Tuesday, July 10, 2018

[Asobi Asobase] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"Equivalent Exchange"
"Cheap Thrills"
"Pleasure Seekers"
"The Kind Pervert"

Annoyed by her noisy classmates Hanako and Olivia, Kasumi shows them how to play a proper game of "look over there". Struggling in her English grades, Kasumi tries to get English lessons from Olivia, who secretly doesn't know any English, in exchange for teaching her Japanese pastimes. To this end, Kasumi sets up a Pastime Club and recruits Hanako and Olivia as members, with their first activity being playing in an inflatable pool.

This was a hilarious first episode. When it starts with "That's why I hate having fun" you know it's gonna be great lol. The voice actors are all so fitting. And omg that teacher. Was he.. disappointed that he didn't get to taste Olivia's pee? lmao
ED was great aswell, if Babymetal needs more members they know where to look
I love how Olivia is a troll and it's a running joke that she constantly has to remind herself to switch her broken Japanese off/on. Comedy gold.
I was expecting this show to be about cute girls doing cute things.
Goddamn Promo art and OP was bait but I'm glad I fell for it.
That's what makes this show even funnier! The gap between how the show looks and what happens is so jarring that you get whiplash!
This was SO FUNNY. The stupid faces and especially the badly played anthem completely destroyed me.
Coming so soon after the 4th of July the anthem in particular just wrecked me
And the fact it's played on a recorder!
To confirm if it was piss on the ground the teacher put his finger in it and licked it......okay.
I don't know how long this show can go on before it gets old, but loved the first episode.

Hanako is my early favorite. This might be my favorite ED of the season so far.
≫I don't know how long this show can go on before it gets old, but loved the first episode.

I'm gonna be curious as well since this show feels like it can be better as a short rather than a full series. Something like Dagashi Kashi comes to mind.
Wow this is a lot funnier than I thought it was going to be.
The deathmetal ED was ... great.
I don't wanna be a pedant, but it's positively not death metal, but prog metal/djent.
A sudden Detective Conan in my Asobi Asobase

Man, what an episode. This show is so over the top I love it. The scenes are so ridiculously exaggerated it works. Kasumi faces are the best
What the actual fuck!? I went in blind and the OP gave me the impression that this will be a fluffy lighthearted CGDCT show! Goddammit Lerche! This is the second time this season you bamboozled me! The first was that VRMMO anime Shichisei no Subaru and now this!

It looks like Olivia's "My Japanese is bad" accent was just an act. The panflute version of the Star Spangled Banner playing at that scene was hilarious! I love it! XD

Apparently Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro won't easily run away with the title of "Comedy of the Season". Asobi Asobase is definitely a strong contender for that title!

So Kurosawa Keiko is involved in this? No wonder the character design and the washed out background colors felt familiar. It's the same person that did Konohana Kitan and Kuzu no Honkai!
For a bamboozle-free Lerche show, you should watch Gakkougurashi!

And I'm not really seeing the comparison between this show and Konohana.
Did that dude just try and drink a high school girls pee? Nani the fuck?
Wouldn't you given the chance?
Unfortunately the judge said that if I did it again I'll violate my parole.
Those exaggerated faces remind me a bit of Asripa-chan.
This show is certified hinna
With Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro also airing we have two good comedies. Although I think this might give Hinamatsuri a tough fight for comedy of the year.
I'd say Hinamatsuri is a better contender for best family show of the year or best family comedy (if that's a thing) while this and Chio are just straight up comedy.
Personally, I totally agree with your point. Will have to see where this one heads though because the expressions are hella slapstick, and on point.
The off-tune anthem had me on the floor. Between this, Chio-chan and Grand Blue, summer will be a funny season.
I love the different versions of the US Anthem played in this episode.
Edit: It seems like the glasses girl has the same VA with Akane from Tsuki ga Kirei.

I can't believe they lied to Sensei
look how sensei was so dissapointing that it wasnt pee, wtf XD
Just picked this up completely on a whim. What a great first episode, I'm a real sucker for amazing reaction faces and inner-monologue like this a la Hinamatsuri. Can't wait to see where it goes!
I'm so glad this isn't a short. Thank God for full length episodes of this.
I love it! The humor is very Nichijou-esque and the three heroines really remind me of Mio, Yuko, and Mai. Lots of visual jokes and violent slapstick too. I definitely want to see more.
Only 3 minutes and the smug levels are off the charts!!

Really fun episode with all the crazy faces, reactions, and other jokes.
The teacher at the end with Conan and tasting the potential piss. It was as crazy as it gets and this show was awesome! :D
It's been a while since I watched such a misleading OP, but definitely worth it.

This is the best ED this season so far.
Well that was the complete polar opposite of what I expected. I fuckin loved it though

Also that ED is amazing
Well this is stupid as hell. I love it. I can't wait to watch it every week.


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