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[Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro] Episode 3 everyone's impressions [Chio's School Road]

Episode 3
"Bloody Butterfly Effect 2"
"The Kabaddic Four"

Chio comes across Andō speaking with his gang about their encounter, prompting her to reveal the truth to him about Bloody Butterfly. The next day, Chio and Manana are approached by Madoka Kushitori about joining her Kabaddi Club. Forced into a practise match against her and Yuki, Chio manages to avoid defeat by taking advantage of Madoka's lesbian tendencies.

Games involved in this episode are Boderlands, Bioshock and Valve's new mascot Chio-chan

≫and Valve's new mascot Chio-chan

I feel dumb for not realizing that was a reference :I

I might be the only few that is seriously considering a score of 10 for this anime. I'm always grinning, laughing and enjoying myself watching Chio School Road. Man, it's good shit.

That CQC scene brought a tear to my eye.


Me too!

 It is brilliantly executed. Reminds me of Nichijou. The timing is perfect, the voice acting is stellar, the side characters are interesting and get just the right amount of screen time, and they nail the visual gags.

I know it's been only 3 episodes, but so far I never felt like scenes were dragging on or ending too soon -which is really rare with these types of shows. Even Nichijou dragged certain jokes on for too long.

Honestly, I laugh more during Chio-chan than Grand Blue.

≫Honestly, I laugh more during Chio-chan than Grand Blue.

I have to agree. Even though I love the GB manga and find it hilarious, the anime just hasn't been as funny and I found it a bit disappointing. In comparison Chio is all around fun and enjoyable.

The voice acting I think.

Chio-chan is slowly turning into Yoshikage Kira

She even has his stand

That's gotta be a motherfucking deliberate Jojo's reference

It's quite possible. Later on in the manga there is a reference to JoJo, specifically part 4, but we probably won't get to it in the anime.

Kabaddi is kind of sexy.

Chio reminded me of Zoidberg doing the side jumps.

Also I didn't realize this show was actually ecchi

To be fair the author did do hentai. Sometimes his roots pop out.

"That's right... I have the ability to turn those I touch into bombs"


What a beautiful duwang!

She just wanted to live a quiet life...

Ah yeah, the perineum strategy is the best way to win at kabaddi... I actually discovered that sport through some YT recommended videos and then watched a lot of them for a while, it is a pretty entertaining sport x)

So what about Bloody Butterfly?

I think Bloody Butterfly was really strong

Bloody Butterfly really should be best girl

I really wanted to see Bloody Butterfly special move

Kinda surprised I saw the word 'perineum' this season in a show that wasn't Cells at Work...

Its the space between the genitals and anus. Note the perineum is shorter for females. Also if the perineum is damaged, it can cause prolonged erection with males.

From one good sport to another.

Chio's a big Borderlands fan, apparently

I thought everyone was having a fever this episode.

As an Indian, it feels good to see one of my favourite sports in anime form. Even within India, Kabaddi has very little spotlight compared to some of the bigger sports like Cricket. However, Kabaddi can get very interesting once you get to know the rules and start playing for real.

There's a really hilarious kabbadi scene that involves a yet unannounced character. It's probably not going to be animated but it's fucking great and they even put in the India Superpower 2020 meme.

Well well well we meet again. Just give it up Hans Bloody Butterfly!

I just love that after she cleared up the misunderstanding with the yakuza he just proceed to troll his gang.


Andou-san is a real bro, he understands Chio's circumstances and help her get along with it

Well, that got really weird. It was fun to see kabaddi in an anime though.

Love that no matter how far this show goes off the rails (which seems the whole point), it’s always just two girls trying to get to school.

Killer Queen has already turned those two high school girls into bombs.

Kushitori please.

This series is fuckin great. Really reminds me Nichijou and Nichibros.

Best scene in the episode

Man, I want more Yuki and soon. She's the cutest looking out of the trio (Chio has the cutest voice) and I want to see more of her apparent weird side hinted at in the OP.

I'm sooo glad the conflict with the biker gang deescalated in one episode. I don't think I could've born with that cringe humor for much longer.

Wow, Chio-chan is seriously OP! Game brain, my ass; she just a freaking ninja. Also, that whole part about the senpai liking girls was kind of unexpected and hilarious.

Definitely my AOTS for now.

This is my favorite show of the season so far, this and the Badminton show.


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