Monday, July 16, 2018

[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 14 everyone's impressions [My Hero Academia]

Episode 14
"Create Those Ultimate Moves"

Been waiting so long for this to be animated.

Worth it.

Uraraka is protective of her crush

Her crush got crushed

Wow, the anime is a shot-for-shot of the manga in almost every way. I feel like I don't see that very often.

Wow, the anime is a shot-for-shot of the manga in almost every way. I feel like I don't see that very often.

Just wait till Bakugo finds out he can use his feet, too! (no spoiler, I'm just joking)

Doesn't Bakugo's sweat contain the explosive?

If so, yeah, dude could do a sweet interpretation of a Catherine wheel.

Can someone explain the TDL thing? I had no idea what was going on there.

EDIT: oh, Tokyo Disneyland. When they said "mouse" I thought Disneyland but couldn't figure out what the T would stand for

It was much more subtle than what the CR translators made it out to be. They never said "mouse", just something like "this looks like trouble".

Japan doesn't have as much leniency to fair use, and for Disney stuff in particular even JoJo avoids direct references.

≫for Disney stuff in particular even JoJo avoids direct references.

Except for that one time in part 6 lol

It's also a continuation of the joke where their first training room was abbreviated USJ; which is the same as Universal Studios Japan.

Looks like Tsuyu is prepping for sage mode

Aww I need fanart of this now!

Here ya go

Tsuyu x Narutos Sage Mode !  by Dipoart
Also Tsu is best girl!

she will summon naruto.

Sometimes he messes up his toad summoning.

You know, i had forgotten about midoriya's bunny hood until the opening.

Midoriya probably forgets about it constantly as well, considering he never puts it on.

I think he looks better without it on anyway. It looks kind of silly. Though i suppose i would get use to it if he actually bothered to use it more.

Horikoshi's drawing for today's episode

I opened it thinking "It better be Mei."
I was not disappointed. That Shirt and Skirt combo... wew~

Best support girl.

Ok.. I really want this book, and the "Path to Overlord vol.3"

Aizawa: Shit, why didn't I think of that.

Easily the Derpiest Aizawa we've had yet. And I love it

Deku got cool new shoes !!! 

His color scheme is all over the place now like leveling up an MMO character.

Minmaxing > feshion

Bakugo is working his way to becoming a one-man army regiment. Badass.

He can pretty much shoot a laser like Aoyama...

i'd wager aoyamas is longer range while bakugos is more potent

Missed opportunity for Tokoyami to call it

``Abyssal Knigth of Darkness from the Shadow World bearer of the Black Heart... Nightsky Mode.

His moves are going to have the best names.


Ooh. And she's feeling frisky.

As the Manga panel says, dynamite in more way than one.

Holy shit this was the end to the 100th chapter.

Why is Tooru dead center in the last OP pose lol. The ED song is very good tho. Also the return of Mei the Bae!!!!

And she is in the centre while being naked ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Holy fucking shit, that opening song. What a banger. Might be my favorite OP yet overall, in terms of song and animation both.

I really, really like the new opening. The animation is so action-packed and exciting, and you can really feel how lively all the characters are during their respective shots - especially the Shiketsu students. I can't wait to see them animated!


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