Saturday, July 7, 2018

[Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro] Episode 1 everyone's impressions [Chio's School Road]

Episode 1
"Because The School Is There"
"Chio-chan and Hosokawa-san"

Running late to school and finding her usual shortcut blocked off, Chio Miyamo decides to take a cue from her video games and attempts to parkour her way to school via rooftop. On another day, Chio is unsure how to react when sports ace Yuki Hosokawa greets her during her commute.

The way Chio does really awkward shit to get out of uncomfortable situations is too relatable.

You too dive head first into garbage as a solution to minor social dilemas?

What, you don't?

I'm a germaphobe, so I wave and say "Hi" and then if it turns out they wern't gesturing me I pretend that I'm saying "Hi" to someone behind them that only I can see.

I lost it at the glasses guard scene lmao

Funny stuff so far. Chio is a damn ninja.

Ezio reincarnated as a japanese school girl.

*Altair, Ezio didn't have to cut off his finger.

Chio-chan best girl of the season.

Stealth roll

Hardcore gaming learnt skills.

Fun fact she named the dog after the dog from GTA 5.

I've read the manga a little bit, but man the VA is absolutely killing it, the intonation and timing was perfect.

Nothing less from the Great Archdemon Satanichia Kurumizawa McDowell

Hope this show is great, I need something to fill the void after Hinamatsuri.

imo the manga comedy trinity is Grand Blue, Hinamatsuri and Chio-chan so as long as the adaptation does it justice it should definitely hit that niche

Assassin's creed schoolgirl finally Ubisoft giving some fan service

I was really expecting a 3 or 10 minute short based on the premise, I'm surprised how much I laughed. Who didn't daydream about jumping across rooftops as a kid? Chio jumping in the garbage killed me, definitely the best part.

Nonchalantly jumping into the garbage. It was the perfect solution.

≫I was really expecting a 3 or 10 minute short based on the premise

Right? I was sure this was going to be something similar to Crossing Time last season from the synopsis. I am pleasantly surprised.

Manga reader here, the synopsis is extremely misleading. Just abandon any expectations you drew from it.

Oh man, i've been waiting to see Manana's stupid face animated so much, sadly we only got the one from the OP

And now cant wait to see the Kabaddi shenanigans

Comedy of the season right here.

This is so great. It's like Yukko from Nichijou got her own anime. Chio is such a fun character and her VA was excellent.

Yes! I was trying to think why did this reminded me of Nichijou so much. She's really like Yukko who second guesses everything and goes out of her way to, ironically, keep things normal.

Yeesss it's finally here, I've been waiting for the manga to get adapted for so long! Dis gon b gud

I really dig Chio's design. Short hair, braids, and glasses. And she's awkward too, like Satania, who also voices her, really nice to hear her again.

Definitely going to watch this anime, it's pretty funny.

Good source material, okay adaptation. I'm hopeful that it will get better since chapter three is where the manga really starts to get good (this episode covered 1 and 2).

The OST was actually pretty good.

Well this turned out better than I would have thought. I thought this would be a 12 or 3 min episode series like Crossing Time or Aho-girl. And it kind of is, just 2 12's put together.

I see this will be the palate cleanser anime of this season with no drama and good relatable comedy. I think we can all relate to staying up all night, thinking we can solve our problems like a video game, avoiding the Spider-Man opening scene awkward waive, and trying to get rid of someone you don't want to talk to.

I'm gonna be honest, I've used SWAT turn before irl. Came expecting nothing and it was a pretty fun first episode, it raised my hopes for the show hope it keeps up.

Oh my god, I love Chio-chan already. She is such an immediately relatable, endearing protagonist; the jokes and situations are funny, but Chio-chan herself takes it up another notch.

Really funny episode 1 right away, garbage sceen was teh best by far AHDAHSHDHAH PLAN 5!!! and shes all like ahahha perfect now I can look behind me, god that was great and of course later on she is waitint for her. The second story was imo much better.

Overall I do love Chio-chans extremely over imagined mind, like how she had to proudly show that perv she was strong...walking out of the love hotel. its also great how the character are not what you expect, ergo normal civials are a little funky like the evil rich guy lol, refusing to take down the balloon...also nice they added the oppai bounce effect to the mom there, sounds and all

Damn it I want another episode right now! So many relatable moments though I feel it dragged a bit too much on the walking on the roof tops scene. Other than that this girl is hilarious and I look forward to more craziness.

This is great, I hope it becomes more popular! It's just the right mix of absurdity while still being relatable, with a hint of that Watamote cringiness that we all know and love.

This is great so far, Chio is hilarious

Chio is literally everything kid me wished to be able to do while roaming on the streets. She even got the awkwardness with her.

Best girl of the season material here.

I love the pure nonsensical mixed with the reliability of chio being awkward and mixing real life with her video games.

And I lost it at the garbage and love hotel scene


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