Wednesday, July 25, 2018

[Gintama] Episode 356 everyone's impressions

Episode 356
"Making a Dull World Interesting"

Bansai!! :((
He went out like a boss. :(

Holy crap, this episode covered that much!? I thought the pace would be slower

Can't watch the episode yet. Damn you, work!!!

They skipped a lot of the Bansai stuff, I'd definitely recommend the manga version of these chapters.

Yeah really disappointed with the directing/animation. Shogun Assassination arc and Farewell Shinsengumi were peak Gintama. The rest has been handled rather poorly.

I think they've done a mostly good job, the only thing that bothers me is the skipped content.

nah cmon, gintama is prolly my no. 1 show but animation for silver soul and directing in general has been piss poor. Which sucks cause it still has the same directors but i guess budget cuts can fuck up talent a lot.

i mean this episode barely had any real action and only just still frames and it has the death of a really cool and old character.

plus some shots of takasugi (like when he is running over corpses in flashback) were really bad and awkward.

I think ill give it a couple of episodes and if it still doesnt improve switch to manga.

Nah there really is no need for anyone to read the manga chapters that this episode adapted. Sure additional dialogue and scenes my add context but considering that Bansai did not really have much of a presence until RA and SS arc, this felt more then appropriate. Also am I the only one that felt that manga draged at this point. I know that some people agreed with me. So I was more then suprised that they adapted so much and It still felt perfectly paced. Honestly props to Sunrise/BNP.

I actually fine with this, of course I'm sad they cut a lot, but still think of staff circumstance why they cut it (they maybe have a lot reason why). Like, if you see it as anime viewer only, it's still good. Though, strangely enough, there's part that I really wish they didn't cut, it's Takechi's comment about how interesting the world is. That word really profound and one of top moments for me.

As someone who loves Gintama but has only seen the anime would you recommend I switch over to the manga? I've been contemplating this over the last two seasons as I've heard about more and more being cut and IMO the animation has been rather lacking

Yeah I recommend you read it to get the full context of the story.

Sounds good! Guess I'll have some reading to do

Indeed, maybe just start at the beginning of silver soul. Or rakuyo (I believe the first time they cut content was in the latter part of rakuyo, but it wasn't anything super significant. I believe it was an abuto speech during umibozu vs Utsuro) Either way, you'll probably be surprised by just how good the art is.

Bansai dies as he lived, a fucking badass.

Best anime bard ever.

I love the OP, but that shot of Shigeshige as the chorus kicks in really hits me right in the feels.

The callbacks to early episodes in the ED also hurts my heart.

All these comments for Bansai, but no love for Takechi?

Shouyou walking with Oboro, Takasugi, Gintoki, and Zura got me right in the feels. But yeah Shigeshige right before the chorus was perfect.

Ah, such a good episode. We barely got to know these guys, but it sure doesn't feel that way. Rest in peace Bansai and Feminist. And seeing Nizou again made my jaw drop, even if it was just an illusion.

I know that some people are saying that they skipped somethings but man I did not notice. Because this episode was perfectly paced. I loved it. Also that last peace of music with Bansai playing it. Ufff. Honestly better then in the manga.

This episode makes me sad in so many levels the actual death of bansai but also unfortunately this was a disappointing adaption. They skipped more than just dialogue they rushed it and even skipped scenes that develops taksugi even more. Not to mention I was hoping they would at least but more into animation and art this episode.

great episode again, should have not reread that part, my fault for being sad about the scenes that have been cut. lesson learned. anyways, RIP BANSAI.

I also like what they were doing with the ED, they keep adding little stuffs, today it's the yorozuya have lights on, and kagura walking to sadaharu and talking to it(or someone), then turns off the lights.

I wonder what Sadaharu is looking at in the ED.


That was a damn good episode

I rarely ever cry (thank you psych meds). However, even through I read the manga, and I knew it was coming, holy shit Bansai. That just absolutely broke my heart.



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