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[Free!: Dive to the Future] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"First Swim in Another Country!"

Kyoani is the best at animating eyecandy. You cannot change my mind. I could watch Rin wake up, wash up, make breakfast and eat it all for hours if they'd let me.

And I cannot stress enough how glad I am that they always find English speaking actors to voice act characters that are supposed to be speaking English.

Except that English was awful. They spoke fluent English but the inflection and cadence were so forced. That ain't how people talk, let alone college students.

I wondered if it was done intentionally so Japanese viewers could kinda follow. It was super awkward and amusing to hear though.


Now when are they going to properly meet in person so Sousuke can look even more shook than he is already??

Which scene is from which film/episode? I'm having trouble remembering any connection between Sousuke and Ikuya

Sousuke saw him for the first time in Timeless Medley: Kizuna, but spoke about him with Rin in Timeless Medley: Yakusoku.

WTH, how did I not know about Timeless Medley: Kizuna and Take your Marks. I feel empty now and must find them with subs.

that opening animation with ikuya had me shaking at how beautiful it was... not to mention rin getting ready in the morning - that's some high end youtube "get ready with me" content. rin has honestly changed so much from the asshole he was in s1, looking back on him from then gives me whiplash, he's such a cool guy now

ive been just WAITING to see natsuya - and this episode gave us some really good content, from him getting drunk and falling asleep at the table, to his unfortunately cut short race with rin. best part has to be the flashback to america with ikuya, man, the kirishima brothers are living tough lives. if natsuya's going back to japan can we get some nao-senpai next episode?

the other interactions i loved were the phone call between makoto and sousuke - apparently they're close now? thats interesting, two people who arent involved in competitive swimming but caught up in the drama anyway. the revelation that makoto spoke to ikuya during middle school was also really nice! communication is key and he knows it

so hiyori is pretty obsessive over ikuya - gonna wait until next week to see more of him (but the reporting to natsuya thing is kind of... freaky). from the preview it looks like we're getting hiyori vs makoto in backstroke?? thats exciting, with the confrontations and everything next episode is gonna be killer

side note natsuya's VA (nojima kenji) also voices eiji from banana fish and honestly if they make a dub for that i nominate him to continue voicing eiji's broken english... that'd be awesome

≫the reporting to natsuya thing is kind of... freaky

If Natsuya asked him to do that, it seems pretty reasonable to me. Ikuya doesn't seem like the sort of person to tell his brother what's happening in his life, so it would make sense for Natsuya to get that sort of information from a mutual friend.

if natsuya asked him to do that, then yeah, that’s cool - it’d make a lot of sense now that you mention it. hopefully either natsuya or nao asked him to keep tabs on ikuya

Hiyori is not going to be evil. You can create all the yandere head canon you want but Free is not a franchise with villains or anyone who will have anything serious other than endearing quirks or issues that will be resolved in 10 episodes.

yeah no, hiyori is definitely not some kind of evil mastermind - i don’t have any doubt that kyoani will develop him the way they made rin not an ass. i’m just looking forward to why exactly he’s so invested in ikuya

Ok but how does rain stop a race? They're already wet.

Digging Rin's beats at the beginning, though.

If I had to guess it's be because of the lightning? (Though it didn't look stormy). Summer storms are common in Aus.

It didn't seem like a bad storm, but maybe. When I was a lifeguard, we only closed if there was thunder. I feel like swimming an extra 30 seconds wouldn't have been the end of the world for them...

Of course, I'm not familiar with Australia weather (but isn't it winter there atm?)

So my guess is that Mikhail guy is an old friend of Goro the coach of Iwatobi SC, since everyone knows everyone else this season that is the only link we're missing. Joking aside, I love the way Kyo Ani have turned this little book about a grade school swim club in to such a long running series. I definitely had my reservations about where it could possibly go after season 2 but these episodes just keep blowing me away with how good they are.

Could also be Rin's father, which would also be a reason for him to train him one-on-one

I don't think so. We were told he died in a storm out at sea, and if that wasn't true, there must be some real twisted motives behind his father lying and peacing out like that.

I think their comment meant that Rin's father was a friend of Mikhail's before he passed away. Although at this point I feel like Mikhail would've told Rin that he was friends with his father in the past if he were.

Wow, these episodes are so pretty. I'm loving the animation this season.

NAO! My precious darling, look at you, being all precious.

I love how much Haru has changed since the beginning. He even hangs out with Kisumi without complaining.

≫He even hangs out with Kisumi without complaining.

I suspect he's given up by this point lol

Lmao Natsuya's line about Rin being adulterous nearly killed me. Rin wanting to swim with Sousuke again? God I'm gonna be stuck in this hell until I die.

I gotta be honest, although it's not too overwhelming right now, I think there just might be too many characters. And as much as I certainly would welcome new characters apart from our main season 1 and 2 cast, it almost feels like a retcon how much the prequel movie characters suddenly fit into the current post season-2 narrative. Just looking at everyone dancing AND the audience in the ED, it's so many characters!

Like, I'm someone who liked season 1, LOVED season 2, thought the prequel movie was cool, but even I'm struggling with being able to name everyone. I mostly understand who everyone is, but I definitively have to think about it.
but to be honest I just want more Rin

Yeah I really agree with this and I'm surprised I haven't been seeing too many people bring it up. My biggest concern after the first episode is how they are possibly going to keep up with all of the new characters, and balance all the dynamics. There are so many characters, all doing different things, all with different dynamics and relationships with other characters. It seems like the prequel characters and Haru are going to be the main focus this season, which is unfortunate because they are personally my least favorite parts of the series. I'm not crazy about all of these other characters getting shafted, although we're only three episodes in so this could all change. It just feels like they have WAY too much on their plate this season. The second season was damn near perfectly balanced, with Iwatobi squad and Samezuka squad. It had just the right amount of characters and just the right amount of relationships/dynamics. This season is feeling a little bit overloaded.

That being said, the show isn't really suffering from pacing issues or lack of focus. It seems pretty clearly focused on Ikuya and the prequel stuff. So it's definitely not worst case scenario where there is so much on their plate and the show turns into a jumbled mess. But as a result of all of the new characters and dynamics, a lot of the characters we love from the rest of the series only ever seem to be used for quirks, gags, or quick cameos (so far).

Didn't think something as trivial as Rin's morning routine could be so enjoyable to watch when it's so beautifully animated and paired with a phenomenal soundtrack. Sasuga KyoAni, Sugoi!

Loved the part when Rin was washing his face. The way he was collecting water in his hands and then splashed it on his face made me want to go do the same! Except in real life, you'd get water everywhere and have to wipe off the splashes afterwards.

I am so in love with the soundtrack when Natsuya was telling Rin about Ikuya after the text from Hiyori. The violin really brought out the feels and you could almost feel Rin's guilt because he knew it was partly his fault Ikuya's relay team from Iwatobi Middle School fell apart.

From the flashback story we also gained some insight on why Hiyori is so overly protective of Ikuya. When Ikuya drowned the second time (at their middle school in America) it was Hiyori who jumped in and rescued Ikuya from drowning in the pool. It still doesn't justify his possessive behaviour though...can't wait to find out more next week!

Will never not smile at Rin's engrish.

Natsuya is the ultimate bro on a night out. He seems like such an awesome guy to be around carrying on from his High Speed personality.

I love that they haven't forgotten the comedic and more light-hearted nature of Free. That exchange about muscles followed by the transition to Gou was perfect.

The OST is so phenomenal; that track they played when Rin wakes up really gives me a sense of his daily routine, his music tastes and his personality.

This time around, the episode was just nice overall. I must say though, the muscle magazines and transition to Gou had me wheezing from laughter. Mikhail's "I already have that [magazine]" + Gou's "I just had a really bad feeling..." = 😂.

Other highlights for me personally were Rin's morning routine, drunk blushing Natsuya, and Ayumu knitting. Each episode Ayumu getting more 👌👌👌.

I expect a good tea spill next episode. Heck, tea fountain.

I love the awkward English scenes. Mamoru Miyano's broken English is adorable. If they could just get him to do that in the new season of Bungo Stray Dogs, I would probably die from happiness.

Also I think Ikuya's nii-chan is paving way to best boy this season. It's so tough to pick just one though cos they're all sexy, adorable, and full of personality (minus that glasses guy no one likes).

Everything Rin related by now is the highlight of Free!, love this guy.


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