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[Asobi Asobase] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2
"Killing Time"
"Friendship Game"
"The Witch Trials"
"Non-title Match"

The girls unsuccessfully try to negotiate with the student council president to get their Pastime Club officially recognised and obtain funds. Afterwards, Kasumi confronts Olivia over how she doesn't actually know English. Later, Hanako tries on some makeup before challenging the soft tennis club with hagoita rackets.

Hanako's VA (Hina Kino) is so damn good at changing the tone/inflection/whatever of her voice.

Really makes scenes that much better and is perfect for her character. Reminds me of Aho-Girl.

Even her normal speaking voice is pretty unique too, I definitely like her voice the best among the three.

President is a badass. They should recruit her!


I'm surprised Olivia confessed! Which is good since they killed a joke while it's still at it's high instead of dragging it out until it got stale.

Hanako's so scummy that I actually forgot that she's the best Tennis player in their school XD

The noise Kasumi made when she tripped was adorable!

≫The noise Kasumi made when she tripped was adorable!

Everything Kasumi does is adorable.

≫The noise Kasumi made when she tripped was adorable!

So much so that I made a snippet of it with audio!

This is gold. Lmao

this show is written in the fourth dimension

referencing the 1st episode. lol

I am surprised they solved the English thing, I thought they would drag it over the whole season. Good that it doesn't. The goofy faces is all I need anyway. That an Olivia's always changing, cute hair styles.

Great to have another series besides Grand Blue about friends that shit all over each other.

Well, there is three series like these with Chio-chan and her friend Manana being quite extreme example of this.

It looks like this is the theme for this season.

If anyone says this season is a weak one, I'm gonna slap them with these three titles.

Comedy being my favorite genre, this has to be the best season for me.

This opening is the biggest trap since Gakkougurashi.

This has to be the manliest female teacher I have ever seen.

Her face oozes manliness.

The menacing SFX from Jojo would fit perfectly here.

Not gonna lie, Olivia is pretty cute.

Actually, all of them are damn fine in casual clothes.

That high waisted skirt and turtleneck for Kasumi...

Kasumi best girl for sure

Edit: the downvotes hurt my soul but I stand by my convictions with pride

🎵🎵se se se no Daisuki 🎵🎵

I don't know why but this part of the OP gets me so stupidly happy.

I love the OP so much, hoping for the full version.

The OP and ED comes out on August 22, see: and

This smug face tho. Olivia best grill

Be careful, here is smug inquizition.

I still can't get over how good that ED is, it's legitimately some solid fucking metalcore that I'd fuck with. it's like if the band Wage War made the instrumentals for it.

As a side note, took a quick gander at the VA's, looks like all 3 of them are very new, they're definitely doing a great job. Always love hearing new VA's, it's like a breath of fresh air.

It never ceases to impress me how insanely stacked the Japanese VA industry is. In other fields of entertainment a cast list of unheralded no-names would be a red flag, but in anime more often than not it just means a superb newbie or two is about to blow us all away.

Absolutely, it's like with Rie Takahashi. Never heard of her until her role in Sore ga Seiyuu! Ever since then, she's exploded in popularity and has become a home name. It's always great to see new VA's get main roles.

That was another hilarious episode. Seems like Hanako is playing the long con, that face she made after remembering the slap made me burst out laughing.

That whole scene was great. Especially the face she made while being patronizing right before that.

My favourite shot of the whole episode. I love how the entire show keeps switching from the soft fluffy yuri vibes of the OP, to the absolute insanity of the ED. This captures that transition perfectly.

That whole grudge sequence actually scared me haha

definitely the highlight of the episode for me.

I hope she actually gets her revenge later on. The show is doing a good job carrying story threads throughout multiple episodes, what with Olivia's fake broken Japanese and her supposed knowledge of English. It would be great if Hanako got her revenge much later in the season when we least expect it.

This was even funnier than the 1st episode, we have the comedy of the season right here


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