Especially the “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME” when they lit the drinks on fire

I’m assuming that this isn’t actually a series about diving.

Had me hooked from the first half, holy shit this is so funny, that ending credits scene LUL.

That OP is an absolute banger too.

Genuinely haven't laughed that much at a single episode of an anime ever. This is hilarious.


Some of the animation seemed a little...minimal...and I kind of imagined chisa to have a lighter hair color? but it got the feeling down pretty well all the same.
THAT FUCKING KARAOKE. The only ED ill ever need!

Man was this a great first episode. I had no exception going into this show but man is this really funny. Can't wait to see more.

This was great. This season is a gold mine for comedies! Otaku guy was my favorite

Wow, this was a great episode. It's been some time since I laughed at so many jokes in an episode. I think I'm going to love this show.

I'll take an Oolong tea.

This was so funny. Can't wait to see more.

This is not anime of the year, this is anime of the life


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