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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 16 everyone's impressions [My Hero Academia]

Episode 16
"Shiketsu High Lurking"


Maybe Deku had a quirk this whole time before One for All, the Harem Anime protagonist quirk.

Harem for One

Also does Mineta have One for Harem?

The true antagonist of the show

Luckily Uraraka didn't see that...

She still caught onto the implications when it was revealed that Caime took her form. Imagine that she was transformed into Uruaka when she tackled Deku to the ground (or was always naked when that occured.....or both).

Lol Sero asking if Camie was also naked while she was transformed into Uraraka, what a lad

I love that he described Deku's situation as "enviable" when he found him getting attacked by a crazy naked woman.

Honestly I'm just stoked to see Sero doing something for once, I hope he actually sticks around with Deku's makeshift team and doesn't instantly get taken out or something.

When Uraraka turns out to be a fake after 2 minutes of DekuxUraraka bliss

This is the perfect reaction. I paused it to adore him holding her in a princess style. But nooo, I got played.

That's how I got the suspicion it wasnt her (her face would've been super red!)

On today's episode, Todoroki gets attacked by Naruto boys.

Crossover of the century.

U.A gets attacked by Whitebeard

Nah you can't disrespect the OG like that.

It certainly looks like a small homage

What about reverse Ant-Man

Why reverse? Ant-Man can also make things bigger.

I meant reverse cause the ninja's were making things big, while Todoroki has the classic Ant-Man stance.

Inasa Yoarashi is 190 cm and LOVES PASSION. What an ABSOLUTE UNIT

and he has such a sick outfit i hope we get to see more of him in the anime and manga

oh and the soundtrack when he appeared was really similar to naruto's theme which kinda fits inasa's carácter

≫and he has such a sick outfit i hope we get to see more of him in the anime and manga

Hori has stated what a ballache it is to draw so I'm expecting more plain-clothed versions of him down the line

edit: Quote I was talking about. I doubt Hori would stop drawing it all together as he loves a challenge.

aw Deku knows Ochako so well he could almost instantly tell she was a fake

I knew she was a fake because she wasn't red and flustered the whole time Deku was carrying her.

another clue would have been that she was seen losing her helmet, and then suddenly had it on again

Uraraka, Toga, and now Camie...

Deku is really building up his harem

Capcom is going all out on the M. Bison redesign.

Which is kinda funny because this test takes place on a Tuesday.

Loved the War sounds in the background lol

Oh man I'm glad I wasn't the only one who heard that. Like I know it's a universe with heroes like Gunhead but damn there was just a machine gun going off constantly in the background. What are these kids even doing?

i didn't even notice it until the todoroki scene where i heard someone just pop off with a pistol i was like lmaooo who is this

I really like Deku's boots. That seems like a really cool idea.

Deku got himself a new pair of Air Jordans and hes pumped them up.
Look how light on his feet they made him.

Damn Deku with the 200 IQ play seeing through the fake Uraraka

They did that scene so well. I love how creepy they made Camie. I imagined her being bubbly and teasing when I first read it but making her more like a stalker was very cool. Very fitting with her technique and quirk.

I was literally about to say that it's a little stupid that they made Uraraka a damsel in distress from falling off a 12 foot ledge when she can literally fucking fly, but then my boy Deku did it for me.

Camie's VA is great

At first, I thought it was Chiwa Saito (Senjougahara from Monogatari).

But I looked it up and it's actually Chihara Minori (Nagato from Haruhi Series). I think it's fair to say that I was easily mistaken.

When Deku slapped her hand away, my my was he on GUARD. This episode felt like it passed too quickly. Everything about it was amazing.

Horikoshi's twitter sketch for this episode!

Lol did Tail Bro even make an appearance this episode? Cute pic, regardless

Seriously, My Hero Academia is just a plethora of best girls. I don’t think Horikoshi is capable of running out of them.

That episode was great. Camie was nailed really well, and the filler content they added was really cool. The ninjas are completely original and the cut to Inasa didn't happen in the middle of the Camie stuff. I think it was either before or after, but it seems like it was in a good order here. Based Bones.

I still don't understand why people call this a Naruto ripoff though.

Is this how it feels to watch an arc like this weekly? This episode was hype as fuck but now I have to wait a week just to see what comes after? I'm loving it


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