Friday, July 27, 2018

[Boruto] Episode 66 everyone's impressions

Episode 66
"My Story!"

Boruto has made his rounds apologizing to everyone for his transgressions during the exam, but Momoshiki's prophecy continues to bother him. 

You know he became a shinobi when he starts running like one.

Man, the Uzumaki family moments really warms my heart i just can't get enough of it.

"I don't want to be a Hokage, that was dad's story..."

God I love that line so much.

Also Sarada staring at Boruto then getting flustered <3 It looks like Hiashi's master plan is going along smoothly XD

Hiashi's master plan has got to be the best fan theory because its equally genius and hilarious

The Keikaku is so advanced even Aizen was taking notes.

Glad to see boruto accepting things and moving on.

Yeah, I think all of them are moving on in their own way. Cool to see Shikadai so different from his dad as well.

As a life long NaruHina shipper, that moment when Hinata embraces Naruto after he returns safely is beautiful

It was pretty sweet. This coming from a diehard narusaku shipper.

66 episodes in...

"My story starts here"

Still actually enjoying this series. The fillers can be slow but some are fun and the serious stuff actually can keep you occupied till they have there super animated episodes like last week. Thought i would've dropped this series by now.

Ever since the start of the Chuunin Exam Arc, the series has been improving drastically. It shouldn't have taken 51 episodes, but it got there.

Will say, as someone who started watching Naruto with Boruto, the whole series has been a blast. It's done a great job of introducing the world and characters to people like me who have never seen any Naruto but decided to jump on board now. And it's even made me go back and watch the original series, currently at episode 220 of Shippuden and really enjoying it ^^

I started watching Boruto (its movie first) straight after finishing Shippuuden, so I didn't think much of the character introductions. Now looking back on it, they did do a good job introducing already established characters, such as Naruto, Shikamaru and Shino with their running gags, plus the new characters. The world was introduced pretty well, with some nice references to Naruto.

You should be finding the next few arcs to be good, if you're at episode 220. I personally enjoyed the rest of the series so much, with the fillers being my only problem. A lot of great action is to come.

I thought the bandage was gonna stay on like with Naruto. But I guess those are two completely different reasons.

What a wholesome episode.

So many cute moments. I really liked Shikadai and Boruto having their nice bro moment. Seeing Sarada excited when she gets to train with her dad. Even SASUKE SMILING? Then Sarada blushing over Boruto. Oh god, it was awesome.

Boruto is lewd. He basically told Sarada that shes gonna call him daddy one day

this urashiki guy is scary

Yeah, after being away from his pirate crew for so long, he ended up on another planet as a fisherman and gone rogue.

That mark on Boruto's hand makes me think that he wanted a tattoo but chickened and got that instead so he can still say he got inked.

After last episode, a fun, relaxing SoL episode was nice to watch.

It didn’t take long for people to forgive Boruto, but he did help defeat Momoshiki and protect the village, so he’s been able to redeem himself. Boruto is now completely accepting and understanding of Naruto’s job as the Hokage.

I love Mitsuki’s response to Sarada’s lie: “Oh, is that so?” with a smile on his face.

We got to see Naruto home to celebrate Boruto and Himawari’s birthdays, which was great to see. Seeing the whole family together was great to see, as they have fun and heart-warming interactions. Let’s see how long Naruto can keep this up.

After the tremendous fight we got last week, I’m OK with these filler-type episodes for a little bit. Chocho is getting a three episode arc, which should be fun to watch.

I don't know why they are still trying to make it seem like we don't know Orochimaru is Mitsuki's "parent". We even had an episode about it!

I wonder who this white boy with snake abilities and from the sound village is related to 🤔.

Boruto and Naruto messing around and laughing at home was the wholesome I needed today.

Love these wind down slice of life episodes in the Naruto universe, it's always fun to see the characters just be characters without being forced along by the plot.

Seeing Sasuke as a dad with Sarada was my most feel good moment ever in the Naruto universe. I'm gonna enjoy this.

Seeing Naruto as a part of a happy family warms my cold dead heart.

how can naruto be overworked? he can literally makes a thousand clones of himself

all the clones mental/physical stress comes back to him when he release the shadow clones which causes him to pass out. He can't afford to pass out in case of another surprise attack happens to the village.


and boruto with that run though. you know he's on his path to being a shinobi.


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