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[Banana Fish] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"Across the River and into the Trees"

In prison, Ash is made cellmates with Max Lobo, a journalist who was in the same platoon as Griffin. Upon learning Max's identity, Ash recalls that it was Max who subdued Griffin during his attack by shooting him in the legs; Ash blames Max for Griffin's condition, and vows to kill him when he is released from prison. Later, during a prison visitation, Ash slips a message to Eiji hidden inside a pill capsule by kissing him. The message instructs Eiji to contact Shorter Wong, a gang leader in Chinatown. 

I'm slightly ashamed to admit I frantically refreshed amazon until they uploaded the video. Real talk, I'm loving this series. It's really interesting, I don't normally watch stuff like this but the main characters are likeable enough that I really want to see where it goes. Also I love the soundtrack so much.

It's my personal favorite of the season by a mile.

It's a very strong contender for AOTY for me at this point.

Well at least we are getting some answer on what Banana Fish is but man do I feel worried for Eiji.

My motherly instincts kick in so hard whenever I see that kid, he's so naive and needs much protecc

Why use your hands when you can use your tongue, am I right Ash ?!

In the manga, if I remember correctly, they did mention smth like Ash is being watched very carefully. So any act would have caused suspicion or doubt like handing him the capsule under the table. A kiss is not so suspicious since he pretended to be lovely dovey to Eiji anyway.

But kissing Eiji makes it look like Ash and him are super close, which will make Dino go after him.

I never read the manga but I think it shows two things, that Ash is super desperate to hide the drug away and that he isn't that invested in Eiji.

yep pretty much. At this point of the story, their bond hasn't really established itself yet. They just met each other after all, but the impact/first impression they have on another becomes a good foundation for the slow, but satisfying build up of their relationship.

Also like what I said in another comment, the Ash of later volumes/future eps would have NEVER let Eiji go to Chinatown alone like that lmao

cue loud yelling from every fan girl

real talk, ash is an amazingly cunning kid, can’t wait for more

edit: well, now that i've actually watched the episode (previous comments were based off what i guessed happened from the preview lol), there's a lot to say, as is with every episode since they cram a lot of chapters into each one. first off, max is here! he's a good guy, i feel bad that he's gotten tangled up in this whole banana fish problem... looking after ash isn't easy but he tried his dang best. i love how every bad guy who tries to touch ash gets beat up (which shows that max is a good guy since ash didn't retaliate against him in that last scene!!) ash stabbing the banana was such a power move, he's so strong for being able to do that after garbage garvey abused him. ash's grief over the state griffin is in, and then the transition to his cold face when he said he'd kill max was so well done, i really like mappa's animation! of course, the highlight of this episode for most is the "transfer of secret information via oral transmission"... the whole scene was really well set up, from ash acting super close with eiji, putting his hand on his cheek, and then transferring the capsule seamlessly. eiji is so confused but immediately understands that there's something going on, and i LOVE the look they give each other after.

NOW to yell about eiji!! i really hoped they'd keep his hawaiian outfit in, but they swapped it for a lame old baseball jacket :/ eiji still looks adorable in it, but the original remains unmatched. the main focus of the series is on ash, so i really treasure the eiji scenes! he's not used to the gang life like ash is, but he does his dang best to help ash out despite knowing how dangerous it is. even when he doesn't get to see shorter, he goes to meredith on his own... he is so brave and kind how can anyone not love him?? huge kudos to mappa for the expressions, i can't gush enough about how much i love them

one little thing i noticed is that ibe asks eiji to get him a sundae, but in the manga he's asking for the magazine, shonen sunday. guess amazon interpreted it differently?

I literally rewatched that scene 3 times lol. Gotta love being a fujioshi who craves good anime with gay characters.

oh man, this isn’t even my favourite ash/eiji moment - their relationship really grows as the series goes on

Across the River and into the Trees, the episode name, is apparently a reference to a novel of the same name by Ernest Hemingway. I haven't read it yet, so maybe someone else could point out the thematic similarities.. it seems it does have something to do with reliving the trauma of war.

Poor Max, he just couldn't catch a break this episode.

If this keeps up, Ash will become one of my favourite anime characters ever. There's just something about him; the way he's intelligent, resourceful and driven, and how that allows him to tune everything out - including the abuse. I love revenge stories, and while this could easily head the way of a tragedy, I'd love for him to break free of his shackles (and of course, avenge Skip and countless others like him whose lives were considered worthless).

But meanwhile, Arthur/Dino have the cute Japanese nekoboy - again. And this time there's no Ash to help bail him out. Definitely worrying.

First kiss was great, but it's the second one that seals the deal. Soon, maybe?

Ash is becoming one of my favorite MCs as well. He's stylish, got a sharp tongue and a smart guy

Pretty sure the guy in the image is Max.

Eiji's Chinatown outfit was hilarious. Even in all of his bumbling around, I love how fearless Eiji can be. Both Eiji and Ash have disarming looks that leads to people underestimating them (and then regretting it).

Banana Fish has had strong cinematography thus far — last week's episode with Eiji's makeshift pole vaulting, the cut to his reflection in Ash's eyes, and then the window/birds in the hospital were all stunning — and this week is no exception. The entire scene with the banana, Max, and Ash in the prison hospital was really well done. It also has the right amount of levity (with Ash stabbing and then biting into the banana) and horror/drama as more about "banana fish" is revealed and the banana winds up on the floor. It takes a deft hand to make all of that work, but the transition is seamless and it also ties into the gluttonous banana fish in the Salinger short story.

Ash is often underestimated, but Eiji is just as bad as everyone thinks he is.

Yes, yes... I'm glad you came today too, Eiji.

This series continue to amaze me, even with an episode a lot more paused than the last two. Can't wait to see how the relation between Eiji and Ash progress and how the story develop. Hands down my favourite show of this season.

Ash is so smooth! It was awesome how he planned everything from the painkiller acquisition to the kiss. And I loved Eiji's outfit when he went out to Chang Dai. Such cool characters!

God this show has me so hooked. Interesting characters, awesome art, sweet soundtrack and a story that's keeping my attention like no other. Can't wait to see what's in store next.

I'm really loving this op. I've listened to it multiple times the past week.

I'm enjoying how much stranded threads are tying together already and new plot points are starting to unravel. And we're still only near the beginning.

The kiss scene was great, Ash really playing it up to confuse everyone while hiding the letter. He's such a clever guy.

Eiji, be a bit more discreet, see what mess you get into?

Edit: Also, I think the way it portrayed some of the brutality of prison was rather respectful. It didn't overindulge in the rape and didn't try to play the scenes for comedy. It gave you enough to realize that prison is cruel but never focused too much on it, instead allowing the setting to take a backseat to the character interactions.

One of the things I'm really... appreciating... about this series is the very respectful way it portrays sexual abuse. It's still pretty heavy, but it's not sensationalised or gratuitous at all which isn't really something I've seen in any other work.

Akimi Yoshida is consistently great with how she deals with the seriousness of abuse and rape throughout her manga work. That should be a given but in so many of even my fave anime and manga it simply... isn't. Even when it's portrayed as serious there's still a titillation angle.

So his name's Aslan, I suppose I should have expected it with a mane like that. Actually, there are a few animal-related names in this with Lobo being related to wolves.

That was quite a moment during visiting hours, I had wondered if it would just be tension between the two, but I guess not. Even if it was all just a ruse to pop a pill. Also, the framing of Ash eating the menacing banana was great.

The Aslan reveal always makes me laugh. In a way, it's perfect, but in a way too I think it's a symptom (a symptom I love) of silly "English" names in manga nad anime, particularly from the 60s-80s.

Argh, that cliffhanger! I don't want to wait for a week, I'm way too worried about Eiji!

I have to say though, the outfit he wore in China Town was really cute

Ash is beautiful, intelligent, smart, cunning, strong, can look after his own back. Damn, I can’t believe I would admire and respect a fictional character this much. He is easily in the top in my favorite characters list.

my god i love this anime so damn much already, i remember seeing this manga in the past and being curious but never really checked it out. now i somewhat wish i had! haha.

ash is amazing, hands down becoming my favorite character ever

Ashe being mad at Max for shooting his brother is completely reasonable, but c'mon he had no other way of stopping him from killing the entire team. It's not like his brother would have not ended up fucked in the head if he hadn't shot him. On top of that he didn't even kill him and, if he ever does recover, I'm pretty sure the guilt of knowing he was responsible for killing his entire team would have been immense.

It is incredibly rare for me to be shocked by the episode ending. I get distracted incredibly easily and this show is consistently over before I know it. What a ride. Really enjoying the characters and mystery slowly unfolding. I feel really bad for Max after this episode.

God this show has me hooked!

The mystery of who/what Banana Fish is is really gripping me, I feel like I need to know everything about it now, having to wait a week for only one episode is torture and we’re only on episode 3.

The dynamic between Ash and Eiji is already growing to be a true bromance or maybe more? I can’t wait to see how this develops as the series goes on and just Eiji in general. Whereas Ash is already hardened by the criminal underworld, Eiji is just now learning about it all and getting involved in it so seeing how it changes him is going to be fascinating. The kiss to me felt like purely Ash’s way of passing on the note but who knows?

That cliffhanger though as well aaaahhhhhh!!! I hope Eiji is okay but this looks really bad :( please make it next Thursday already so I can find out

Show of the season so far? It’s close between this and Hanebado for me but I think this episode pushed Banana Fish ahead a little

Lmao it's so weird seeing Ash just let Eiji go alone to a dangerous place like chinatown so much especially since Ash of the later volumes/future eps would have NEVER done that. I love the slow build up of their relationship, I can't wait to see my favorite parts animated!!

Aww Eiji's outfit in Chinatown was cute haha

This series has me hooked. I can't wait for the next episode.


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