Monday, July 23, 2018

[Asobi Asobase] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"A Battle That Must Be Won"
"Betting My Life"

I lost it when the Shogi club president threw her shoe 1km away.

Not sure what is more amazing, the president who threw her shoe 1km away or the schoolyard that is long enough to have 1km mark

I honestly don't know how Hina Kino does this insane mandrake shriek without destroying her vocal cords, but props to her I guess

The voice actors are doing such a good job with this, the ED also proves that.

I kinda want them to form an idol unit, and keep making songs like both the OPand ED. They are all great singers and their voices work very well together

Hina Kino is honestly stealing the show for me. It’s amazing how she can bring her 11/10 game with Hanako, considering she is a very recent voice actress.

Yeah, she's my favorite seiyuu too among the three MCs

Last episode: super manly female sensei.

This episode: anime_irl sensei.

Shorthair sensei needs protection

Short-hair sensei would have no idea how to use protection even if she had it

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

I'm fine with being betrayed by her.

The president bit at the end had me laughing out loud for the whole thing. This was better than last episode, I think.

Tbh this episode was the best one yet for me, it just keeps getting better

I knew she was gonna choke on that piece of candy from the moment the scene started and it still got me good. That shriek killed me lmao

Hanako's mandrake screaming cracks me up every time. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in the studio during the recording sessions.

Once again, Compound Fractures save the day.

The puppet ending scene I was not expecting to be laughing so hard

Even the puppet ending scenes are getting better with every episode.

The shoe throwing competition was absolute gold. XD

Oh, that poor teacher was forced to become their supervisor.

That part was honestly great. Never saw it coming, much like the teacher.

Can we please talk about the hand puppets after credits scene? I absolutely love em

They're pretty great. I couldn't find a single comment about them after the first episode (haven't checked ep 2's thread yet) and wondered if I was somehow the only one that stuck around and saw it or some other impossible nonsense

This is such a shitshow and i love it

Was sure it was gonna be AOTS for me but then I remembered AoT season 3 airs today.

Holy shit the compound fractures had me rolling

This is a great show that’s funny to boot but I still feel that Chio will win out

i like the poop wearing the school uniform at the post ED scene.

Such a great episode, this series just keeps on giving! The OST, the reactions, the VA's, everything is just perfect

Now I understand why this anime comes from a seinen manga. The jokes are ridiculous, but made me laugh so hard I like it.

I thought it would be relying on reaction faces, but so far the characterization is quite good too. We already see a distinct 3 teacher character so far.

This show is weird but I like it

Great, more fuel for the armpit fetish fire. I mean other people's, not mine, obviously.

Hanako has scarier reaction faces than Yami Shibai season 6.

This show is glorious 10/10 also AOTS :D

I love how Olivia changes her hairstyle is each chapter!!! But best best hanako with her shrieks!!


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