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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 13 everyone's impressions

Episode 13
"Moving into Dorms"

Tokoyami's shame is the best. I especially like how he only feels worse after the super-nerdy Deku appreciates his design sense.

They both low key love some mall ninja shit

Think about it. He's a Japanese kid with genuinely formidable darkness-based superpowers and he's still can be considered as a mall ninja. The chuuni is strong in this one.

I'd love too see some flashback of Tokoyami's life during his chuuni phase XD

My favorite thing about Tokoyami's chuuni-ness is that it's all totally justified. He does have a savage monster inside him, and he does have to keep it under control because it will cause extreme harm to himself and others if he doesn't. Like, it's not a backstory he made up as a teenager because it sounded cool, that's his actual life.

There are a lot of people in the class, so I really like that Sato won, he wasn't in the focus so much as of yet.

Shoto's dead-pan explanation for his room was great.

Revelry in the dark...

Kyoka's room was my favourite.

just a PSA: no episode next week, the anime will return on the week after

My Hero Academia Manga is on break as well.
Next week is hell.

Yeah next week both the anime AND the manga is on break. The spirits of fans will be tested.


Iida already being in the classroom while everyone else is walking to school has to be one of the best visual gags the series has ever had.

It's just so... Iida.

I dunno, Mineta getting taped up to look like a mummy after smelling Tooru's drawers was also pretty good.

Oh my god that was Mineta! I didn’t realise it was him, oh god I feel dumb for missing that XD

When I saw that my initial reaction was: Wow someone really screwed up the tail in the background. It took me longer than it should to realize that was Mineta wrapped up by Sero.

It was a bit hard to read with the subs, so here's the rooms layout if anyone was curious.

They wouldn't have needed a 5th floor is they didn't insist on keeping all the boys on just one side of the building...

  • aww, they kept Bakugao and Kirishima next to each other #bros4life...and as far from Midoriya as possible lol.
  • all the girls rooms are corner ones. On the other hand, the 2 unoccupied boy's rooms are corners. Not sure if that means anything.
  • Poor Midoriya being next to Mineta. Also note how Mineta is on the 2nd floor... where there are no other girls.
  • Shoto is on the same floor as Momo. Close enough, let the ships fire!

Aizawa-sensei knows to keep Mineta away from girls.

Uraraka wearing Iida glasses and holding the rabbits without the pinky is just so adorbs.

I love the detail of that.
Her quirk activates when she touche thigns with all fingers, so shes conditioned herself to keeping her pinkys out to avoid anti-grav'ing everything. (Face-Palm does the same thing). Shes been doing it this whole time and its just the little stuff like this which really sell things.

As an example for Shigaraki, during the scenes he's observing Stain and the Nomus with binoculars, he makes sure to only hold them with a few of his fingers.


Even the clock is flexing.

PSA: Bakugo didn't mug Kaminari. I've seen some people think he did, which is not the case. He made him discharge to distract/cheer up the class while he gave Kirishima the money.

≫He made him discharge
he made him discharge his full load behind the bushes

It's like a mansion! collapses

That's why I love Uraraka

Uraraka: These place is enormous!

Yaoyorozu: These rooms are about the size of my closets back home...

On today's episode of Boku no Hero Academia: wealth inequality

And people say Bakugou is an irredeemable prick. LOOK AT HIS BEAUTIFUL BROSHIP WITH KIRISHIMA!

Edit: I also LOVE Sero's Nnoitra smile.

Bakugo best tsundere confirmed.

Tsuyu and Uraraka have to be two best girls for me in this show.

Tsuyu to me is one of the most level headed characters in all of class 1-A.

She will call it like it is and always want to do the right thing, but today we learnt that she is also very aware that her straightforwardness can have a negative effect on both her and her friends.

She is also mature enough to address this effect, initiating the talk about it so that she and the people around her can be at ease. That is a very mature trait that I admire her for.

Uraraka's ability to understand and empathize with the feelings of others makes her the perfect best friend for somebody like Tsuyu.

It's easy to forget that she wanted to be a hero so that she could provide financially for her family, and seeing her reaction to the new dorm being "like a mansion" makes me wonder just how humble that background is.

≫just how humble that background is

They have a construction company (or maybe it's just a slightly bigger contractor/carpentry business) so it's not like she poor poor and living in a cardboard box but times have been tough. Even in her flashbacks she wants to help her parents so they must have had bad times for quite a while. Everybody else has smartphones with touchscreens and she's still using a flip phone so her family is probably being really frugal due to their circumstances.

Am I the only degenerate who is actually curious to see how Mineta's room looked?

Everything imaginable of Mt Lady

I just want to call attention to the fact that Jiro does the shy finger-poking thing with her headphone plugs

Tsuyu's confession was heartbreaking. Great performance by Aoi Yuuki.

You really feel the emotion in every line. Fantastic VA

Also how she still makes it sounds frog-like (unless that's done in post?)

≫unless that's done in post?

Nope, that's just a thing she does. She does the same with her voice in this video starting at about 2:34 and going full ham at 3:47 (Overlord s1 spoilers). The only difference is that she's doing it constantly with her Tsuyu voice.

Good relaxing episode.

I understand why they do it, but the repeated threats of expulsion for disobeying rules is getting old imo. The teachers/heroes have repeatedly failed to protect the students. Who knows what would have happened to Bakugo if they never showed up.


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