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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 15 everyone's impressions [My Hero Academia]

Episode 15
"The Test"

Class 1-A were finally able to adjust their costumes and create ultimate weapons. Before their training were finished, Class B arrives at the gym claiming the place to be their time for training. Monoma, who has an obvious dislike for class A provokes them haughtily and declares to defeat their class in the coming examination, however Aizawa stated that the 2 classes will be having the exam on different location to avoid fighting each other. After reaching the place for the provisional examination, Aizawa met his former neighboring agency, Joke who constantly teases him into going out with her which he immediately retorts. They met several other students from other schools and the test started with an elimination exam. However, unbeknownst to the U.A. students, there is a traditional event where other schools would primarily target U.A students every time an examination starts. 


What would Tommy Wiseau's quirk be?

Quirk; Oh, hi Mark!
Tommy instantly knows the location and status of any people named Mark in a three mile radius

That's such a stupid idea for a quick that I hope they make a hero with it now

its still actually less weirdly specific than some of the later era Jojo stands. Praying for Horikoshi to create a gang of villains who are only named Mark so Tommy can truly use his power for justice

Uraraka is so in love, she's fucking floating.

That was also used to show that her Quirk has improved. She can now float herself for way longer and with way more ease.

She used to not be able to float herself at all really without getting sick. She always floated stuff and held onto it, but when she did her self for more than a couple secs she went rainbow sprinkles on everyone. So just her being able to use it on herself so effortlessly like that is a major change. The power of Love, and determination to measure up to Deku, also a little Gunhead training too probably.

Perhaps not the best course of action when she's floating

Great to see her time in the sky has improved

Jiro's face is so smug, i love it.


I love this combo, one of my fav things in this arc

Basically Eraser's mood all the time

Honestly I just want an Eraser spinoff

He can probably erase her quirk so he's the only person that never laughs around her.

It's actually rated in a bonus chappie that she always tries to make him laugh with her quirk, but he's always too fast in erasing it

≫Honestly I just want an Eraser spinoff

Him and that dude sitting in a bar mumbling about stuff.

I don't even need them to actually say anything to each other, I just want a scene where Aizawa walks up to this provisional license dude and silently hands him a sleeping bag. Then he just turns around and walks away, as a single, grateful tear rolls down the other guy's face.

Kaminari getting that sweet duel disk ready

Seto Kaiba is gonna be so jealous when he faces off aginst him.

I love the costume upgrades. Kirishima's sleeves look badass, Jirou's gauntlets and headphones look sleek, and Kouda's mask looked both cute and stylish.

And what's so sweet is that Kirishima's sleeves don't even power him up or improve his quirk in any way, they're just soft padding for his arms so that people don't get hurt by his quirk when he's carrying them to safety.

There's a lot of new and exciting stuff this episode, but let's not overlook this somber moment of reflection from All Might. He's no longer someone who saves others, but someone to be saved. This wistful look on his face as he stares at his hand, which can no longer reach anyone in need.

That's kinda sad, but tbh I think he deserves to rest now and leave it to Deku.

But the thing is he never wanted to rest.

It might not something he wanted, but at least he can still do so, knowing that the one who would take his place is someone that he himself actually looks up to.

Some people tend to forget that.
All Might actually looks up to the little fella, who continuously surpasses his expectations, and reminds him of what a hero truly is.

Hey guys, I have a feeling Ochako might be in love with Midoriya or something.

Ochakooo is soo cute falling in love... Oh god!

Wow! It feels great that Deku is rallying everyone! So excited for next week!!

Ochaco is always adorable.

And yes, Midoriya grew a lot as a character. He's much more assertive now and has heightened his charisma. One step closer to becoming the number 1!

She is the first result when you Google "Best girl"

Monoma, you classy mofo...

I must protect.

I wonder if at some point he'll copy a quirk that he can't control. Like for example he takes One For All and then ends up breaking every bone in his body just like Deku used to do.

Then he's not so smug anymore now is he?

I bet Monoma would get overwhelmed by Dark Shadow easily unless it would develop different kind of personality when it comes out of Monoma.

Is so cool to see Deku learning from the combat styles of the people he met and adapting them into his own, kinda like the quote that goes ``Use you enemie strenght against them´´

Costume Gamma is like a gymnastic knight due to all the bits of equipment that act like an armor.

At the end, with all (well, most of them) class 1-A students defending eachother and Deku acting as a leader was awesome, there were some really welll animated scenes too, i personally really looking foward to this Provisional License Exam Arc and its repercussions.

I love episodes like this because it reminds us that Deku’s intelligence is his most impressive tool.
He was able to piece together the all vs UA in just a few moments of the exam starting, and keep his cool while naturally felling into the leadership role to coordinate and protect his class.
It’s funny because on the one hand part of me wishes I hadn’t read ahead in the manga just so I could be surprised, but st the same time I’m happy because episodes like this provide a lot more context to those who passed vs those who fail.

Ochako is so damn cute! i really hope they can get together in the future! (no spoilers please!)

The interactions between Aizawa and Ms. Joke were also great! he better have a goor reason for turning down a woman like that.

I really like that the class is working together instead of against eachother. Hoping they all pass, but im sure there is some twist the test

Knowing Aizawa he'd probably like a logical, quiet girl. In his character bio, we learn that he likes cats.
Guess who is the logical, quiet girl who is also a cat girl who also already knew Aizawa way before?
That's right, frigging Mandalay.

Hair-up Tsuyu

Imagine you are a manga assistant and your sensei told you he wants to include a cute frog in the story.

Would you have believed him or reminded him how ugly those creatures look in real life

I hope we get to see everybody's ultimate moves during the test. Especially looking forward to finding out if Kaminari managed to get his electric sword!


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