Friday, July 13, 2018

[Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro] Episode 2 everyone's impressions [Chio's School Road]

Episode 2
"Bloody Butterfly Effect"
"Manana, Ootoro, and Me"
"Bump of Slave"

After accidentally elbowing motorcycle gang leader Mayuta Andō and knocking over his bicycle, Chio escapes the situation by taking on her online persona, Bloody Butterfly, and scaring him into quitting his gang. The next day, Chio and her friend Manana Nonomura spy on Yuki being confessed to by a boy, ending up in a compromising situation themselves when she mentions being friends with Chio. Later, Manana lies about having experience with guys to try and get in good graces with Yuki.

Chio and Manana are such awful people, it's hilarious

I live for my shitty people in comedy anime. God bless Konosuba, Gintama and Hinamatsuri (to an extent) as well.

This is probably my favorite style of comedy. Got any more examples?

You'll enjoy Sabagebu. MC is one of the shittiest MCs of all time. This anime is one of the favorites, shitty MCs in comedies are just the best.

Oh my god I thought it was "Chio's School Raid" this whole time I seriously can't read.

Ahahaha that's one word I never thought I would see in an anime.

15 characters who could defeat Thanos (even with the Infinity Gauntlet) in seconds

Oh, and Manana is great (she's voiced by Chiaki Omigawa so that's a major plus). Dame ningen da!

≫Ahahaha that's one word I never thought I would see in an anime.

To be fair, she's playing Not-CSGO, right? I'm actually more surprised that cука Блять isn't thrown out liberally.

Guessing the japanese servers don't have a lot of Russians.

As far as I know they have to deal with a lot of vulgar chinese people more than any other nationality

≫Oh, and Manana is great (she's voiced by Chiaki Omigawa so that's a major plus). Dame ningen da!

And Maka from Soul Eater! I thought she sounded familiar but yeah, she's great.

One of my absolute favorites! She's also voiced Minko from Hanasaku Iroha, Mitsuba from SYD, and Hotori from SoreMachi! I actually only watched SoreMachi because I saw she voiced the MC.

This show and Asobi Asobase are both so funny! I'm definitely getting my fill of comedy this season, I was worried that I wouldn't with Saiki Kusuo and hinamatsuri ending.

I love the teacher that stands by the gate.

I'm absolutely loving this. I crave for Chio and now Manana being so shitty that there's some sort of admiration. Betraying each other, faking being lesbians and tormenting a poor grunt. Shit is glorious.

They're great together. I love how they'd team up together for some scheme and then immediately turn on each other when it would help them.

It's not gay if the lips didn't touch!

You're vastly underestimating the shipping powers of this subreddit.

I have never seen the word cunt in anime holy shit that was honestly great

"I was in middle school and they were in college" I just puked in my mouth

For as little as it is worth, Japanese middle schoolers are usually a bit older than American middle schoolers.

Chio is the goddess of bluffing. She's so weirdly awkward that instead of admitting the truth of hurting herself or apologizing, she genuinely scared a delinquent into quitting. I really love this anime.

This anime has such great lines. "I dove head-first into the garbage, and we became friends."

Chio's experience with that foreigner is one of the most accurate depictions of Multiplayer in anime. The only way it could be more immersive is if there's a Russian constantly screaming russian instructions and cука Блять and a smurf playing for the enemy team.

I'm hoping the show gets more and more ridiculous. Like, Chio accidentally starts a city wide gang war or interrupts a bank heist while trying to get to school on time.

i mean if your looking for absurdity chio chan has got you covered on that

Wasn't really into the 1st episode, but Holy Shit, this episode had me dying laughing... Glad it looks like we're going to have a few great comedies this season :)

same here, had to pause the episode just to vent out the laughs

That was fucking fantastic. I thought the first part was great but holy shit Manana and Chio stole the goddamn show.

They're both pieces of shit and that's fantastic. Both are more than willing to betray the other and kick them while they're down.

Best Worst Friend Ever! Now this episode was amazing, last week was great but this was ridiculous good. Right away in part 2 when she is like, you are a piece of shit, just like and that is why I love you.

How they are both such low life but are aware of it so they accept that other one treats them like crap as they would do the same lol.

Like Chio-chan is not even angry she betrayed her, its more like AH treason I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.

Bloody Butterfly was awesome to, felt like a given do that he would give her a ride as soon as I saw his bike giving the premise of the anime.

Seeing Chio tell of that thug was great. I really like Manana and Chio relationship its seems real to me.

That gamer might not have been insulting her, in some parts of the UK 'cunt' is considered a friendly greeting.

Also, I'm sure they're lips touched so this is now officially a yuri anime. Hell, that was more action than some anime that claim to be yuri. Those girls are such shits to each other though, it's so natural and entertaining.

I'm loving how close they are following the original artsyle from the manga.

Holy shit! This episode was so fucking hilarious. And those two are so fucking shitty. LOL

By the way, what game was she playing today? I'm assuming that it was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

I have no explanation to why I am enjoying this show so much...

It's funny and panders to my demographic (western PC gamers) but doesn't solely rely on it for jokes. The gaming references are a great bonus but the show's comedy stands on its own without them, which makes the whole series a lot better and more fun in my eyes since it has a ton of ways of generating humor. The character interactions are also gold.

Amazing ep. This is more what I was expecting.


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