Saturday, July 28, 2018

[Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro] Episode 4 everyone's impressions [Chio's School Road]

Episode 4
"Smoke on the Sailor"
"Taking the Cherry Blossom in Your Hand"
"Manana's School Road"

Chio and Manana find themselves with a used cigarette and have fun playing with it in a barely legal sense, but are soon faced with the task of getting it past their teacher Gotō. Later, the girls help out Andō as he struggles to deal with troublesome customers during a newspaper delivery job. On another day, Manana demonstrates how she would've handled Chio's first encounter with Yuki.

Chio and Andou, romance of the season.


Ex bad guy and current bad girl.

I know it says "shoot," but it made me realize how much I need to see these two get drunk together.

This is the ideal female greeting expression.
You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Thaaaaaank yooou whaaale!

THe facial expressions in this episode were all on point.

I love this show so much.

Oh Manana, you're such a piece of shit!

You gotta admit though, Chio does look cool with a cigarette.

This entire smoking segment hits me me hard because I use to smoke a lot when I was in college and I really felt like I was a badass while doing it. XD

Does the show have a panty shot quota? I feel like every episode there needs to be at least one panty shot of Chio.

OTP. Although I'm sure TNTK has personal doujins already

≫Does the show have a panty shot quota? I feel like every episode there needs to be at least one panty shot of Chio.

That's what being made by a hentai artist brings!

≫Chio does look cool with a cigarette

That single image demonstrates how innocent high-school photographers can fall into the sordid career of animētā.

Bloody Butterfly is going to follow her around forever...
I Love it

I hope she runs into the remaining bikers again.

Respect the fact that Manana owns it.

100 yen! Hueeelrlrlrlrlrlrl

After reading the synopsis I didn't know what to expect from this series but I'm loving it.

It's so funny that how dirty Chio can play, I love it.

It's been three episodes, but hearing Chiaki Omigawa play a (loveable) piece of shit after her P U R E roles is still quite the contrast

The chemistry between Chio and Manana is incredible and every interaction is so funny. It truly does remind me of the dumb things I did with my friends when I was young.

Holy shit Chio, I totally forgot about the 100 yen bet and was thinking it was some heartwarming moment..

And here I was thinking it was actually heartwarming, but she used the bet to excuse her behaviour...

I like how they were able to avoid trouble with the cigarette by telling the truth but then Chio had to try and prove how bad she is. That part when they had to sneak by that guy was really good. Also those two people Chio and Manana delivered the paper where some real weirdos.

The first episode had me a little worried, but these last 3 have been hysterical! What a great way to end the work week and get into the fun weekend mood! Chio is such a bad girl

I love characters who try to act bad and fail miserably at it. Gabriel Dropout made me realize how much I love that.

Now I'm thinking it wasn't a coincidence that Satania and Chio have the same voice actress...

From Mañana's lips to sensei's ears…

I'm so glad I started this show. It's been hilarious every week

its so fun watching this anime

Loved it! AOTS and Chio and Andou = OTP :D

i love how manananana always looks like she's blushing, is that some trope or something in manga

hopefully we see more Andou's scene!


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