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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 23 everyone's impressions

Episode 23

Leaving Mitsuru, Kokoro and Zero Two's body behind, Squad 13 departs into space to join the fight against VIRM. With help from the others, Nine Alpha partners Hiro who safely enters Strelizia Apus before Nine Alpha goes on to sacrifice himself in the battle. The VIRM offer perpetual tranquility and peace to the humans, but Nana and Hachi reject that as an unacceptable option. Meanwhile back on Earth, Kokoro initially refuses Mitsuru's support, but he convinces her that despite losing their memories they share a common bond through their unborn child, and they reconcile. Aboard Strelizia Apus, Hiro slowly reunites with Zero Two's consciousness and they agree to fight together again, converting the Strelizia Apus into the more powerful Strelizia True Apus. After defeating the VIRM forces, a warp gate appears, created a long time ago by the Klaxo sapiens. Hiro and Zero Two decided to enter the warp gate, carrying a massive bomb created by the Klaxosaurs in an attempt to destroy VIRM, promising their friends that they will return home. 

Ok so at this point we're clearly getting a happy ending. Strelezia's Zero Two form was wearing a wedding veil, they just promised the team they would return with happy music and smiles, and there's a whole 24 minutes left to go. But will Zero Two have a human body to return to? Will she and Hiro remain in Strelezia as a guardian over Earth? We still don't know exactly what the final page of the story book will be!

Also I know this sub hates critical feedback, but did this episode feel really rushed to anyone else? New Franxx suits, a real quick moment with Nana and Hachi, Kokoro and Mitsuru have a fast moment in the rain but then it's immediately sunny, the Alphas all get to have semi-heroic moments but there's hasn't been enough time with them for me to care; it felt like they were trying to fit way too much into this episode. Even the 'reconciliation' where Hiro convinced Zero Two not to leave him again felt way too fast. There should have been more of this episode given to what was clearly meant to be the final time one of them has to convince the other that they're stronger together. Between that and the simpler animation in this episode compared to the last few (lots of simple backgrounds and character shots, very little fluid action), it feels like they may have focused all of their efforts on the final episode.

I think in general a lot of people probably feel like this final arc is rushed. Up till the reveal of Virm (Episode 20 if I’m not mistaken) the pacing of the show was pretty consistent but after the reveal things have been honestly moving at light speed. Episode 20 to me felt completely out of sync with the rest of the series but when episode 21 rolled out it still felt fast paced but I’d definitely gotten used to the changed pacing as we approached the final battles of the show and the ending. The change of pacing at first was jarring but looking back on the series as a whole it doesn’t bother me now like it did when it initially came out and we had to wait a week for the next episode.

I thought this was the only episode that felt weird with the pacing. Ep. 20 was definitely weird but I think the whiplash was actually intentional. Meanwhile this episode just felt like it was trying way too much at once. Felt like they were squeezing 2 episodes into one.

Zero Two: "I want you to remain human."

Hiro: "Um. You literally made me grow blue horns, I think we've already passed the point of no return."

Zero Two: "Ah shit ur right."

She told him that as an excuse - she wanted him off the flight because she understood this is a suicide mission.

He then calls her out on her excuse with the book's last page.

C'mon guys, connect the dots, it's not that hard.

we a mahou shoujo anime now fellas

Mahou shoujo + mecha = Symphogear? No, not enough singing nor lesbians. So what even is this show anymore?

If you want a mecha with singing lesbians, watch Cross Ange

I like to think of Cross Ange as what would happen if Symphogear had a night of angry drunken sex with Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, while Macross watched through the window and jerked off in the bushes. It's pretty fun.

Today in Legend of the Galactic Darlings: Die Neue Franxx, our horny moe oni dino waifu turned into horny moe oni dino mecha waifu. Has humanity reached its apex? I think so.

Next best girl contest is going to be very interesting.

Will Eo To, Zero Two and Apus Zero Two be separate enteries?

I wonder what the finals will look like. Lol.

This is so stupid and fun to watch at the same time.

This entire episode was so dumb and yet I can't stop watching.

Apus transformed into Zero Two and I felt every fiber of my being just go "ohhhh fuck you, you don't get to do that!"

It's great.

Suddenly, giant Rei outta nowhere.

Zero Two-Apath looking like Zero Two in a wedding gown is goshdang beautiful.

RIP Nines. Alpha died like a boss.

24 is totally going to involve a timeskip, isn't it? My theory is Hiro will take in Zero Two's soul and revive her with a kiss at the end of it all as Apath (and Hringhorni?) are used to return life to Earth.

I 100% expect a timeskip, or maybe I just really hope it does, just so we can have Hiro and Zero Two back together with everyone.

Probably gonna be a last frame deal with just them showing up at a random Earth settlement... and their precious smiles

A Zero Two smile is all I really ask for.

Zero Two turned into a fucking giant-ass mecha, holy shit.

I gotta say though, the pacing is all over the place and I can't keep track of anything. There's so much happening in these last couple of episodes and the introduction of the aliens and the battle in space could've easily been handled in a few episodes instead of having so many slice of life episodes (as fun as they were).

I'm gonna wait until I make major changes to my score but as someone who thought this had potential to be a 10, I'm definitely disappointed by the rushed development. Still, they keep handling the strongest aspect of the show (Hiro Two and Mitsuru as well) beautifully, so it'll have a very high rating regardless.

They def needed a season 2, these past 2-3 episodes could have been a whole arc

So, I'm still enjoying this but it's unfortunate that they've hinged fully half their emotional payoff on the Mitsuru/Kokoro thing that I just never could bring myself to give much of a shit about. Like, objectively I can recognize that the scene in the rain under the Franxx should have gotten me, but nope.

I just want to say I really enjoyed this anime but felt that there was a lot of missed potential and a lot of the characters didn't get proper development.

man as a fervent supporter of this show for the last 22 episodes, this episode was just so... bad, everything was so messy and lacked impact and it's all getting resolved way too quickly and easily, i'm not the type to bash shows like this as i'm pretty easily entertained but this hurts to watch.

The show peaked at episode 15. Hands down easiest 10/10 at that point. They did such a great job of making Zero Two and Hiro feel like a real couple.

The curiosity of the world died down as they revealed more of its past and secrets which just turned out to be pretty average storytelling, but it was still recoverable at that point. Then they yoyo'd the pacing so hard in the with some extremely slow and fast episodes that gave me whiplash and raised the question of what the hell were they doing. Now it's just what-the-fuck new random stuff being thrown around without a care.

It hurts so much to see it fall from such a great height.

I laughed my ass off at the ending. Holy shit, if this show didn’t take itself so seriously it could have been a decent dumb Trigger show instead of this boring garbled mess of a drama.

The show’s been pretty predictable up until this point, but I’m willing to admit I wasn’t expecting 02 to become a giant fleshy mecha space bride waifu.

When 002 became the mech I couldn't stop laughing, as serious as the scene was trying to be that was a bit too much

These recent episodes have been so bad that they're hilarious

At this point it's an entertaining trainwreck of forced trigger/gainax references

Next episode can either make or break this anime for me. Up until the last few episodes, this was an easy 9/10 for me. I didn't feel like the last few episodes were bad enough that they should drag down the rest of the series, so it was still at a 9, but this episode was... something else. They've set themselves up so next episode either ends on a cliche, or on an asspull, so depending on how it goes this may even make it fall to a 7, because I hate bad endings. Especially on shows I've been watching for half a year.

Kokoro/Mitsuru ship is hardcarrying this show for me, would be 7/10 without them, but EZ 8/10 with

Kokoro is best girl.


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