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[Banana Fish] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2
"In Another Country"

Ash attempts to rescue Eiji and Skip, who have been kidnapped by Arthur's gang. Eiji escapes by pole vaulting over a wall, though Skip is killed by Marvin, one of Golzine's subordinates. Ash pursues Marvin to an apartment building, only to find that he has been shot and killed. The police arrive, and arrest Ash for Marvin's murder. 

When you hear about the "ugly bastard" tag for hentai, the person they're talking about is Marvin. Sick fuck. I'm glad he's dead.

i can't help but hate the cop more somehow, it's not really grounded in logic, but who the fuck shows a teenage boy footage of his 10 year old self being raped and doesn't bat an eye? how is this allowed given that the show's time frame is somewhere in the last 10 years... since you know, smartphones and all.

i mean i get it, we're just going to believe it, but these type of things kind of break the immersion of an overall brilliant episode. did the people in charge of adapting this to today's day and age forget the world evolved from 1980?
  • police protocol is strict as shit, that child pornography extortion scene? instantly fired for psychological torturing a troubled minor. what the fuck. there were OTHER policemen right there to report it, and they were on ash's side
  • a 17 year old can't go to state prison... let alone be incarcerated because "the defense didn't show up" not to mention motive means nothing if all you have is circumstantial evidence, and you know a fuck ton of evidence to prove your innocence:
    there was no gun in ash's possession at the moment of arrest, and the gun in the floor could not have ash's fingerprints
    ash's gun was left in the scene of skip's murder and it's well documented that he only uses "that" gun. this could be testified to help the case
    bullets in marvin's body could easily be traced back to the gun's owner or give valuable information that sustained the case
big PS: even if ash had killed him, he would've NEVER served a day in court for killing a runaway known mafia criminal that had just kidnapped a kid and a foreigner, and killed the same kid in front of cops who would willingly testify. there's no way people on payrolls could ever cover the immeasurable amount of evidence. and there's this retarded idea that having a bunch of lawyers would just close the case, when in reality money to buy lawyers only really works against private entities that need to spend money on lawyers, not the state/police of which the police officers on ash's side are a part of.

isn't the shitty cop a dirty cop? I'm fairly sure he's working for papa. "cops pensions not enough" (paraphrased).

Oh he for sure is, i could tell from the moment we first saw him.

This is the kind of premise where I could end up hating every single character, but it's well written enough that there are characters I genuinely care about and want to see succeed. Also the soundtrack is gorgeous.

This is shaping up to be a suuuuper interesting series, tackling issues that I don't normally come across in a very serious and respectful way. I'm gonna end up crying my eyes out, aren't I.

Damn, this show is turning up really well. The opening is really good too.

RIP Skip, that was a bit sudden.

Man, the mafia here and police corruption is brutal. Ash was set up so easily here, and he doesn't even care. What a trooper.

Didn't quite realize how much of a monster that bodyguard was, but in retrospect I'm realizing there were hints in the first episode. I'm just sad that Ash didn't get the chance to take the bastard out for all he's done.

I enjoy how much Ash and Eiji admire the other's talents and spirit.

Oh gosh, this episode was a lot more consistently interesting than the first. The storyboarding was also outstanding. Like jeez, the framing when Eiji pole-vaulted over the wall was just phenomenal. You could see the moment Ash fell in lov-- I mean uh when he gained a newfound respect for Eiji. Yes. That's it.

≫You could see the moment Ash fell in lov-- I mean uh when he gained a newfound respect for Eiji. Yes. That's it.

Ash'd let him vault his pole anyday I wonder if there's a story behind why Ash was so entranced by Ei-chan 'flying'. I mean, it did look awesome just on its own, but I feel like there's a matter of the past involved too. Wanting to fly off and escape from the situations he was put in as a kid, maybe.

I think, for Ash, "flying" is this idea of freedom: a freedom he's never had. He has always been a caged bird. He can't fly away or escape from the path he's been walking for so long now. If there's one thing I feel like Ash truly desires, it's freedom. He can't escape Dino. He can't escape the life he was thrown into. He can't escape his fate, so flying is symbolic of freedom. Not just in the past, but even now, he wishes he had that freedom.

You could even look at it even more closely and say the wall Eiji jumps over is representative of restrictions: it is a barrier, preventing people from getting to the other side, right? Imagine the other side as freedom. In this scene, Eiji literally jumps over the wall to get to freedom. I think Ash wishes he could "fly" over that wall too - the wall that prevents him from obtaining freedom (of course, Ash's "wall" is more of a metaphorical wall, but still). Perhaps this is why he's so entranced. I might be reading too much into this particular part, but I think you could definitely interpret it this way.

As a side note, the concepts of fate and futility are sort of underlying themes throughout this series, so I think it's important to watch it with that in mind.

Right. I thought there might be a literal link to his past, but as a metaphor for escaping his cage I suppose it's all self-evident why Ash was as entranced as he was. I don't think you're reading too much into it at all!

Extend it a bit and I think Ash also admires that Eiji knows how it can all go horribly wrong - the pole might break, or he could get terribly hurt since there's probably nothing to cushion the fall on the other side. But Eiji goes for freedom without letting fear of the consequences stop him. It's entirely possible that Ash could try to get away from Papa Dino's grasp - escape to a different city or country, maybe - but he's too afraid of the consequence that would have on him and the others that depend on him. So he admires Eiji's courage.

Yeah, I agree. I think he definitely admires Eiji's courage. I feel like Ash has somewhat accepted his fate. I think he feels that escaping Dino isn't enough. He has to escape fate itself, which is why I think Eiji's willingness to find a way out of such a dire situation and continue trying against the odds was inspiring to him.

Somehow even better than the premiere. Phenomenal directing with a damn near masterful juggling of tension. My only issue, which is more of a grim curiosity than anything, is that we're already this dark two episodes in. How dark are we going to get here?

My takeaway so far from Banana Fish is tactful maturity. Not the typical edgy packaging of mature themes into easily digestible Flintstones vitamins designed to fuel tweets by mall-ninja philosophers. These mature characters navigate a mature setting without the immature bullshit anime loves to associate with both of those elements. And it's fucking glorious.

Please let this show continue being this good.

Well said--and most of that is a credit to Akimi Yoshida who is an example of just how complex and mature many of those classic shoujo manga-ka are (despite the majority of them still not getting English translations let alone anime adaptations).

I find Ash more attractive than all the "handsome" guys in reverse harems and BL shows I've seen put together.

I think his attractiveness also has to do with the fact that he's aware he's a catch, at least to the creepy old dudes in this show and he's not afraid to use that to his advantage. He's not just some generic innocent 'good looking' MC, he's street smart as well

I still can't get over how Ash looks like a grown up Yuri Plisetsky

Honestly same. I can see a resemblance between Eiji and Yuuri too lol (although Eiji looks a bit older despite being actually younger?)

Yuri sometimes looks his age and sometimes looks like a teen, but overall I think Eiji looks younger.

Wow what an episode, this show is really good. That cop is such a cunt though

I know, I just radiate hatred when he shows up. Somehow he's worse in the anime than in the manga, animation really brings the obnoxious piece of shit to life.

This anime is getting me so hyped. I watched both episodes right now and I thought the first one was one of the best first episodes of the year to get you hooked up. Now, the second one keeps the same pace and energy, I'm really looking forward to this.

Also, the art and animation are very slick, and the characters look pretty interesting. And that's coming from a person that usually is not interested in mafia stuff.

Honestly, MAPPA might be the best studio to bring some random, but very entertaining anime (like Shingeki no Bahamut, Yuri on Ice, Zankyou no Terror...). Looking forward to next week!

The design of this show keeps making me think that it's set in the 80s and then they whip out smartphones, the discrepancy's weird :)

I'm hooked though. Did not expect them to kill a child, and that bit with the child pornography... ouch. I'm so glad Marvin's dead, that sick bastard. And looks like the plot is moving quite quickly, that's nice.

The manga ran from 85 to 94, so it was originally set in that time period, I'm assuming. The anime has just modernized it while keeping the story the same.

Yeah, I still don't get the need to modernize--though it also doesn't really bother me.
The manga did run 85-94 but is all set around '85... (12 years after the prologue scene in Vietnam which is explicitly 1973)

Wow, it's only the second episode, and two named characters just died. I feel pretty sad for Skip... He seemed like such a sweet boy.

Once again, this was a really captivating episode, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

It's a bit soon to say but this will probably be AOTS for me. Really intense so far, just when I thought it was halfway through the episode, it ended.

I'm seriously glad that Marvin was killed this soon in the story, one of the most disgusting characters I've ever seen in an anime.

Another great episode but man did that go by fast. I'm very interested to see where this all goes.

That opening really fits the action part of the series while the ending fits the more emotional/dramatic parts.

The continued brilliance of Banana Fish is really worth mentioning. The pace is frantic but balanced beautifully with a rare efficiency. It's fair to say I already know more about Ash in 2 episodes than some characters get a whole series for, and Skip's relationship with Ash was so developed that a 2nd episode death could be moving.

It doesn't even hold its breath to introduce moments of comedy, either. Eiji flying over the wall or the brief dialogue shared between the leads was brimming with chemistry.

It's rare I'm this impressed in 2 episodes.

Ah yes. This is simply the first of many sufferings that will come. Given the pace it's going, every episode will probably have some kind of gut-wrenching moment/scene ugh I can't believe I'll be reliving the pain all over again.

Marvin can go drop dead for all I care. He deserves hell.

EDIT: Also yeah, get ready for almost every side character to somehow mention Ash's beauty/charm/sexiness. That'll happen a lot in the series. Heck, Ash is hella aware and makes very good use of it!

Oh man...Skip...Maybe tears were shed. Loved the episode, and I swear it ended too soon. The OP and ED were good, too damn. Anyone knows when they're gonna be fully released? Aaand there we go, we know Ash's (Aslan's!) past to some extent now. Forgot we get that "Don't they have that kind of porn in Japan, too?" line so soon. Man I love the visuals I'm really somewhat already addicted to this anime, so glad to see how it's turning out. And damn I really love Ash's character. Can't wait for next week!

Damn, this show moves fast. Another really good episode but I'm still a bit confused as to why the police dudes are helping Ash.

They briefly mentioned it last episode - essentially, he's keeping the gang warfare to a minimum by a surprising unity. Yeah, his gang might be dubious, but the cops see this as a significant lesser of two evils so they'd rather have him than having to deal with constant slugfests.

There's only been two episodes but I'm really enjoying this ahh. Love the ED as well

Man, oh man. What an episode.

Was not expecting that little angel to be killed that way...I could feel the pain in my heart....that's just not right to play us like that.

This summer season is fantastic.

I can’t wait for the OST to be released. This show probably has the greatest background music of every show this year, and maybe even the whole year. It’s even beat out megalo box for me.

So this fat ugly bastard that raped kids and had a stash of child porn actually shot a child dead. In what world was this show ever categorized as a shoujo? lmao

Wait, what does Ash mean when he says he envies Eiji for "knowing how to fly"? Edit nvm I understand

Gripping second episode!. I was wondering when the dirty cops would roll in....can't wait to see where this goes next...

≫In what world was this show ever categorized as a shoujo?

Because it ran in a shojo magazine and has an intended audience of young girls / women. Not all shojo are sugar and rainbows 24/7.

Compare to dark shonens, like (eg) Death Note, much of Hunter x Hunter, early Yugioh, and even some outright horror series like MPD Psycho and so on.

Holy shit, now that was awesome!

I wasn't too big on episode 1 in all honesty due to the dragging exposition throughout the episode but this was something else, it had a good amount of memorable moments.


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