Tuesday, July 17, 2018

[Gintama] Episode 355 everyone's impressions

Episode 355
"Rabbits Leap Higher on Moonlit Nights"

Yato about to drop the hottest mixtape of the mid 1850's

Manga ver

Stupid siblings fight ages in the making!

damn i have not read the manga but the art looks clean as hell, might give it a go after this season.

That guy on the left got a pretty good mustache upgrade.

We just had a character growing his dick so much it covered his entire body as a shield.

And lost when it finally went limp.

The 200+ year old legendary Yato warrior being taken out by Kagura and Kamui in the midst of a sibling spat was probably not the end that guy had envisioned.

And he just wrapped himself in his dick.

Never change Gintama.

And then everyone mourning his death when they see his dick goes flaccid and Kagura wondering how they knew he was dead.

Ah, Gintama.

So today in Gintama we had a brother and a sister beating up an old guy who could change the size of his body parts at will and who grew out his dick to cover his entire body to act as a shield.

Man I love Gintama.

I don't care how cheesy it is, the Gintama trope of two allies trading off lines and then combining for a final shared dialogue as they deliver a final blow to the enemy makes me hype every time.

Well that's what you call a sibling spat! So relieved that Okita still remembers that Kamui became his rival during the Assassination arc, even if ginger edgeboy may not care about it much lol

Also good to know that Abuto can still make for a good straight man, I seriously missed him.

Utsuro needs to chill with the cliffhangers, don't know how much my heart will be able to take

Abuto is my next favorite straight man, given how sassy he is sometimes.. shinpachi is the first ofc..

The way this episode ended makes me feel we are incredibly close to the end, yet I know that isn't very accurate due to how the manga is going. Just what is Sorachi doing??

≫Just what is Sorachi doing??

He's working on it.

≫Just what is Sorachi doing??

Giving us the best epilogue/ending for a long series ? No seriously, it's a proper ending compared to those 1 chapter epilogue series like Fairy tail, Naruto and Bleach gave us.

But my guess is that he just want to surpass Naruto's number of chapters

Gotta love stupid sibling fights.

With pretty much every faction in the history of the series in play it's messy to keep track of, but at least it's mostly Utsuro/Naraku vs. Altana Liberation Army vs. everyone else at this point, right?

≫Utsuro/Naraku vs. Altana Liberation Army vs. everyone else at this point, right?

Pretty much. Unless you count Takasugi's tsundereness being a different faction.

≫Takasugi's tsundereness being a different faction.

It always is.

The episode was over when I thought it was at halfway. This is too good.

"We have a lot of monsters to fight against this moonlit night, some that were once just like you and me. But whereas they have given in to the temptations and baser instincts of their blood, we have gained control over ours. And we will use it to destroy them."

Episode 14: Kamui and Kagura become Hunters in Edo Yharnam. Cue the epic church organ theme music for the boss fight!

Nice episode.. Love seeing Kamui and the pirates again..

Sadaharu coming out at the ED is a nice addition..

Despite the abundance of still shots, I still loved the episode. This made me remember that I mainly watch Gintama for the lines and comedy rather than amazing fight scenes. But it'd still be nice if the lack of budget/time or whatever didn't show up so openly ;-;

I think you meant to post this in last weeks thread. This episode look above average for Gintama. Edit: After rewatch. Nah you are somewhat right. They better masked it this time but it still had some nice moments.

Kamui brings the hype no matter what he does.

kicking off that yato's head should give him a chance at "coolest entrance of anime 2018"

Kamui and Kagura 'fight' was exactly what I was looking forward to. However, I also quit reading the manga around that time. I am currently undecided if I should wait for the weekly broadcast, or go ahead and read the manga (mostly so it won't get spoiled.)

You know what, I'll take that whole "Manaka" line as a Strawberry 100% reference and run away with it.

Live reaction/thoughts:

Man only episode 2 and we’re already hit with the recap playbook...

OP is still frickin lit!!!

Gengai nooo! That was your plan all along?

Kamui coming in clutch as an actual caring older brother!

Oh damn, the short Yato was a grower, not a shower all along.

Of course the siblings start fighting each other, haha.

Oh. Oh my. Gintama what are you doing? That’s a disturbing image I didn’t need to see.

HAHA! Kamui’s rematches being compared to a bad ending in a VN, I love it.

Oh shit final boss Utsuro is here!

Overall, hype episode as always! I’m gonna need a rewatch once this series is over...


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