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[Free!: Dive to the Future] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"Sprouting Dive Start!"


This is the third season of Free! You cannot watch this season without watching the previous installments and movies.

Free! is KyoAni's largest franchise (and first to get a season 3 from KyoAni), so I hope this helps fellow fans to get into the franchise.

  1. Free!
  2. Free! Eternal Summer
  3. High Speed! (the prequel film, which is important because several characters from here will appear in this third season)
  4. Free! Take your Marks (the sequel film, which details the gang after graduating high school and before college)
You can skip the recap films (Bond, Promise).

≫Free! Take your Marks

Oh shoot, I didn't realize this came out. Is it important info, or just fluff?

Edit: Though, I don't see English subs?

It's fluff, but it's pretty good.

Take Your Marks will re-introduce the characters from High Speed again.

So I think you should go watch that.

i thought this episode was jam packed with people I never watched the movies! I'll have to catch up on for next weeks episode

Holy shit is there really that much Free! content? Wow and I thought it had only 2 seasons and thats it! No recaps, no movies or anything like that!

Free! Is their biggest franchise? WTF I didn't even know

When I saw Makoto I effing squealed with joy. And I'm male BTW. This series fills me with enjoyment like no other I've come across, having been my first "official" (not Pokémon) anime. It's safe to say that I was touched by the friendship the characters have, since I've never seen such close bonds with male friends before. Maybe fiction, but definitely opened my eyes as someone who has no close friends.

Anywho, as for my thoughts on the topic at hand, I loved the characters that were properly introduced, along with just how much long-time fans are rewarded for their knowledge. Honestly, if you try to watch this episode without having at least watched High Speed! (and obviously the two previous seasons), then your enjoyment will be hindered greatly. I guess I just like how you're reminded of all of the characters that have made the series what it is while still watching a new story unfold.

This is a personal thing, but I like the EDs of the previous two seasons better, mostly because of how catchy the songs are. The visuals for GOLD EVOLUTION I definitely enjoy, since there's a good mix of whimsicalness and sexiness, putting them on par with FUTURE FISH and SPLASH FREE, so no complaints there. It's just that I wasn't inclined to dance yet when hearing the song.

Expanding on new characters, I'm hyped to see the personalities of the new club members, and just how connected Makoto & Haru will remain with the Iwatobi Swimming Club. Also, I live for Ayumu-chan, since she's a fresh take on females in this series, being a bit of a foil to Gou.

TL;DR - I love Free!, like the execution of the episode, and am hyped for character interactions.

I'm in the same boat as you. I've been waiting for this so long (well not that long because I think I've rewatched it every summer since Junior Year of Highschool, which was like four years ago?) but literally so damn long! THis is easily my favorite anime that has ever existed ever and I can't wait to see how this season unfolds, and dear lord how I hope and pray that there is only more to come!

For anyone confused by the new characters: They were introduced in the prequel movie High Speed (fansubs only at the moment), so it's highly recommended to go watch that.

Good first ep of the new season, great to see all the best boys again and the series seems to be in good hands since the director of s1 and 2 left to make Banana Fish. I look forward to this series apparently having more competitive elements than before too.

As someone who's currently a student, I appreciate an anime moving beyond the usual high school or middle school setting - actually they've followed the cast from elementary school to Uni which is pretty rare for anime. Also gives the opportunity to explore different themes and character development than high school anime, which should be a nice change of pace.

Could devote the whole character count raving about KyoAni's animation, but one thing that stood out for me is the water effects! They seem to have been given a major update and looks very inviting and realistic.

Wonder if the Engrish parts had subs for the JP broadcast? I'd assume yes, but usually they're hardsubbed in and CR put English translations on top of them.

Do you recommend watching Free! Take Your Marks before watching season 3 or just High Speed?

I haven't watched TYM yet (just found out yesterday that it'd been fabsubbed). Seems to be semi-important for bridging the gap between end of s2 and start of s3.

This is shocking.

I'm so excited that Asahi and Ikuya are main characters and more Kisumi is always welcome. Natsuya was with Rin in the OP, didn't expect him to go to Australia.

Really hyped for this season, can't wait for more.

≫This is shocking.

He's grown up so much, I'm getting all misty-eyed lol.

It's so great seeing Haru's subtle development with little lines like this. It really makes him feel grown up.

This is the first KyoAni season 3 right?


I missed my boy Haru, glad this shows back.

He's such a refreshing (sports) anime protagonist. Neither over the top enthusiastic nor an untouchable cool guy. Just an eccentric dork who loves his friends and water.

I like him because he's unintentionally very funny

"I'm still young and innocent" made me crack up the most in the episode.

man, i've been following free! since the original pv came out, and im SO excited for this season! more characters mean more unique character interactions, and thats always interesting to see. i didn't expect hiyori to be such an ikuya stan, but seeing him with makoto in the ed really piqued my interest. the op was also amazing, but if the previous seasons are anything to go off of, it contains a ton of foreshadowing that we'll have to decipher! kyoani's animation is always top notch, and im looking forward to the rest of the season!

Oh man, I couldn't watch this without smiling like a goddamn goob. I missed this show so damn much. Everyone's all accounted for--they're all just such fuckin' cuties--it was like coming home to something sweet and familiar. The boys are truly back in town. <3 (But shit, guess I'm gonna have to watch the movies now 'cause I was a tad lost with the new bois)

Also, I fucking love Gou's tactic to bonding: "What's your favorite muscle~~? :D"

I feel you all the way! And yes, the movies are pretty key to understanding everything. The recap movies I still find worth watching unless you legit don't have time, since it just feels nice to be able to say that you've seen it all.

"I'm still young and innocent" - Haruka Nanase, no.1 best boi

God, that episode felt like coming home to a group of friends, made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I know it's been just one episode, but I feel like this season is going to be the most exciting and plot-heavy yet, with so many new locations and characters. There's two things I want to remark: 1) Did anyone else sense some weird sexual undertones in that scene with Rin and Michael? 2) The new club members don't seem to be getting much screentime this season, with them barely showing up in Opening and Ending.

Speaking of which: boy, did KyoAni do a great job with those (again). I'm glad they're sticking to the "powerful opening/fun ending" concept.

watched it as it aired; not gonna lie i'm most excited about ikuya being an mc again. makoto turning away from him gave me huge take your marks vibes and i almost got frustrated but well the episode ended on haruka seeing him so...i'm excited to see where the long build up will get us to. old codex again for the op! love that. ending is...cute..... oh man. haruka and makoto met asahi a lot faster than i expected them to but that's fine with me. so many new characters i'm almost confused as to who we'll see more of. hope asahi and rei get to somehow meet again and basing myself off the ed: they will. excited for a new season of free!

ooh, I'm excited. I love how the cast has expanded because they've gone to college. Rei and Nagisa have the new members of the high school club, Makoto is making friends of his own in his college, there's a bunch of people in Haru's swimming club that are hopefully going to exist as Euphonium-esque background characters.

Also the english is good - the english in s2 was honestly a bit awkward but the tone sounds more natural here. and i'm pretty sure rin's english has improved as well.

That was incredible. I had so many doubts coming in but they really committed to being a serious show in this university arc. The music is somehow even more incredible than before and perfectly matches the serious nature.

All the character arcs are being juggled so well and the main narrative is moving along at a perfect pace with plenty of great foreshadowing for future episodes.

It seems our problem child Ikuya will be central to the competition in coming episodes. This looks to be the best season yet.

Pretty good first episode! It seems like they've got a lot of different plotlines and new characters (or, somewhat new) to juggle, it'll be interesting to see how much the Iwatobi boys and Rin take a backseat to the main story in Tokyo. Hopefully not too much, Nagisa is easily my favorite and Rin's English is very very endearing to me!

Haru's wink during the credits stole my heart. Also I need to get around to watching High Speed! before the next episode airs.

Rei was in this episode more than i expected, and for that I am greatful

I loved the first episode, and especially ending. My heart skipped when I saw Sousuke in a suit.

Hyped for the boys to come back.

This and BnHA are my only guaranteed watches for this season so far

I liked most OPs and EDs of Free and I also like this seasons opening and ending. The amount of characters make the ending even better.


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