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[Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1



The manga, a prequel/spin-off to the original Kaiji series, was immensely popular in Japan, and it finally has the anime it deserves!

How fantastic to see Fukumoto's artstyle in HD, the thick outlines and angular character designs just look so sharp and crispy!

It looks like they also added a few anime-original scenes, with the blacksuits in the beginning, but it really fleshes out the company, the setting, the world and the additional cast more.

The comedy scenes of the "Introduction Round" had me in stitches, it really does pose the question: How do villains remember the names when all the henchmen look the same? (Because if you look really closely, everyone is slightly different!)

Loving the OP and ED as well, fantastically done! Fumihiko Tachiki is sadly not returning as the narrator, but the new VA is doing a splendid job as well, wonderfully over the top! The OST with the new zawas also fits well, I will continue to watch this with joy!

Do you not feel that the new zawas are weird? They turned me off

Both S1 and S2 also had different Zawas, so it makes sense to have new ones, especially as those in Tonegawa are used for comedic effect.

I think it'll take some time to get used to everything, but I'm on board!

I guess so, I'm also on board but they seem weird to me

I feel the same way, they feel more like whispers (as they should) but I still really enjoyed the old style
I'm hoping I'll get used to it over time

I stopped reading After your comment, to prevent some spoiling. This anime doesnt have a "season 2" in the title, but you mentioned that it has one.

Should i watch something else before beginning this one?

This series is a spinoff/prequel to Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, which you should see beforehand to get the full picture! It has two seasons, but binges very easily, and is one of the best psychological Seinen out there!

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Have fun watching!

Oh my god, I felt like a little child again, so extremely over excited to finally get some more Kaiji, I have waited 7 years for of one of the best animes ever and its finally here!!! I honestly felt like I was getting heart attack the HYPE in my vein gave me an adrenalin rush.

MOST OF ALL THE NARRATOR, its like god is talking straight into my head. MR Narrator keeps freaking hyping up everything to eleven whatever it is, so godlike good.

Ok so they had to go over Kaiji story again etc, so that took some time of the episode and establishing who tonegawa is but its episode 1 after so many years so its understandable. Especially if anyone will go and watch this without having seen Kaiji(crazy people do exist)

First of all I like that we are following the bad guy, the villain, well tonegawa is a very lawful evil, not some crazy cuckoolander (Hyoudou)

Best part was as soon as he enters Hyoudou room and its Reminded that he is still JUST TRASH, number 2 means nothing to number 1. Loved that detail to in the opening, how he frustrated covers over Hyoudou faces :)

Its gonna be super interesting to see how eh tackles the game challenge of Hyoudou, so far it was definitely a little out there with its comedy, I loved it, the drama the tension the silliness, but I can see some people are gonna be like WTF is this xD

Narrator is Tachiki Fumihiko, he was the narrator in Golden Kamuy (I knew he sounded someone familiar when I watched GK) last season as well!

No way that's Tachiki Fumihiko this time around, his voice is far deeper than that. According to ANN the narrator is Jay Kabiba

Huh. I wonder why they changed the voice...

It's a different series. Akagi and Kaiji also have different narrators, and even if Tonegawa is a Kaiji spin-off, the tone is very different. I think changing narrators for each series is a good choice.

So weird with a different narrator. I miss the old guy

You can tell the new one is going for the same vibe as the old one, and he's really good as well, but the old one is just legendary.

The new narrator's voice really annoys me for some reason. He sounds like a cheap gameshow host who's trying too hard.

I want the old narrator back :/

I’m struggling with this too. The narrator and the zawas are not making me happy. I hope I’ll get used to them.

Am I the only one who's hyped about this?


Kaiji is life

I like it! It's definitely a change from the Kaiji main series... but I expected that. The comedy didn't work 100% for me, but a lot of the first episode was spent on introduction and a recap anyway, so I am still optimistic. The new Zawa's, narrator and soundtrack are good, I think I can get used to them.
Overall I am positive that this will be at least an enjoyable watch, even if it won't be as intense as the original series of course. So far I can strongly recommend it to any fan of the franchise!

I'm into the new announcer voice. The new zawas might have to grow on me. Overall it was definitely an enjoyable watch. The animation even seemed slightly above both Kaijis. Can't wait to see where they go with this.

This was HILARIOUS. It's clearly a parody of Kaiji, with all of the same metaphors and struggle, but in a comedy instead of a drama. I could not stop laughing during the introductions scene.

This isn't comedy for those of us stuck in middle management.

It has been years since kaiji and he's as insane as ever And damn that OP , I loved kaiji to death and i'm super hyped about this

ZAWA ZAWA Tonegawa must come up with a death game to amuse the president. What will he do ZAWA ZAWA what fiendish evil thing will he do ZAWA ZAWA He...He...will have a meeting

I was skeptical of the new voice for tonegawa at first but during the introduction segment I think he really nailed it, definitely going to have to get used to the new ZAWAZAWAs and narrator though also, kind of got excited for the soundtrack when I heard the old OST played during the beginning but the new 'original tracks' that played during the rest of the episode didn't feel quite as good as any of the old ones, hoping this is due mostly to it being a comedy focussed series
Overall quite pleased to see "Kaiji" back, and hoping I will develop a similar love for the parts they have changed

Is this one of those rare anime that doesn't involve lolis or cute girls?


The narrator sucks and is turning me off the show. I am seriously considering dropping it even though I enjoyed the few chapters I read.

It's a 2-Cour; there are still 23 episodes to use for improvements. Give it hope and stick it out - you might end up letting it grow on you :)

Is it possible to watch this without having seen the original?

You could but the entire appeal of this show is for people who enjoy Kaiji, and if you are interested in watching this and have not watched/read Kaiji, I would suggest just watching that instead (its very good).

you can if you want to, but the original is just too good to miss out on

The op is so goooooooood

Actually i dont know that its has a series prior to this one. Good thing there is a recap. Anyways the episode made me 😂😂😂😂😂 especially that meeting with his personnel. Well its so funny on how he tried to memorize all their names but in the end having a hard time due to its either sounds like or nearly identical names plus they all have only one hobby- bowling. Good episode...

Y'all are complaining about the narrator but I actually really liked him. I know the old narrator was great, but I think this guy is much more fitting for a comedy series. I will admit that the Zawas are not great though.

Can I watch this if I've only seen the first season of Kaiji?

Yes it doesn't spoil anything in season two. If you've finished Kaiji S1, you're good to watch this.

10/10 I laughed hard. loved both kaiji and akagi so very happy to find this new sports show about bowling in crunchy.


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