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[Boruto] Episode 65 everyone's impressions

Episode 65
"Father and Child"

Naruto and Sasuke fight against Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Momoshiki gets defeated, but he's helped by Katasuke and his Scientific Ninja Tool. In the end, Boruto puts an end to Momoshiki's life. While dying, Momoshiki talks to Boruto and gives him the Karma Seal. 

Oh man, the animation was amazing.

The fight ended up being better than the movie version by far!!

Also, when the shamisen kicks in only five minutes into an episode...

Yo when Naruto and Sasuke used their Shadow Shuriken Technique which they also used in OG Naruto I just got goosebumps all over my body

man all those old school moves were so cool.

the sasuke magnetic feet sword throw thingy, the shurikens with threads and the hidden naruto/sasuke in shurikens.

edit: oh yeah and the coming up from the ground surprise!

sasuke knows how to use his rinnegan

All the people saying that Sasuke can't use Chibaku Tensei anymore can suck it.

I dunno if you guys noticed, but just right after the OP, Naurto uses a Doton jutsu to make a protective wall for Boruto

Yes I actually did a double take on that

Holy shit. This takes the cake as my favourite episode of all time. The culmination of everything this series had up until this point released into a 20 min orgasm.

From the throwbacks of classic techniques used in OG naruto to the actual god-like feeling Momoshiki gives off. That's the vibe Kaguya should've given.

And you can't forget the absolutely beautiful animation the whole staff put together to create this masterpiece.

Now fillers are confirmed for 2 months. 0 adaptation from the manga

Fillers for Boruto for 2 months? Give me a break, that's absolutely nothing compared to the near half a series of filler episodes Naruto put out and definitely nothing compared to the 120 episodes of filler in a row after Naruto v. Sasuke in the original Naruto.

Eh, I dont mind fillers as much as Naruto's fillers did before. Mostly because they're paced way better and they develop the side characters that dont get as much screen time as the main characters.

This fucking episode is such a God Tier Episode!

It just reminded me exactly why I still watch this show until this day.

No scratch that. It just didn't just remind me, it took me back in time. I felt like I was a kid again watching Naruto after school. That's how good this episode was.

I love how it started with a well animated taijutsu battle and as the battle progressed we even get to see the show pay homage to the original by showing us a new and improved version of Naruto and Sasuke's Fuuma Shuriken Combo. And then of course the big guns appear! Kyuubi clad in Susanoo armor punching the living shit out of Momoshiki's golem thingy was so good! I was legit freaking out the entire episode!

And then we get to the part where Naruto assists Boruto with his Rasengan and then showing us the most important people in his life that helped him to become the man he is today starting with Jiraiya. I fucking cried man. That scene caught me off guard so much I legit cried.

≫No scratch that. It just didn't just remind me, it took me back in time. I felt like I was a kid again watching Naruto after school. That's how good this episode was.

I was trying to think of why I liked this so much, why I got so excited during the fight. I've seen great fight scenes in anime plenty of times. This year we even got All Might vs All for One, that was amazing. But this fight, with that music, with that giant vanishing rasengan scene... Too much for my 14 year old heart to bear.

I didn’t expect the whole animation budget to be used on 1 episode. Well worth the two week wait.

They got animators from all over the world collaborating on this episode.

Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in histor-

That fight was insane. Even better than the movie version.

It might be the best fight scene in anime this year. I’m glad they took an extra week to pull this off.

They've been working on this episode for 4-5 months. For comparisons sake, the 2015 Boruto movie took 4 months to complete.

Wow that shows a lot of commitment. If there are more fights like this in the future, this anime might really become something.

It also shows Shueisha's retarded demands. The Boruto movie was a production nightmare for everyone involved, the director worked so hard that he got hospitalized three times over those 4 months.

Shueisha not only announced the movie without even telling the studio or even Kishimoto but then demanded that it be done in 4 months.

"We need a year to animate this" said one of the lead animators.

But they did it in 4 months. The absolute madmen.

I know it's popular to criticize Studio Pierrot about Tokyo Ghoul and bad animation and whatnot, but the production of Naruto/Boruto in particular has been especially challenging at times, and animators have literally died to see it all done.

In particular, for this episode, Chengxi Huang clocked in 500+ hours at work in just the last month. That's 15+ hours a day. If he worked just as hard in the other months, that's 2000+ hours from one animator/director for one episode

I wish I could tell him amazing job and give him so much more then what he probably got for his time. It was amazing.

Naruto + Sasuke > rest of 5 kage

Was nice to see tactics like the Fuuma Shuriken move they used against Zabuza back in part 1 make a comeback. They actually fought using sneak tactics and ninja techniques like substitutions. A pleasant break from the DBZ level beam attacks Shippuuden had become by the end. Although of course the final Rasengan was pretty much a Spirit Bomb. See when Boruto actually earns something he feels a lot less like a little shit and it was cool that the weight of Naruto's chakra made him realize how much hard work Naruto would've had to go through to get where he is. Katasuke please die thanks

Naruto or Sasuke could just conquer the whole planet tbh.

They're barely human anymore in terms of strength.

Even momo acknowledged that with the line: "Oh please we're both monsters" said to Naruto.

Another industry-like event episode. Torches are being passed left and right now in the anime industry with the young'uns proving they can do it. It's at an international level of collaboration too.

Apocrypha #22 had it (divided I know), and now Boruto #65. I wonder which series will have this kind of thing again.

Holy shit this is probably the best fight of 2018 (so far).

That was hands down the best Naruto fight I've ever seen.


I binged all of Boruto last week after becoming nostalgic. So this is sort of an overall review.

The commentary about the modern world is amazing. Commercialism, modernization, fast food, the wage gap, rural vs urban wealth disparity, the growing discontent, the manipulation of that discontent, and pills that give strength instead of earning that strength through experiences and gaining understanding. The rejection of false confidence.

Naruto and Boruto are more relatable. A dad who doesn't know how to dad and a son who is just beginning his own journey. Seeing who his father is beyond the guy who wasn't there or always making mistakes. Creating the distinctions of what matters and what doesn't. New clothes without a scratch, or clothes that have history. Connections to his father and his own experiences. His headband holding the meaning of his acceptance of his own mistakes. Children inheriting their parents' mistakes and wisdom.

It does kind of suck that "nervousness" is portrayed like it is in Metal. Fear that causes freezing or avoidance, especially from being watched or seen by other people, is called scopophobia. After puberty hits it's a bat signal indicating hidden, unrecognized, or unresolved trauma and not just some "lack of confidence". It's fear. But that might be on purpose for a later story.

Sarada is also a much better written character than the previous generation of Sakura, Ino, Hinata. Treated like a person. I felt the same way with Anko back in Naruto.

This episode is amazingly well directed and executed. The animation and the fights. The large-scale destruction and the panning of the camera to focus on both upper and lower body taijutsu. Sasuke and Naruto working together. The line of legacy. Boruto and Naruto accomplishing a victory together. Naruto trusting him. And the foreshadowing.

The story is in completely unknown territory now. 65 episodes and all those topics have already been hit so the author is amazing. He's built upon the ninja world and legacy definitely. Matched it to ours so well.

I'll enjoy watching week to week.

This is definitely the best episode of Boruto, the fight was even better than the movie.

Easily the best fight of 2018. The fight choreography was spectacular.

This fight was honestly awesome. More viscreal and up-close than before, which made it feel like the action had weight. It also seemed more believable here. Honestly to me, most of the movie fights (Sasuke vs Kinshiki and the first Momo fight) felt better but Studio Pierrot really nailed it here. The Naruto flashback during the scene here was the best, seeing him grin there made my day. Really great job here, just wish I could've seen the cool fistbump that they did in the Boruto game

Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki was impeccable and the choreography of it was on another level but the thing that got me the most was seeing Boruto finally understand the weight of Naruto's journey and all the trials he went through. Just a great moment overall.

Spectacular episode. I haven't enjoyed much of Boruto at all but man was this episode something special.

I honestly don't think I've been this hype during an episode of anime. What an episode

Oh god that was so fucking good!!! Figth started with super smooth taijutsu, then throw back techniques!! And then earth shattering tail beast fight with susanoo armoured kyuubi! This episode reminded me how much i love naruto and why I still watch/read shounen shows.

Finally the episode i was waiting for, and the redemption arc for Boruto. I always get tears when i see that Rasengan scene.


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