Wednesday, July 11, 2018

[Island] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2
"I Don't Want You to Feel Bad"

English version of Island VN is to be released on Steam in 2018.

Any news on the Vita version?

no, it appears that the creators of the game were making them on Intel/Nvidia PCs and they all blew up in a massive atomic explosion. So no PS Vita version.

Not sure what’s going on but quite interesting to watch

Opening of made it look like some kind of comedy vacation anime I guess they are just trolling us with it.

So Setsuna is from the PAST and the FUTURE?

he is likely gonna be the setsuna that got frozen down and he might have memories of the 3 "sisters" from the past and not actually from the future, buuut I could se it being like he is frozen down, wakes up in the future and then goes bac kin time to the current present time so hes both from future and the past, its probably something like this

The strangest thing in the episode is that Rinne hires Karen, should she not hate karen given it was Karen NTR jelly that got Rinne cursed in the first place.

Also Rinne mom, I thought it would be rinne from the future last episode. Now seeing her dark complexion and her sickness I think its more likely shes the first rinne from the past? (maybe shes both)

Lastly, Karen mom is sure sure dead 5 years ago, something happened to killed of a lot of people and no one seems to be able to leave the island, seems unlikely karen´s mom is alive outside of it.

"If the light touches me, i'll die"


Well, obviously we're finding out that isn't true.

Even OP aside, as someone else pointed out, last episode she's clearly seen with sun shining on her, yet is alive and well.

Well probably because the curse is fake then. Like her mother said, we can see that it's fake. But Rinne doesn't wanna accept it. That's the only thing I can think off, or the people behind this anime just really fucked up which is not impossible. But I'd like to think the first

I thought the VA of Karen sounded familiar, sure enough, it's Koma-chan!

Hearing a pissy, tsun Koma-chan is all the reason I need to keep watching this show.

ED is good. Need more episode to understand what is happening.

Agree, but it's fine. Mystery seems to be a big part of this show. They're still giving us enough information about the world to feel that we are making progress. Sometimes the progress is backwards.

I really appreciate how they don't really use much of any background music and instead rely more on ambient noises.

Yeah, it really amplifies the whole film noir thing they have going.

I never touched the VN so I don't really care how closely is following it, but i'm quite curious to know about the disease and the truth behind the 3 families legend.. then what happened to Karen's mom in the past and Sara's family and ofc Rinne + Setsuna. This will probably be enough content to keep me interested until the end.. if it plays out well.

I think this show is pretty great, actually

The ED is great, Asaka always delivering.

I’ve never played the visual novel but these first two episodes have been pretty decent, I like the mystery element and the soundtrack is superb.

Karen for best girl

Funny way to spell Rinne, my dude.

I cannot fucking believe I got baited into watching an incest anime. and I'm hooked anyway.

also how sad is it that I'm excited because the main character has a personality? the ED is some good shit too.

The pacing till now was really good they slowly drop hints that just makes the mystery bigger and bigger and it will add on your questions It really makes me interested in the story

To those watching and have actually played it, judging by the 2nd episode, did they skip a lot, removed important parts, etc.?

I'm still holding out especially when I heard the news that the VN is actually going to be out this Summer 2018 as per the Steam page.

the anime is only vaguely following the summer route of the visual novel. basically it tells the main plot points in an original way

It's nice seeing Setsuna and Karen hanging out. Really like how they changed animation for the legend of the island section.

I really like the moonlit walks on the beach. Hope Rinne never gets over her fear of the sun or those will go away.

Ravioli ravioli don't sleep with the shrine loli

I keep feeling like there's an interesting story here, but the tropes keep getting in the way. I definitely curious to see how this will all end, though I worry at how convoluted it might end up being.

I glad Rinne's mom took some time out from Kingdom Hearts to clear up the whole sun thing, because it was starting to become a real plot problem. Even if the name 'Soot Blight Syndrome' sounds like it could be cured with some bandages around the arms and maybe an eyepatch, I guess it sounds better in Japanese.

I feel this is better than the last episode. I was ready to drop it and all though it still isn't the best I'm glad I decided to give it another chance because it's entertaining enough to keep me watching for now.

I like how they explained the whole "if the sun touches me I'll die thing" and how it's in her head in Rinne's case so I can excuse the parts in the last episode and the opening with the light touching her.
For the last episode I'm gonna assume she just wasn't thinking about the sun in those moments and in the OP I'm gonna say it doesn't really matter because it's the OP.

Anyway this episode is definitely better than the last one.

I still have no idea what the plot is about but damn this anime is gorgeous. I love the art style. Even if I don't like the story I might continue watching just for that.


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