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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 24 everyone's impressions

Episode 24
"Never Let Me Go"

While Hiro and Zero Two fight VIRM in space, the surviving Parasites work together to rebuild society from scratch, with Naomi and the other missing children rescued, Kokoro giving birth to her daughter Ai, and Goro leaving to travel the world in search for other survivors and resources. Just as the Strelizia True Apus reaches the VIRM homeworld, Hiro and Zero Two's connection is cut off by VIRM's interference, leaving them vulnerable. Realizing that something is wrong by Ai's intuition, the members of Squad 13 join together to pray for their safety, and their thoughts reach Hiro, allowing him to reconnect with Zero Two, and together they sacrifice themselves to destroy the VIRM homeworld, liberating all souls trapped there. Despite that, VIRM declares that they will return one day. With the war over, the remaining Klaxosaurs return to Earth's underground, restoring nature with their energy, and the Parasites declare that they will never use Magma Energy again. Years later, the world is restored to a prosperous state thanks to the Parasites' hard work, and Hiro and Zero Two's souls reincarnate as a pair of children that meet each other again.

Nice detail there at the end. Good to know she's still herself.

Its used to hide the blue blood.

Sasuga Japan, of course everything is done for the babies, and babies fix the world

Lmao 24 episodes dedicated to the declining birth rate.

Remind me next month to check if Japan began rebuilding their society

When Zorome and Miku got to a slight quarrel, their ribbon slapping each other was pretty cute

"God, you suck." Thanks for stopping the tears, Ichigo.

I'm gonna miss coming back to the gang every week. The climax wasn't nearly as bombastic as I was expecting, but I feel that served the ending better. Go-Bro's departure reminded me a lot of FMA:B's Ending, and was definitely my favorite scene, even if Ai's Darling scene was absolutely adorable. Kinda surprised they developed a functioning sustainable society in 8 years, but I guess I'll chock that up to Future-Tech. Seeing everyone as adults was the ending I was hoping for, even if Futoshi's Mustache was the most unexpected part of the ending. Overall, I really enjoyed this series, and even if the series had it's low points, I was really satisfied with the ending.

≫Kinda surprised they developed a functioning sustainable society in 8 years, but I guess I'll chock that up to Future-Tech

That's something I found interesting. They have the benefit of future technology but on the other hand they are very ignorant about how old society used to work and what they need to do to survive. Honestly, them rebuilding the Earth could be a interesting show by itself.

≫Seeing everyone as adults was the ending I was hoping for

The only thing I thought was sad was that the squad never got to meet HIro2 again. You know they probably kept expecting those two to reappear even after all that time to pass. While expected, I still find it kinda sad.

I can't be the only one who ended up caring much more about the rest of the group's fate during this episode, and not HiroTwo's ?

As for the series in general, I maintain my belief that the first 15 episodes were great, and then it started down slowly from there. The story really should've just stayed contained within the scope of all of squad 13.

I feel it was worth it if only for that grown up Miku

And don't forget that we now have an ageless eternal milf Nana.

Ichigo and Goro finally ended up together! That's the only happy ending I needed.

And good for Futoshi for getting himself a family as well!

Only thing I'm wondering is that why didn't Zorome and Miku progress anywhere in those 8 years?!

≫Only thing I'm wondering is that why didn't Zorome and Miku progress anywhere in those 8 years?!

Nah that's just their public face. They're probably all over each other when it's just the two of them.

I've seen that shit before. If there weren't kids around they'd be ripping their clothes off while yelling at each other.

They're absolutely the sensei in the streets, freak in the sheets type. With the amount of strength in their ahoges, you just know they've been doing some hardcore hair-pulling "exercises."

Let’s be honest though, this scene was fucking precious!

Tbh I thought the baby or Kokoru died at that time, because of those girls crying. Fortunately it were tears of joy and relief T_T

Same, I held my breath for a couple of seconds on that scene. It would've been such a punch in the gut if one of them died.

I enjoyed this but the direction the show took is highly disappointing. So many things could've been done better. Introducing aliens into the show was highly unnecessary.

Okay so, around all the salt, can we have a real talk in that I didn't notice Naomi was missing an arm until literally the last shot between her and Ikuno?

Like, I thought Ichigo hugging her was just to make her feel welcome back into the group when they started praying.

So I understand this series was quite controversial. Personally I binged 16-23 yesterday, and today and personally I enjoyed the ride. One thing I really liked, and hope everyone else did too was the art however, I took quite a few screenshots I hope you guys will like them!

On the bright side, I don’t think anyone will disagree that DarliFra has created some great fanarts!

All I wanted was for those two to get back to Earth and live out their lives exploring the world and being with their friends. This ending was very unsatisfying.

Ohhhhh boy

While I did enjoy this ending, and the show as a whole, I really feel like it was hurt very badly by its pacing in its latter half. Not enough time was given for us, the viewers, to really appreciate what's happening post-story: it's just fed to us in little bits and prices, and then we move on to the next scene. It's as if we're being rushed along by a tour guide, while trying to enjoy displays at a museum: there's a lot to see, but we're never focused in one spot long enough to really enjoy it.

Honestly, Trigger, I know you love your 24-ish episode policy, but another 3 or 4 episodes for the sake of taking your time with this story would have been fantastic.

Still, that aside, like I said, I did enjoy this ending quite a bit. Zero Two and Hiro are gone, sacrificed to delay (not stop) VIRM, and humanity is slowly putting themselves back together. The timeskip was a little bit makeshift, but it was nice seeing everybody grown up. In fact, I think some of my biggest dissapointments is that we'll never get to see characters like post-timeskip Ichigo without her being pregnant, or that we never meet Futoshi's wife. There was a lot of story & content to be unpacked atthe end of this series, but sadly, we'll probably never get to see it.

Solid 7.5/10

Early episodes were fantastic, and while the second half was a bit misguided and rushed, it was still enjoyable.

Well, despite what everyone's saying here in this thread, I'm actually okay with this ending. There wasn't much else they can do with how they rushed the last few episodes to try and wrap up the series. Hiro and Zero Two gave their lives for a better tomorrow, so I think they deserved to be reincarnated. Everyone being able to live for the sake of themselves is a plus too!
Everyone got a happy ending so that makes me satisfied overall. I kind of wish they just kept it to them piloting a single mech instead of a unified one, but it was nice seeing a golden strelizia.
Also, the main messages of the series were still conveyed really clearly. What it really means to be human. How you should seize every opportunity and do your best to live for your own happiness, while making a difference in the lives of those you care about. That a life without being able to feel free isn't really much of a life at all.
If i had to rate the show overall, I'd give it an 8/10 rounded from a 7.8, but I really enjoyed it on the whole. There are several areas that could've been improved, especially towards the end, but I'm quite content with the fact that each character at least had a good ending.
I dont really have much to analyze right now as I'm still trying to collect myself from the world cup soccer game, some manga i've been reading, and this episode. Just a complete mess right now but thank you A-1/Trigger for giving me at least some semblance of a happy ending!


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