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[Free!: Dive to the Future] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2
"A Promise on a Shooting Star!"

Hiyori seriously needs to give Ikuya some space. The poor guy can't even shower in peace.

I really liked the middle school flashbacks. The sleepover after all the trouble was resolved in Starting Days was one of my favorites parts of the movie. So getting something like that again was nice. And Ikuya was just too precious, I feel really bad about everyone leaving him.

That animation when Ikuya was swimming and then drowning was insane!

Haru and Ikuya meeting again was a nice moment.

Kyo-ani still going strong with that amazing animation.

The hand. Hiyori's so protective of Ikuya wth

"I'd rather you not keep him too long." combined with that hand positioning could be... interpreted in certain ways.

Hiyori being a massive jerk for no reason whatsever, I hope he gets redeemed somehow because I want to like anybody who manages to get along with Ikuya.

This Season so far is a dream for me, who liked the Movie most of all the Free! franchise entries so far. If this continues the way it started this season could very well take the top spot for me. The situation with Rin and Natsuya meeting in Australia seems very promising as well.

Also, with all those more or less separated storylines, which have been managed very well so far, we might end up in a situation where, by the end of the season we are treated with an announcement for even more Free! to come. I hope.

I'm really hoping this is all for an elaborate lead up to a Tokyo 2020 S4 arc.

A jerk for no reason? The reason is obvious to me, he knows that Ikuya was hurt by Haru and he's protective of his friend now.

To hang on to something like that when you weren't involved is mad weird, especially if it happened 5-6 years ago in middle school of all things. Dude is weird. I know anime does stuff like this a lot but in real life that guy would get called out so quickly lol. He's just possessive.

To be fair it's also weird that ikuya's entire demeanor changed from that. He should be over it by now.

I'm very impressed by how well they're juggling all these plot threads across all the characters in different schools and eases a bit of the fear I have that the show will struggle to pace itself and do enough within the 13 eps it has. The animation and cinematography, especially with the Ikuya scenes, is just superb.

  • The OST that played when Haru and Ikuya met on the bridge??? MMM that's some good shit right there.
  • KyoAni back at it again with some stunning visuals.
  • Noticed some CGI here and there though it wasn't a big deal since it blended well with the rest of the animation.
  • Looks like we're gonna get another season full of drama and I am SO ready for this.
I forgot how much I loved this series and how much I miss my boys. Looking forward to the next episode!

The animation this episode was great, especially when Ikuya was drowning. Super beautiful. Always feels so nostalgic and odd to see it replicated so well in an anime every time they show The North Sydney Olympic Pool. Many a school holidays were spent at Luna Park & then the pool in the arvo to cool off.

Kisumi talking about sounding like stalkers when Hiyori is literally outside of Ikuyas shower.

I thought we already agreed that Haru's one true love is water? So then what is this debauchery

Lord, I have so much to say.

First things first, Hiyori made me shout at my screen so many times. WTH is this boy tryna do?! Like, does he want Ikuya to not be reminded of his past because he wants Ikuya to himself? He's obviously tryna keep Ikuya away/separated from his former teammates, being passive-aggressive with his little "You don't see him, do you?". I was giving Hiyori the benefit of the doubt up until that point, when I effing lost it. No doubt that Hiyori's intent will be explained, but I just hope that it's done well enough where I forgive him hard.

Kind of relating to the previous paragraph, I was able to better understand the extent of Ikuya's "trauma" after Haru quit the swimming club. Like, there was a pinky-promise and everything. Just quite sad honestly. I didn't really mind Ikuya being the way he is (since I'm only truly annoyed by people who act like Hiyori), but now I definitely don't mind, since his behavior is justifiable.

Maybe this is just me, but was anyone else surprised by how quickly Ikuya leaned in towards Haru during the meteor shower scene? Looked like he was ready to, you know...

But anywho, once more there was a callback to the previous season, which I love. "Is Haruka-senpai the one who was riding a camel in the recruitment video?". My girl Ayumu, yes. I could hear SPLASH FREE internally playing while remembering the filming of the video ๐Ÿ˜‚.

Second-to-last thing, we got to see and learn some more about the new recruits to the swim club. Romio is just my boi. He's like Nagisa turned down a few levels and has interesting origins, so I live for him. As for Ayumu, her knowledge impressed me quite a bit. She'll definitely make a great manager, and that makes me quite happy.

Finally, that ending preview for the next episode just had me ๐Ÿคฉ. I๐Ÿ‘live๐Ÿ‘for๐Ÿ‘char๐Ÿ‘ac๐Ÿ‘ter๐Ÿ‘in๐Ÿ‘ter๐Ÿ‘ac๐Ÿ‘tions๐Ÿ‘. Thus, I'm hyped. Oh, and the ED is growing on me quite a bit, just to note.

TL;DR - Hiyori is triggering me, I've gained empathy for Ikuya, Ikuya's quick lean-in making me think yaoi thoughts, the recruitment video is a nice callback, Romio & Ayumu are my boos, and the next episode looks to be ๐Ÿ‘Œ.

I thought of Ikuya's decision to swim IM as a response to being left behind by everyone else - he swims all the other strokes himself just so he would feel less lonely :(

You think it's justifiable to turn cold because of a broken pinky promise in middle school? Lol.

He can do what he wants, but I wouldn't really call that a justifiable reason.

What I mean is that Ikuya didn't become cold or rude for no reason. He looked up to Haru and loved being in the swim club. He was pretty lonely to begin with in middle school, so the club meant everything to him. To have the person he idolized quit with others following suit must've really scarred him. The pinky promsie only makes it even more sad, since he didn't only lose bonds with friends, but the most sacred kind of promise was broken.

Boy got some serious trauma he hasn't gotten over, and I wouldn't call it ridiculous, since I can empathize.

Somebody working on this season ships Haru and Ikuya and I am absolutely here for this tragedy. Give me emo Ikuya please.

Hiyori being so protective of Ikuya... even going into the shower room with his stuff like who does that?? LOL. I really hoped that Ikuya wouldn't be a repeat of Rin in season 1 and it seems like he isn't going to be. He seems colder but so far no where near Rin's aggressiveness. Looking forward to see how he'll slowly reconcile with his middle school crew. All in all, I'm happy that we're getting several story lines going on now: Tokyo, Iwatobi, and Sydney. I was afraid that the characters who weren't in Tokyo with Haru were going to be brushed off. I'm so ready to see Rin again next episode (that preview video killed me).

Now back to waiting :(

I really like it so far, a bit worried about the length tho. They started so many different plotlines, a bit worried that they need to rush some stuff.

Back to shark teeth next week!

Ughh, Ikuya is on his way to becoming Rin S1 2.0, with the adorable childhood promise and being a jerk in the present. I'm hoping he will improve by mid-season -- Rin got his redemption in S2, who knows if we will even get a S4 to see a carefree Ikuya. Why are so many characters so emotionally fixated on Haru, that poor thing. Makoto's probably the only one in the middle school team whom Ikuya doesn't have a personal vendetta against?

Hiyori's gotta be the most hated character in the series now and he's only been here for a couple episodes (+1 if you count TYM).

no rin this episode??? at least the preview looked really good (i yelled at my screen)

i can’t believe naruto killed asahi :// i’m really liking asahi this season - hes such a fun guy (albeit a huge dork sometimes)

hiyori is, a Bitch™️. can’t he let ikuya shower (be emo) in peace?? i get if he’s against haru bc he broke their promise, but if haru’s apologizing and wants to talk to him... then let it happen my dude. that’s not to say i’m not interested in how they develop his character, since he’s back to back with makoto in the ED it looks like there’ll be some interesting interactions to come!

I’ve never watched free, but this show is making me very interested.

Was I the only one who thought Ikuya was going to kiss Haru by the pool in the middle school flashbacks? LOL

Also, the piano music was ๐Ÿ‘Œ

The entire time I thought Hiyori was Ikuya's older brother and I kept thinking to myself, "I don't recall him being such a dick." And then we nii-chan at the end. But seriously, Hiyori is like a psycho possessive bf.

Did anyone see the TIL on the front page about freestyle swimming? All I could think of was how I already knew that tidbit because of Free! Haha

This feels weird to say but the animation when Ikuya was drowning was beautiful lol

Today I realized Hiyori isn't Ikuya's brother. I don'y know why I didn't remember that. I just thought he got a new hairstyle. I kept thinking how everyone didn't recognize him, but no that's a new character. I liked him until he was all up in Ikuya.
Meanwhile his actual brother is going to give us more Rin time, so that's good. I just hope we get why Hiyori is why he is because my guy give him some space he's showering my dude.


out of the new characters Asahi is definitely my favorite so far. Ikuya seems... very Haru-esque but i love Haru so I'm sure I'll grow to love him too. Hiyori, dude, wtf. relax. sadly I have not watched High Speed so I don't know much about them or anyone else yet but we'll see.

my biggest wish is for more Nagisa/Rei and the new Iwatobi crew as well as Ai and Momo's Samezuka shenanigans but I'm not terribly optimistic abt that :'(

overall, I'm happy and pumped for future episodes! SPLASH FREE ๐ŸŒŠ

OMG I looooooooooooove that second episode !!!! Sooooo many cool moments, god I love this show! I literally screamed at the end... ahahaha spoiler hehe. I love that we waited 4 years and the show is still as amazing as ever, these past movies were insanely cool and that season seems to be the best already in just 2 episodes !!! FREEEEEEE :) By the way this is my first post here, hi everybody :)


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