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[Banana Fish] Episode 4 everyone's impressions


Episode 4
 "This Side of Paradise"

Ash's plan just completely backfired and got his own brother killed, that must sting. Shorter being a real bro tho, going 1v4.

I really liked the final scene. Best scene yet imo.

And the tragedy was that it seemed Griff had recovered a little, he was on his feet and talking.

I love how much this series focuses on characters genuinely talking about how they feel to each other. It's an emotional side that I really appreciate.

It's great that you're enjoying them! We'll definitely be getting a lot of those. One of my favorite aspects of the series is the various character dynamics that reveal different layers and dimensions of the characters. It really elevated my investment in the series, and that's without considering all the action and mystery.

Really good episode. Fuck amazon though.

Why? Amazon has been perfect for me.

This episode (at least in the UK) still isn't available yet. That't why fuck Amazon.

Same here, still waiting for the new episode (greeting from Germany)

Man, this episode went extra fast for me. By the time I thought it was halfway through the credits rolled.

Interesting. As a manga reader, I actually thought this episode covered less content than I thought it would, considering my speculation on where the first cour will end based on the opening.

Im so happy about Ash stabbing his rapist's dick with a fork. Hell yeah the satisfaction.

A very welcome change tbh (in the manga, it's Garvey who becomes his roommate and gets nearly killed, but there's smth about getting stabbed in the dick that makes a much more satisfying payback)

That was an anime original scene? It was executed pretty seamlessly from an anime-only perspective.

The dick stabbing yeah. The confrontation was done by a different Dino goon and only the fork threatening part actually happened, then followed with Max's entrance. They did a great job of adding that, I'm very impressed. It feels more gratifying as well.

I feel like, in general, the crew seems to have put a lot of care into this adaptation. You can tell it was someone's passion project.

It's definitely a passion project. It started with an Aniplex producer (I forgot her name hdjsks), who really worked her way up in Aniplex just to pitch this series, because she's such a huge fan of it. Seeing as it was the original mangaka's 3/40th anniversary last year, she saw the opportunity and pitched it to her superiors and got an okay on the first try. There's an interview that goes into more detail on this but I lost the link. Other members of the staff and cast are huge fans of the series who have read it at some point in their life: Hiroshi Seko (the series composer), Akemi Hayashi (Character designer), Kenji Nojima (Eiji's VA), Jun Fukuyama and Soma Saito (Future characters' VAs), Ayumu Murase (Skip's VA). The ED singer band, King Gnu, are also huge fans and wrote the ED song based on the story. Utsumi Hiroko (Director) and Yuuma Uchida (Ash's VA) have only recently read it and fell in love with the series. Utsumi especially really, really loves Ash and Eiji (ofc). Note as well that the author, Akimi Yoshida, is supervising the production. Most of them are very aware of the expectations of the fans, so the pressure's really there on them, but they themselves love the series so I'm not surprised at the high quality of the show so far.

((Sorry for the long post lmao))

Well it sucks that this episode hasn't appeared for America. But anyway I thought it was a good episode and I got a lot of satisfaction in seeing Ash stab the rapist in the peen with that fork.

Eiji was a complete angel as usual.

There have been some very unpleasant scenes but that guy getting stabbed in the dick was incredibly satisfying.

I love a show that makes you say this.

Thanks to Amazon, watched this on a pirate stream. Hope the sub upload is timely next week.

Anyway, I’m out in the boondocks right now so can’t do my usual screen caps, but great episode as usual. There’s really never a dull moment with this show. I’m falling even further in love with Ash. He’s just so resourceful in the face of adversity - taking down two different attempted rapists in one ep, but in spectacular fashion. He doesn’t let it phase him at all and he’s even planning to break out of the place. Otoh, we also saw just how distraught he (and Max) are at the death of his brother. Ash can never catch a break.

Neither can Eiji for that matter. Arthur has a lot of presence as a villain, especially with that voice, it felt creepy just hearing him threaten Eiji with becoming another of Dino’s sex toys. Shorter saved the day - cool character, hope to see more of him soon. Even though he knows the mafia is after him and his life is in severe danger, Eiji is still insistent he wants to stay and help Ash. Eiji is a lot tougher than he looked back in the first episode.

A father (Max) fighting in vain for custody of his child...Some things never change I suppose.

Every time Ash gets attacked in prison I hold my breath hoping he won't be raped again. The poor boy has simply been through too damn much.

And now Griffin?


I understand Eiji not wanting to leave. Nobody else may understand it but he knows Ash needs him.

Gez Max you keep messing up, luckily Ash can handle things himself. That end scene with Max and Ash talking was real good and so was the action in the beginning, it was real tense.

Man, how many people have it out for Ash? I feel like half the characters in this show want to kill and/or rape him. Meanwhile the number of people on his side is slowly dwindling... I just want the guy to be happy!

I found it really sad how Ashs looks force him to have to prove his 'manliness' in order to show the other dudes in prison he's a 'full fledged male' as Max put it. If Ash were born in a better environment, his looks would have been his biggest advantage, like legit he could model for Calvin Klein, but in his world, its a burden on him and his ability to survive.

Awesome episode, quite a lot happened! Rip Griff, though at least he can rest now. I really fucking love the song in the ed

Same. It fits Ash so much.

That episode felt like 10 mins...... But another good episode I'm thorughly enjoying this anime so far!!

Another great episode. The way Ash handles everything is so cool, so seeing him so sad at the end of episode, and then that ending song started playing and just broke my heart.

I was holding my breath during the last few minutes of the episode, because I thought Max was also going to get killed. I was so relieved he didn't die and even made peace with Ash.

Great fucking episode, this is an extremely strong contender for AOTS. Can't wait for next week!

Gah, that was amazing. This is shaping up to be masterpiece (anyone else getting The Wire vibes from this?) Never a dull moment with this show, and I love how Max and Ash started to bond at the end over the loss of Griffin.

I suppose next stop is 42 Westwood, LA, after both of them get their bail. Ash + Ei-chan roadtrip hype!


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