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[Boruto] Episode 64 everyone's impressions

Episode 64
"Rescuing Naruto!"

Sasuke and the Kage wage an intense battle against the ridiculously powerful Momoshiki and Kinshiki of the Otsutsuki Clan. During that time, Boruto and Naruto, who have always been at odds, face each other and connect for the first time. But Momoshiki interrupts their reunion.

Yes... It's like 700 episodes.

Aah, seeing the old characters made me feel some shit. Especially Itachi and Obito.

But there's also a lot of filler, I think he can just skip some of that.

Naruto's gonna be sitting at the hamburger joint with his phone out scrolling through animefillerlist for the entire conversation.
And that's the story of the day Boruto finally decided he had enough and goes rogue.

Momoshiki's new form in the anime is much cooler than his form in the movie,I approve.

Not only that, but he looks pretty similar to Kaguya!!

Mitsuki has woken up and he seems to be fine, he just needs to rest for a bit. Boruto is still his sun, and he's concerned for him.

Boruto and Naruto's relationship seems to be fixed, with Boruto laughing. After all of this time, we get to see the two happy with each other, and it was 100% worth waiting for.

The flashback of Naruto's past was unexpected, but it felt great. My favourite screenshot was Naruto taking Kabuto's punch to protect Tsunade.

Can Momoshiki predict the future? He said that with certainty, but that could have just been his overconfidence.

Kinshiki sacrificed himself to give Momoshiki a new form. The form looks astonishing, they did a great job with it. Really looking forward to the fight next episode.

Also, the new ED is OK, but I prefer the previous ED a lot more. It'll probably grow on me over time.

≫Can Momoshiki predict the future?

Boruto has that special (unexplained) eye so it's probably somehow related to that.

If that's what he was referring to, I'm quite curious on how he knows about Boruto's eye. When Momoshiki's eyes were first shown, I thought he and Boruto would have the same eye power, but it just ended up being Byakugan. Unless, Boruto's eye, as well as Momoshiki's, is a combination of Byakugan and something else. If it's not that, Momoshiki could probably sense Boruto's chakara with his own eyes.

Earlier in the series when they go see Toneri on the moon, he said something along the lines of "you sent the child a gift" or something like that, referring to his eyes.

The whole "Never going back on my word" thing would have been really epic if we hadn't seen the damn flashback where he literally went back on his word 4 minutes earlier.

That reminds me of the Rick James skit from the Dave Chappell show. Rick James says that he doesn’t remember grinding his feet on Charlie Murphys couch but the tape rewinds and it’s him saying “yea I remember grinding into Charlie murphys couch”

"You think imma just sit up and grind my feet up on somebody couch like it's just something to do? Come on I got a little more sense than that"


"Yeah I remember grinding my feet up on Eddie's couch"

In short, he's become a ninja.

Good choice of words, Sasuke!

Mitsuki looking away from Boruto and Sarada during most of the ED does not bode well. You guys think he might leave team 7?

Feels like people are gonna target him. I'd hasard a wild guess that it is related to the hidden mist and what Suigetsu was investigating there.

Wow, that episode came and went... Was nice to see Boruto and his dad finally talking again. I guess their relationship is mended now.

I really prefer the last ED but I hope this one grows on me

ED song is so good man. new op and ed is mehh

Finally getting into main stage

Had a nice giggle when mitsuki fell from the bed

Damn. The preview for next week looks sweet.

It's in 2 weeks. Next week there is no episode, because of a Pokemon special.

Yeah, sorry for killing your day.

Aww. Well, I can wait. Looks like it's gonna be a good episode.

Mitsuki's part in the new ED seems big, I assume he's going to take a central in the near future? Would like that, so far he seems to be the only "enigma"-ish character that I'm particularly interested in. Sumire was at first too, but after her arc she ended up at "above minor character level", so I'm not hopeful.

Talk-no-jutsu VS. Talk-no-jutsu! I'm happy that everything is good now.

The previous Sarada Arc Ending was so good, but this new ED for the upcoming Mitsuki arc (i guess) it's not so great, yet.

Oooh, we get to see Naruto using taijutsu and Sasuke using his time-tested ninja-wire tricks again! Can't wait!

The flashbacks to the first Naruto series slay me every time. It was a simpler time.

I really enjoyed the extended talk about Boruto and Naruto in this. That's the sort of thing this series has been doing pretty well.

Seriously, why did they change the ED? It was better in every single way and also fit more to the current story arc visually

Well they change ED every 12 episodes.

Or 13 actually minus the weeks that it doesn't air, every anime season has 13 weeks.

I actually like these few episodes a lot more then a movie can't wait for a next episode also Momoshki form is awesome!


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