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[Back Street Girls] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1

Okay so I've read the manga and I love it but 15 minutes in I can already see the problem with this adaptation.

They adapted the manga perfectly.

Weird that that's a problem right? The thing is, JC Staff didn't even change anything! Like literally the episode follows the manga panel by panel! 1:1! They basically colored in the manga, added in voice acting, music and tons of panning shots. Go look up the manga and you'll see what I mean.

Here I thought I was going to finally see Airi, Chika, and Mari actually perform and dance but nope! This might well be called the audiobook version. And it sucks since I'm enjoying it but the experience is no different from the sources so you might as well read the manga.

EDIT: So I finally finished the episode and I'm honestly conflicted. I enjoyed it and it made me laugh because of the performance of the VAs but the .pps format of this episode is bothering me. I guess I'll follow it but I don't think I'll ever comment on the following threads after this maybe except for the final episode.

tbh this type of manga is a huge fucking risk to undertake.

So ontop of adapting a cursed manga you think JC is initially gonna put effort into it? If reception is positive they might put some more money into it, otherwise i can see them cutting their losses and continuing to run the anime on the absolute minimum.

The Medium that wanted this anime originally seem to love it despite the dogshit animation, so its no skin off their backs.

I wouldn't be surprised if this series was just used as a live test for animators, J.C staff versión.

This make me wonder, many anime wont get another season because of maybe not enough budget, would people want to see another season of their favorite anime in this format? interesting

Premise is great and hilarious, but my word, JC Staff has allocated an atrociously low budget for this adaptation. This can't even be called an anime, but merely a "moving manga".

Just for episode 1, the number of animators for key animation is one. Yes, you read that right: There is only ONE KEY ANIMATOR for the entirety of episode 1.

The fact that this episode is split into 5 parts suggests that it was originally meant to be a 5-minute episode series, which would have been more digestible, and probably less punishing on the poor animators, who is then forced to come up with such a "minimalist" work in a tight schedule.

Yet the powers that be somehow changed their minds and made it a longer standard format.

≫but merely a "moving manga".

Hit the nail right in the head.

≫it was originally meant to be a 5-minute episode series,

Noticed that too and I feel like if they made it into shorts it wouldn't be so bad.

Well, one episode of devilman crybaby has only one key animator as well, and that has plenty of motion. Also you don't really need massive animator counts to make a show with good animation. That said, the animator who did this episode probably wasn't given much time, and was likely working on other projects too.

So you are saying, we have an idol comedy without the idols actually moving?

But you see thats the good part
They cant fuck up the animation if there isnt any. You just have to fill in the blanks with your mind and its gonne be perfect

The OP is certainly something. It's a mix between original and at the same time completely off putting and generic.

There's like 5 frames a minute in some dialog.Very awkward.

It's pretty damn funny overall though some of the humour is hit and miss.

I'll keep watching this show just to see how it goes. I sense a train-wrecked plot though.

It just gets funnier as you're more invested in the characters. There isn't any major over arching plot though if you're looking for that but there is a continuum.

I thought it was funny ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Oh it's definitely funny! The episode made me laugh! The problem is the total lack of animation.

From the comments I take it this wasn't a good episode.

The comedy itself is perfectly funny. The problem comes from the fact that it's obvious there was so little money in this show that it can only be very loosely called an "animation."

Agree. I think the only redeeming quality is the voice acting and delivery which I think was very on point.

I didn't find it that funny, there was no particular thing that made me laugh, the animation is just mouths moving, otherwise is just a powerpoint presentation, I'm dropping it. I kinda liked the premise, sucks but it's unwatchable like this

Know nothing about the manga but i read the synopsis for this and i was excited because the premise seemed absolutely hilarious.

There was some pretty funny moments but yikes, it actually feels like I'm watching a slide show in Powerpoint.

I can see myself watching this but man the animation budget must have been minuscule which is a shame because the show is freaken hilarious!

Animation was shit, but that end credits song was pretty nice though. Shame. I had high hopes for this adaptation being in the same vein as Prison School.

Oh I read about this one and was kinda hyped to watch it. Based on the comments in this thread it sounds like it's almost a disaster because of the poor animation. Haven't watched the episode yet - is it worth watching or is the animation just so bad that it kills the whole show?

I mean, the animation is so bad it's almost good. Kind of fits the vibe. I'm cool with it. It's not as bad as like, Tokyo Ghoul:re. I feel like with this you know they're not trying, but also trying to be funny with it.

You know this premise is so dumb from the beginning I feel it can make this level of animation work in a so bad it's good way. With the Junji Ito collection from earlier this year, it destroys the show, since the whole point is horror. But this is so tongue in cheek I feel there's some layer here somewhere where the impressively terrible animation adds to it.

That said, this really needed to chop its segments up and just be a short-form show.

Fuck - this was hilarious, brought me a good laugh!

I don´t mind the lack of Animation, I´m just sure - with more Money on their Hands, this could be muuuuch better.

Well that was certainly something. This is a funny show but the lack of animation is extremely noticeable. Well I'll keep with it to see how the story goes.

It definitely garnered a lot of chuckles. The lack of animation at all and it basically being a moving manga is disappointing... Ah well. I'll keep coming back if it gives me more laughs like it did here.

I just want to say that these subs were taken from the terribly translated manga and are extremely inaccurate, so if you're interested in more of a real translation (with the songs too), Mirrored is going to be releasing a version... pretty soon... with the songs too.

The show is not great in the animation department but... the voice acting is pretty good I think, especially the three leads' female voices, they're pretty unique roles that they pull off well. It's actually starting to grow on me.

Oh man. The animation is trash, but I'm loving this. Pretty ridiculous. I think the bad animation just adds a bit more to the comedy.

Totally getting prison school vibes as well. Pretty sure their boss is the same voice actor as the principal...

I expected good things from this anime after reading the description and it didn't disappoint. It would have been cool to have proper animation but I feel as if the PowerPoint style works with this anime.

Animation is meh, but comedy is somewhat decent. If the dialogue is consistent with the the following episodes, I still might watch this one.

Though I'm heavily disappointed though, since I was interested when its was first announced.

EDIT: the ending song tho, I like it.

The comedy is actually pretty funny and made me laugh a couple of times. That really doesn't excuse the god-awful visuals however. In a way, this show is like the inverse of Mahou Shoujo Ore from last season. Both are about gender bender idols, but Ore looked good and had meh jokes, BSG is funny (so far) while being terrible to look at.

I'm watching anime because of the story, and the story is good... So I'm gonna continue

Everybody is bitching about the animation, the lack of it i mean, but i actually liked the 1st episode and will probably watch the rest when they come out. After 2 week of binge reading manga this isn't actually that bad.

Best Idol-Anime :D


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