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[Gintama] Episode 354 everyone's impressions

Episode 354
"The Evildoers Who Do Good"


Also accurate. More so

Enemy of

The Entire Universe

Bansai dropping beats like it's 1868.

Great to see Gintama back!

Takasugi is indeed an emo edgelord.

but he is our precious little edgelord

End of first half: world or possibly universe-changing war breaking out, giant cliffhanger, looks like sh*t's about to hit the fan, chaos and destruction imminent

Beginning of second half: Odd Jobs draining a pond

I've been waiting for this. As the manga is still ongoing (hope it doesn't end for a while tbh), looks like this arc would still be a long one!

SPYAIR coming back for Gintama's OP is perfect, the visual focused more on the characters rather than action, which was great since there's going to be a lot of returning characters!

CHiCO with Honeyworks for the ED was so good too, the montage of old episodes was nostalgic to see (they'll probably show different scenes every epsiode?).

I love Gintama and I'll stick with the Yorozuya til the very end.

I especially loved how the aspect ratio for the episodes shown in the ED changed.

I teared up a bit. The OP and ED was so beautiful.
Also, notice how in the OP Gin-san is wearing that black samurai gear in his hand while putting the photo frame on the table. Seems like it's gonna get real serious now.

The moment banzai play his song is so good.

Classic Gintama, starting off with some unexpected yet expected comedy just to throw off the viewers. Lots of still shots, though. The music and dialogue was great and the op/ed are pretty satisfying.

I can't stop rewatching that joi war scene cause it's just too funny; then when Zura corrects Nobunobu about being a rebel army is just awesome. I'm so hyped for what's to come in this part.

They managed to put all those little details about the most recent manga chapters into this episode, it's amazing.

I cried during the opening, it's so good aaaaaa

I absolutely loved seeing the Kiheitai and how they came to be. I went from absolutely hating Matako Kijima (girl with gun), to feeling for her and her turning into a character that I like. Bansai-san broke my heart when he started playing a song for her thinking that she could die.

The OP gave me chills. Maybe it was the excitement of Gintama being back on the air, but it was absolutely great. The ED was awesome too with nostalgia and then the review of the episode.

Ofc a new season can't start without the silly shenanigans, what a start to the 2nd part of the Silver Soul arc with emo edgelord Takasugi and Kamui joining next episode, I'm always hyped for some Kamui.

Started gintama after it ended on march so this is going to be the first season i'll watch while it's airing <3

same here so excited!!

That cold opening

Gintama is back! And it's and episode focused on the Kiheitai! I was not expecting this. Really liked the conversation between him and Matako in the beginning. Shoot yourself, because that's what I'm doing. Takasugi in a nutshell. Also liked that Sorachi remembered that Takasugi and Nobunobu were in cahoots together. Gave even more character development to Nobunobu. Action was a bunch of stills, but since this episode wasn't focused on action, I'll let it slide. Everything else looked good visually though. Especially liked the color palette they picked for the flashback.

The art was great this episode.

Looks like we get some Kagura and Kamui teamwork next episode!!!

Anyone to tell me what anime they were parodying at the beginning? The draining pond scene one

Quick googling makes me think it's this

So it was a documentary and pretty new stuff... Gintama being Gintama, it's great.

SPYAIR OP!! They mean business this season. xD

I'm still not prepared to see Gintama end but I know it's gonna be an incredible final run.

Oh man, this caught me off guard. Thought it was still going to be a week.

Next episode looks like it'll be hype.

Man, this was really good, I love both the new opening and ending. I don't know what else can I say, but I sure missed watching this.

I don’t understand, why the anime is ending when the manga is still ongoing? Could someone clarify this to me? Ps: I have not read the manga

Both the anime and manga are ending. The manga is tying off lose ends for however long that takes while the anime is gonna take a couple more cours to catch up. This is the last arc being adapted.

At least that means that we might see more of gintama anime even after this season right ?

That was a really good episode. I really enjoyed the cute cold open. The new OP and ED made me emotional, with gintoki waving and the clips of the early episodes.

A really small nitpick but they left out a small panel in the manga where takasugi leaves his haori with matako as she sleeps in the forest. It’s a small but important scene imo because it shows a really soft side of takasugi

Man I was in bad shape after the first cour ended, so I'm ecstatic that it's back now! We got the edge lord and the backstory of the Kiheitai, that was mostly it. Not complaining though, that was sorely needed for Shinsuke and his pals.

Next week though it looks like we got Kamui and those three guys from Rakuyo! Get HYPE!

I spent all of last year and this year catching up to Gintama. I'm so happy I can follow the simulcasts now!

As always, the world building continues to amaze me with the extra development for the kihetai. I always found it strange that Takechi treated Kijima differently from the other female characters he comes across (mainly Kagura), but it looks like he's like that with her because he's always seen her as an adult who grew up too fast due to circumstances. I'm glad he does it out of respect, rather than creepy fetishness.

Can't wait to see more!

a great first episode! loved the OP and ED, and super hyped for the kagura and kamui fight next ep


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