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[Asobi Asobase] Episode 4 everyone's impressions

Episode 4
"Lower Body Lasers"
"Pots and Kettles"
"Illegal Occupation"
"Butt Play"

Glad we got some much needed backstory on the true origins of shogi. And in the same episode, we learned all about his tragic background. To live with an uncontrollable butt beam must be the worst.

And I think her shit will make me laugh every time. The timing and the sound effects always get me. Last week was the thumb and then they upped the ante with her back. The bar is set pretty high.

Best thing about this is she had shown she's capable of doing Chinese contortionist shit in previous episodes. Although when her body bended like that really took me by surprise.

Yeah, really hope they turn it into a running gag. I think I was in the minority in enjoying Olivia's "accent" and was disappointed they ended it so quick.

Holy fuck that made last episode so much better. I thought Hanako made that shit up but the fact that she genuinely believed it adds an entirely new layer of comedy.

Not just believes in it but that it is real. Having a butler with an alien super weapon in his butt real. This is some south park level of real here!

Yeah they went above and beyond to make a fucking backstory for this gag.

the voice actor in this show do a phenomenal job i seriously cant handle those changes of reactions and then you have those hilarious situations and expressions

this show might be the best comedy in a long time

I was surprised with how Kasumi has her own mandrake scream. They're all mandrake screamers.

Now we know why Hanako thought Shoji means lasers coming out from butts. lol

I'm just surprised by the fact that that's a real thing in the show. Like what the hell, he fucking blew the house with his butt cannon!

Yeah, I thought it was just going to be a comical misunderstanding on Hanako's part, but let's all see every reason to think it's real with the backstory and emotional stakes.

This is what absolute beauty looks like

"We live in a society"

What's with the arrow around her neck? Noticed this before, still just as confused. How do you even fuck up make up that bad and add a perfectly clean arrow?

The OP is so misleading lmao, but I love it!

I actually love the OP, it's calmness is so out of place with the rest of the show that it feels like the perfect beginning, "the calm before the storm" sort of.

This show is batshit crazy and i love it for that

Things I never expected but got thanks to anime: a man offering to go into what is presumably a gay neighborhood for a hookup for actual research.

Nichoume is actually the most famous gay district in Tokyo (Shinjuku).

The real question is if he thought of being screwed, with the weapon of mass destruction in his own ass.

MFW I have to wait a week for the next episode

Hobostatic Hanako!

This episode went from 1 to gay like in no time lmao.

Olivia's paradise of female half naked sumo wrestlers. hahaha

All this confirms is that Olivia has good taste.

Olivia has multiple hairstyles, nice!



I really like this nuance. Its refreshing and cute to see her change hairstyles.

Oliva has been changing her hair every episode it's enjoyable to see what new style she'll use each bit,last character i remember doing this is Yuzu from Citrus.

on to the episode it had me dying non stop but the sumo bit killed me

I'm sure i am going to die by the end of this anime because i have trouble breathing while i laugh so fucking hard with every single episode.

Suck it, Gigguk! Top THAT, Nichijou!

(But really, Nichijou rules. I'm just salty about Gigguk's diss in his latest video.)

They have a lot of superficial similarities in setting and genre, but I think Nichijou and Asobi Asobase are very different shows that are attempting and achieving very different things.

Yeah, I agree. I can certainly see the similarities between the two shows but there's definitely something that separates them into distinct things. I can't quite identify exactly what that is right now but Asobi Asobase is definitely not a clone of Nichijou. For one thing Nichijou is quite a bit tamer in feel than Asobi.

I think it's mostly two things.

The first one is that Asobe Asobase is definitely a direct parody of slice of life CGDCT clubroom anime. You have a trio of generically cute stock characters (Glasses Bookworm, Blonde/Blue Eyed foreigner, Unremarkable Klutz), a soft pastel colour palette with that slightly blurry watercolour filter over everything and the dainty little OP. It's all set up to give you an impression of the type of show it's going to be... ...and then the chaos begins.

Nichijou occasionally dipped into parody in specific scenes, but that was never a primary focus. Plus it spends a lot of time outside the school setting in a way that I think AA is unlikely to go for; being a direct parody means that deviating too far from the original formula breaks the effect.

The second thing is pretty much what you were talking about when you say that Nichijou is tamer. The tone of the comedy and the nature of the characters between the two shows is radically different. In Nichijou, pretty much everyone is essentially a good person with good intentions. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that in spite of all the slapstick violence it has a really sweet, pure-hearted and wholesome core to it.

Asobe Asobase on the other hand, reminds me of Prison School. It doesn't have the ecchi, but it's got that same manic, malevolent and grimy energy driving the comedy and the characters. These people are a bunch of deranged screwballs who get into ridiculous slapstick situations entirely through their own bizarre worldviews. If they learn a life-lesson at the end of a skit, you know for a fact it's going to be something so hideously warped that's just going to make the next crazy situation even worse.

Holy shit, this show came completely out of the blue and yet is a strong contender for AotS, and we have both Grand Blue and Chio-chan in this season!

I like Chio-chan, but I think Asobi Asobase's comedic timing is superior or consistently better, though Chio has the gaming charm going for it.

ahha omg I love this anime, that the whole shogi = butt laser turned into a full episode its crazy.

That true story at the end how he got probed to have his laser weapon ahhaah.

And dam, LORD OF THE PASTIMERS. Some epic Yonkous appearing, and as well all can see she was not using any makeup and that is her natural hair colour.

After four episodes, I'm now convinced this is the AOTS.

Also, holy shit Hanako's offhand remark with the shogi club turns out to be foreshadowing. This world's as crazy as Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei.


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