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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 11 & 12 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"Stormy Night "

Based on Kurama's hint, Lemon pinponts the location where Chidori is being held in Mexico, and Sousuke comes with a plan to rescue her. Meanwhile, the crew of the Tuatha de Danaan discovers that Leonard is based there and also prepare an attack. Unaware of each other, both Sousuke and his companions from Mithril invade the complex at the same time, and reunite at the occasion, joining forces to eliminate the enemies to allow Sousuke to push forward, but he is intercepted by Kalinin, who demands him to surrender. 

Episode 12
"Make My Day "

As Sousuke escapes from Kalinin's ambush, Leonard prepares to leave with Chidori, who realizes that Sousuke is coming to her rescue and refuses to cooperate. Leonard then gives her a chance to shoot him and escape, but she falters. However, once he attempts to take back his weapon, Chidori accidentally shoots him. Kalinin then takes Chidori and the wounded Leonard with him and they leave the island by helicopter, with Sousuke arriving at the scene just to see her being taken away. A disheartened Sousuke is captured by the enemy when Wraith appears to rescue him and give him the ARX-8 Laevateinn, which he uses to dispatch the remaining enemies with ease. At the helicopter, Chidori steals a gun and demands Kalinin to return, and when he refuses, threatens to kill herself, convincing him to at least let her contact Sousuke by radio. Willing to convince Sousuke to forget about her at first, Chidori has a change of mind and asks him to rescue her no matter what instead, and Sousuke returns to the Tuatha de Danaan, where he is welcomed back by his friends from Mithril. 


Please please get a final season.

This was a great finale, and the only songs at the end made it better.

I was happy to see Kaname do something proactive and I squeed a bit when they declared their love and said they'd kiss next time they saw one another. And I was impressed by some hand holding in episode 1.

Question for LN people: What did Kalidan capture from Hunter? Was that a fake?

Yes, they believed it was the ARX-8 and more specificly AL, since they were concerned if Souske and AL got reunited, they would cause problems from their plans.

Oh it was a fake? I thought it was a backup and they built two for some reason.

It was most likely a fixed up ARX-7 with a Lambda Driver made by Sarah Miller. It had to look genuine to fool Leonard.

Great ending to finish up the season. See you all again in 13 years to wrap this up. D:

two songs in first season, I nearly cry...

God that was just wonderful. FMP has always had strong finales for its seasons and I'm glad I wasn't wrong here, especially after the issues that plagued the previous episodes. This was a HUGE bounce back in overall quality. It wasn't perfect obviously but given how much of a hard production schedule this seems to have been, I am very satisfied, impressed even that Xebec could stick the landing. Everything came together quite nicely and the major key points like Laevatein's debut and the conversation between Kaname and Sousuke were portrayed perfectly, hell even better than the original source material. I can't be the only one who teared up when the season 1 OP/ED came on at the end.

I am a bit worried though that there was no final season confirmation given Gatoh had announced we would get a full adaptation. With 2 novels left that's all we need for a complete adaptation. I'm going to assume that the staff is probably beyond exhausted so they are waiting for a better opportunity to make the last season under better working conditions. Surely they will get a bigger budget with disc and merchandise sales if they go well. But either way, I will continue to wait until this story is completed! Also looking forward to the blu ray to see the animation corrections/changes.

The Blu-ray and DVD sales are my biggest concern... In this day in age BD/DVD sales dictate if the series gets a continuation. This a pretty old series that not a lot of younger audience in Japan really didn't get into especially with the fact that the beginning of this anime adaptation did not have a recap or an expository episode. It's leading me believe that sales won't be as good as we hope it will be. I hope it does well...

We hope to have chance to meet you again in the future.

Please don't let us down Xebec. It can't end like this.

I was crying there.

Only if Xebec at least gives us comparable quality to modern shows. These last three episodes were an embarrassment for a 2018 Anime release from an animation point of view.

Don't get me wrong; the scenes worked well and the voices did their best to make this stand out, but god did the animation quality TANK in these last episodes compared to the start.

Like, I don't get this at all. Why are the facial animations so awkward? Why is the character movement so bad? Why do the faces look so damn weird? Friggin' KEIJO from the same studio had better character animations than this and this was a show about bikini girls buttwrestling! Do they honestly think that in terms of production value, FMP deserves to be compared to a trash ecchi series?

Is it too much to ask for KyouAni to pick this up again for the epic finale? TSR from 2005 looked better than this. And that's 13 years of progress in animating and CGI tools.

Sorry for the rant. I'm done now. It's great to finally get an adaption of the last chapters and I'm grateful for it, but it's such a shame that they couldn't put more effort into this.

13 years of animation and CGI innovation isn't going to make up for a completely awful schedule. KyoAni is renowned for their animation because they always give their productions extraordinary amounts of lead-time.
KyoAni is probably not going to work on FMP again because they mostly only work on adaptations of light novels they publish.

Those last 10 minutes was worth these last 13 years. I am so excited to hear those last scenes dubbed. When the first seasons OP and ED came up I got a bit emotional. The Laevateinn introduction was amazing as well. Hopefully the Merchandise/DVD sales are good enough to warrant funding for the final 12 episodes that is needed to adapt the last 3 novels. Bought the 3 model kits from Bandai and will buy the Funimation release when it comes out. Please it cant end here :(.

Probably the most underrated anime of the year. 13 years of wait was worth it.

My reaction if season 5 never gets made


I can see why they delayed the episodes. Well worth the wait indeed.

Now excuse me while I go nut over the Laevatein and go order the kit.....

I started one of the M9E kits from Bandai and so far it's looking great. The quality level is a bit beyond your typical Gundam High Grade.

Definitely had a huge smile when the original 2002 OP and ED played. Waited 13 years to see the confession and it was very nice. Didn't Gatoh say something that the series will be animated all the way to the conclusion?

If that's true, I can't wait to see it animated :')

Fantastic series, definitely worth the wait! Shame about the production issues and delays but I can forgive those considering how great the series was otherwise. Really hoping for more.

Talk about a rebound from episode 10!! What a great finale!! And...........season 5 when?????

Hopefully not in 2031...

They really nailed that scene between chidori and sousuke.

I hope this gets a final season.

Time to try to find the last novels.

it was an amazing finale, and when the first season OP started playing I felt like I was in high school again.

That daisuki and aishiteru scene was gold, loved seeing them communicate after so long.

Next season soon please!!!

Yeah, that was a perfect delivery of that scene. I was so looking forward to it. Great finale ...

Everyone: commence praying for the final season.

In spite of some of the production issues this was still one of my favourites of the season. That return of the original OP song at the end was great. Damn, I hope we get confirmation of another season soon; I don't want it to come back after all this time only to stop again.

Great to finally see the Laevantein in action.

Also the episode had some attack animations for whenever Full Metal Panic makes it to another Super Robot Wars game :)

Everyone please buy the dvd too i neeeeeed the next season this nostalgia trip has been too good to end.

I hope season 5 will come sooner than later. This season did such a good job adapting the source material. We just need one more season like this and we’ll be finished! FMP deserves to be properly concluded with a nice bow!

Season 5 pls. It was kinda up and down for a while there but I'm glad it had such a strong finale. Reallllllly wish there weren't recap episodes though. It really dragged down the show.

I love this series. I'm fairly certain the first season of FMP is what really got me into anime. I will definitely be getting the blu-ray and I can't wait to listen to the English dub. English Sousuke is great. I don't want to wait for more, so here's to another season sooner rather than later.

laevatin cool AF it's time to collect some money and buy the figure. btw do we have any info about season 5?

overall a really great season, i love it


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