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[Banana Fish] Episode 1 Everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"A Perfect Day for Bananafish"

Ash Lynx, a seventeen year-old leader of a street gang in New York City, is given a street address and a vial of a mysterious substance by a mortally wounded man, who speaks the words "banana fish" before dying. Meanwhile, Eiji Okumura, a Japanese photographer's assistant, arrives in New York to complete a report on street gangs.


Lots of homosexual undertones so far in this show. Marvin alluding to Ash being in gay porn, Dino touching Ash and hinting at a hand job, and the part about a drunk guy touching Ash's gun. How Ash doesn't let anybody touch his gun.

I liked how you picked up on the gun metaphor.

that was completely lost on me lol

It symbolic of trust and consent. Ash trusted Eiji, obviously because he's innocent and has no bad intentions, but also because Eiji asked permission.
Unlike the other drunk guy who just grabbed it, Eiji asked if he could, and that has a great deal of importance for a character like Ash and has implications.

I am in absolute awe about this analysis. I'm ashamed I didn't think about it. Wow. Makes the episode even better.

Boy that was a lot of setup, this definitely isn't a show where you can stop paying attention even for a second. I liked the episode though, it's fresh and different and I'm interested to see where the plot goes.

≫Boy that was a lot of setup, this definitely isn't a show where you can stop paying attention even for a second.

Absolutely. I think anyone jumping into this assuming to find a full on action romp or a delicate BL are going to be shocked by how much plot there is, and especially the density of dialogue.

That was a really good first episode. The action was great and the story seems interesting. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.

Wow, that was an incredible first episode! It looked great, and the story seems pretty interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this is all going! Also, Eiji seems adorable!

Looks like this is the MEGALOBOX of this season. It had that same old but refreshing art style, great music, and a story that's even more interesting.

There is way too many good anime coming out this season, can't believe some people thought it was gonna be weak.

Arthur VA is same as Joe's!

I love an anime that treats me like an adult. No dry or forced exposition and almost every line was bursting with character. Brilliant stuff.

This is the main reason I've been finding zero or one anime per season to follow. Too much spoon feeding. I loved this first episode.

Edit: To expand on this a bit, the past several years I've felt like shows with adult content are still written and produced with the (lack of) subtlety of a kids show. Attack on Titan was the first big example of this I noticed. Lots of blood and gore and some sexual content but written at a pace and over-explained in a way a 6-year-old could follow. There's honestly 4-5 anime per year coming out that I can even stand to finish.

Excellent premiere. I hadn’t read the manga but I didn’t feel lost at all in this episode(a bit when he mentioned Arthur I thought he was already introduced but he appeared a bit after that). It’s exactly my jam with mafia stories and mind games. I’m not personally a fan of the yaoi genre but it’s more that if I want to watch a romance series I prefer something that I can relate to, but this has elements other than that so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest(nor should anybody else that had reservations when seeing the yaoi tag). I thought the visuals were really good. The rough look reminded me a bit of Megalo Box but they didn’t go as far with this which I thought was a good choice.

I just want to say that I really hope this gets a decent English dub. Their depiction of New York is generally pretty good, which is only slightly spoiled by everyone speaking Japanese. I'll of course still watch the sub for now, but I hope the dub is good all the same.

Totally agree. One thing I found charming about the manga was the inclusion of translation markers, where anything said in non-English languages was denoted to the audience through the use of enclosed ‘<>’s. This leads to some scenes playing out slightly differently, like Ibe telling Ei-Chen to back off here being something said between them in Japanese to not have the others understand.
A mixed language dub, then, would be the most ideal rendering of the series imo.

I wish more shows (anime and otherwise) had characters actually speak the languages they're supposed to be speaking. I get why they don't, since that would cost a lot, but it's always nice.

Well that was a lot to digest! I feel like I need to watch it one more time to get everything. I didn't expect this to be a serious crime drama about gangs and mobsters of New York. So far so good though! As usual MAPPA delivers with the animation and every character has something about them that makes them interesting. Definitely will be following this one!

Just to clear it up because Amazon translations are a fucking piece of shit:

Ash doesn't actually say "f*g". He says ゲスヤロウ (gesu yarou) which means either asshole or scumbag. I have no idea why the fuck amazon chose that slur, jesus christ.

It's actually a very appropriate translation considering the context. You think a guy leading a gang and working with the mafia in NYC wouldn't say it?

Also a less offensive translation would be "cocksucker" or something like that. Asshole and scumbag are barely even insults considering he's pointing out the fact that Marvin is gay and is trying to come on to Ash.

I'll be very impressed if the rest of the show is as consistent and dense as that.
I won't get my hopes up yet. I'll be disappointed if this episode has more ideas in it than the rest of the season, which is typical.

I'd enjoy Eiji and Lynx to have a relationship, seems like that was the obvious set-up and I've fallen for it.

That was a great episode. I hope they can keep this momentum up because this definitely looks like an interesting show. Also Skip is such a cute character.

That was very exiting. I watched this without any prior knowledge and now this is very high upon my radar. I would say from the couple shows that have aired so far this is the best.

Everyone keeps pigeonholing this show as gay but there was like one gay thing total. Even if you are the most extreme anti-LBGT toothless grandpa who doesn't even look at his own dick because it's the devil's handlebar, one gay thing in an anime isn't enough to call it a gay anime. I haven't read the manga but even if the other 23 episodes are dudes banging left and right, I mean, that's okay too if it maintains the quality established in this ep.

Anyway so far it's very compelling. Their various conflicting roles in this setting with the backstory they built upon. The opening scene was the only thing that felt weird but it quickly recovered and kept being awesome for 20 straight minutes. Ugh I really wish I could binge this.

Finally like, a new story. Something that doesn't feel like every single other anime with the exact same cast of rainbow hair school girls and dopey MCs doing the exact same shit they always do. Fuck it's so refreshing. My favorite summer premiere so far.

≫Finally like, a new story. Something that doesn't feel like every single other anime with the exact same cast of rainbow hair school girls and dopey MCs doing the exact same shit they always do. Fuck it's so refreshing. My favorite summer premiere so far.

I think it's undeniably homoerotic--but it's also something you can in many ways read as much as you want into.
But I so agree with this point--and that's one reason I wish more anime would adapt some of the classic manga titles, etc (to be fair, the Noitamina block has in general been above the norm in terms of looking for more interesting titles to adapt).

I'm actually pretty impressed so far! I was a little wary of the update to modern times, but I think they did a good job with it so far. The animation so far seems to be pretty good, although some of the high angle far away shots were rough. I appreciate the use of them in terms of staging, though.

It's going to take a lot to fit the entire storyline in, so I'm interested to see what might be cut or changed. Should be a wild, yet thought provoking romp, if they do it right!

I have no idea what i'm getting into, but i liked this first episode a lot. The setting is pretty interesting, and that bit of action at the end was great. Looking forward to next episode.

extremely solid first episode! Went in without having read a synopsis or anything and I really enjoyed it. OP song is so good too

That was interesting, gotta say I love the art style

Those fight scenes! Yes!!! I hope the quality exceeds or stays the same.

Honestly gave me the same feeling the manga did when I read it all the way back in highschool. The dialogue is gritty and cynical and unlike most anime where even rude characters have a bit of that Japanese politeness to their speech, the action is exciting and well done, and Ash is the coolest teenage gangster in the world (sorry Giorno).

Really well done first episode and they even got the moment when Ash let Eiji see his gun down perfectly. I can't wait when they start dealing with the heavier stuff down the line.

Really great first episode. Oh yeah I love how they added them throwing out their phones because they could use that to track them these days. Was a nice touch that made me chuckle because I know Ms. Yoshida didn't have to think about that in the 80's.

Great first episode. Beautiful direction and fluid animation.I especially liked the backgrounds, they featured a lot of detail with all the grafiti or chinese shop signs in what seemed to be china town. Also, great to see how they updated the mangas 80s setting by bringing it to the present. They changed it from the vietnam war to the iraq war in the anime.

I enjoyed the first episode so much that it makes me want to read the manga...but I also want to watch each episode and experience it fresh. Decisions, decisions.


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