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[Gintama] Episode 357 everyone's impressions

Episode 357
"Do Something Uncharacteristic, and Something Uncharacteristic Will Happen"

Katsura with a beam saber is so much win. XD

Mutsu!!! She better not be dead. :(

Great episode overall and the animation was really good too. A couple of stills in places but nevertheless the action came across really well.

The final moments of this episode were really emotional, especially Takasugi's monologue towards the end. The part where Takasugi is just spitting out blood before eventually falling down really got me. :(

My fucking heart... Bansai was bad enough and now we're given pure Shinsuke suffering. Interesting that this is the second time when Takasugi getting a bunch of character development is paired with him suffering a near death (or so I better hope that it's "just" a near death because this situation is seriously killing me aswell) experience.

Also, is it me or does Enshou have the most unapologetic "I'm just an asshole who did an asshole thing" sad backstory from all the minor antagonists?

≫Also, is it me or does Enshou have the most unapologetic "I'm just an asshole who did an asshole thing" sad backstory from all the minor antagonists?

Agreed, I didn't like Enshou and his dumbass motivations before the backstory but now I hate him even more after his backstory.

But isn't that kind of a cool and good thing, since basically everyone else in Gintama gets a justification? I like that enshou was just a war monger dick head. Makes him stand out

Yes it is nice. And I am honestly fine with it. To much in fiction authors try to make there antagonist simphatetic even if they are the worst of the worst. I like what Sorachi did with him. His action are iredimable but also strangly understandable. Which makes him more compelling rather then if sorachi tried to justife him. At least to me. He is still a bastard though.

This episode covered the rest of chapter 643, and 644-647. They also adapted the first two pages of 648 and ended it there (with Takasugi falling). They also covered Enshou's backstory from chapter 648 at the very beginning of the episode. I'd say that this episode basically adapted like 5 chapters worth of content, which nothing being skipped besides one or two dialogues (probably). They actually added a couple of extra dialogues, like during the final clash with Enshou, Takasugi has some nice lines, kinda making up for the skipped dialogues from last week. Personally, it's a bit sadder in this episode than it was in the manga.

The artwork is amazing in this episode for the most part. Detailed uses of shadow and lighting puts much more depth in the coloring. Some of the background art was really well detailed too. Although there was a fair share of still shots, this episode had the most animation cuts from this arc. Overall, probably the best episode of the arc so far.

Also, I gotta say, this episode felt a bit more brutal than usual. Might be because of the blood sound effects XD

Next week might adapt 3 chapters instead, since that would be a good stopping spot. 4 chapters isn't impossible though.

Holy crap enshou’s weapon was absolutely nuts

Glad to see the feminist is back

Not sure how this episode compares to the manga but the intensity was there

Well time to watch people react to this episode

Goodbye Enshou, you were an asshole through and through. Glad you died.

You’d think we’d feel bad for him once he got his flashback but the guy was prick through and through lmao. He just stole a man’s wife and let him die, betraying his trust like that. The guy just forces his troops to fight over and over for no reason when their real enemy is Utsuro, not Earth. He doesn’t listen to reason, he just wanted to fight.

He deserved his death lol.

He killed his brother then stole his wife.

That was such a good use of silence at the end there. Really made that scene so much more impactful.

And people say that directing is bad since 2011/2012 series.

Episode 304-305 is literally Gintama's best directed episodes. Not to mention that Gintama had a more cinematic sense in directing since 2015.

Dang, 305 was two years ago, seems like just yesterday.

Honestly 300 - 315 are hands down the best arc's in anime for me personally. They were just so well done in the show (not a manga reader) and the impact was heavy and heartfelt in both.

Shogun Assassination Arc is just gold, and I was so invested into the characters.

Shogun Assassination, Four Devas, and the first Yoshiwara arc are my everything.

Really liked the dark atmosphere they gave the fight, one of the advantages of the anime.

Whoa, this episode have better animation than the last episode.

But are Elizabeth and Mutsu dead? Are all that charachters really dying?

Well is Elizabeth really that weird penis alien thing? Maybe he protected himself (itself?) with his own dick? Tbh that episode still confuses me because it was so random lmao

In Gintama I'm assuming a major character is still alive until we get a flashback and internal monologue about their life in the episode. After that happens, all bets are off.

If Bansai can get a good send-off, so can those two.

So excited to see Ane and Mone back next episode!

Fuck Enshou, he was always an asshole. It took a lot from Sakamoto, Zura and Takasugi to kill him. It was both nice and kind of sad to see them act serious after they saw Mutsu and Elizabeth get hurt.

Oh, this is why no one said RIP Takechi last episode. I was like, everyone's grieving Bansai but not Takechi??

Well they didn't really conclude with Takechi's death last episode. But it is true that most people in these threads are manga readers.

Elizabeth NOOOOOOOO!


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